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7 Must-Know Romantic Candles Trends for 2024

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Candles have been associated with the expression of love for decades. As soon as a candle is lit, the pace slows down, and calmness is radiated throughout a room. The gentle flicker sets a romantic mood, and this entices people to speak their hearts out. 

Considering their appeal, people have worked hard to bring candles to the market in all shapes and forms, and this means having options catered to every occasion and budget. This presents sellers with a great opportunity to expand their business by meeting this growing demand. So read on to explore the must know romantic candle trends for 2024!

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Global market outlook for candles
7 must-know romantic candle trends
How to make sure your candles sell
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Global market outlook for candles

Burning candle in a glass jar

In 2018, candles worldwide were worth about US$ 8.38 billion. It is expected that by 2026, they will be worth around US$ 13.72 billion, growing 6.3% each year from 2019 to 2026.

The worldwide candle market is anticipated to keep growing in the coming years. People are getting more interested in scented candles, like lavender, vanilla, and citrus. This makes scented candles a big part of the global candle market’s growth.

When we look at where most candles are sold, the United States is the biggest market. It makes up more than one-third of all candle sales worldwide. Countries like the United Kingdom, Germany, and France also sell a lot of candles, so Europe is another important space for the global candle market.

Manufacturer surveys show that women purchase more than 95% of all candles. Candle industry research indicates that scent, color, cost, and shape are the most important factors affecting candle sales. Consumers are increasingly purchasing candles for their home décor and stress reduction. Nine out of ten candle users say candles make their spaces feel cozy and happier.

7 must-know romantic candle trends

Four yellow lighted candles

One of the biggest questions wholesalers come across when investing in candles is what are the types that sell? That’s why the following section offers seven romantic candle types that are set to run out of stock fast!

1. Scented candles

Burning candle near Christmas trees

When people buy candles, the scent is one of the most important elements. There are around 10,000 different scents to choose from. About three-fourths of people who buy candles say that the smell is “extremely important” or “really important” when they pick a candle.

Scented candles create a soothing environment essential in calming the mind and boosting relaxation. A close evaluation of market preferences is highly recommended when investing in aromatic candles. Consider offering a diverse range of scents to cater to a wide consumer base. Also, ensure the fragrance is pleasant, long-lasting, and not overpowering.

2. Aromatherapy candles

Candles lit beside towels and flowers

Aromatherapy involves using essential oils and fragrances to boost emotional and physical well-being. It allows the users to experience the perks of aromatherapy at home. Aromas like lavender, peppermint, and geranium have proven useful for several psychological and physiological disorders. Light a candle after a long day at work or during a hot, cozy bath for stress relief.

A potential benefit of aromatherapy candles is that most don’t contain artificial fragrances. A study discovered that 34.7% of people experienced adverse health impacts because of their exposure to unnatural odors. So it is strongly advised to look for non-toxic yet pleasant aromatherapy candles to ensure they don’t cause harm to the prospective buyers.

3. Tech-integrated candles

A cool candle lit inside a metal container

An infusion of technology into candles took many candle lovers by surprise. The fact that one doesn’t have to replace candles frequently is a popular feature of this trend. Instead, a remote can control the candle and has an integrated timer that eliminates the need to manually change a candle.

Most of these candles are soot-free and ultra-clean-burning. There is no wick or melting wax; each refill can burn for long hours. Scent discs can be placed on top, filling the room with that scent. However it is important to keep in mind that the cost of such candles may turn off many potential buyers. As a result it is important to aim to introduce tech candles that are both pocket-friendly and user-friendly.

4. Geometric candles

Multiple geometric candles decorated on a wooden slab

Geometric candles can be used as a beautiful accent in any room. The chic designs are quite eye-catching and bring a different vibe to the space. Their distinctive shape allows them to fit in various settings, be it a minimalist interior or a more eclectic design.

Before adding them to one’s inventory, one must study the market preferences. For instance, handcrafted geometric candles can have an added appeal for those who appreciate handmade items. A careful inspection of ongoing trends can help wholesalers to maintain relevance in their desired market.

5. Vegan candles

Two candles kept beside flowers

Vegan candles are made without using animal-derived ingredients or by-products. They typically contain synthetic and plant-based materials to achieve the desired candle properties. Some factors to consider when looking for vegan candles are:

  • Ingredient transparency: Ensure ingredients are clearly labeled and free from animal-derived substances.
  • Certifications: Look for certifications that endorse a candle’s vegan status.
  • Fragrance and additives: Some candles may use non-vegan colors or scents. Opt for the completely natural ones.
  • Pricing strategy: Although some consumers may be willing to pay a premium for vegan products, maintaining competitive pricing can help reach a broader market.

Businesses can tap into the growing sustainable and ethical products market by presenting a diverse range of vegan candles.

6. Soy candles

Close-up shot of a person holding a blue candle

Soy candles are made from soy wax, which is derived from soybean oil. The wax is plant-based, but some scents and additives may add artificial traces to the overall composition. Soy wax is naturally biodegradable. This makes accidental spills easier to clean. Disposal of these products is also safe for the environment.

Not only are there green advantages of soy wax, but it also burns slower than classic paraffin wax. Soy wax melts at a lower temperature than the conventional paraffin wax. This makes a bigger melted area around the candle wick and usually gives off a stronger smell. However, how strong the smell is can depend on the specific soy wax and how the manufacturer makes the candle.

Additives are often added to make soy wax harder. If you are concerned about the unnatural elements, ask the manufacturer or crafter if the product is 100% natural.

7. Beeswax candles

Four yellow candles decorated over a wreath

Because beeswax candles are all-natural, they don’t release toxic by-products when they burn. On top of this, 100% beeswax candles add a natural aroma to the homes. They are a simple way to deodorize the air without artificial scents. The candles burn cleanly and produce little soot. They are a good option for people who have respiratory issues.

Consider partnering with manufacturers who adhere to ethical beekeeping practices. Ethical sourcing aligns with consumer values and contributes to the product’s sustainability. Growing interest in eco-friendly and natural alternatives is a trend that wholesalers can leverage.

How to make sure your candles sell

A burning candle

Google Trends demonstrates plenty of interest in different types of candles – from soy to scented and everything in between. Market interest in candles is not only strong but also runs the gamut. When a business is considering what kind of candles to sell, the following steps can help:

  • Do market research: Note what kind of candles customers are buying. Are eco-friendly or vegan candles the most in demand? A clear insight into the candle market can help to maintain relevant stocks.
  • Provide seasonal products: Tailor the candles according to seasons. For instance, some scents may be highly popular during spring or Christmas. Research and invest wisely.
  • Focus on quality: Prospects are more likely to return if the candles burn evenly and are made from quality odors. Quality builds loyalty and trust for the brand.
  • Keep pricing competitive: Compare the value of the candles in terms of their design, quality, and overall customer experience.

Regularly reassess the product lineup based on customer feedback and changing market dynamics to ensure ongoing success.

The bottom line

Candle in a ceramic jar on a white surface

To sum it up, the world of candle trends keeps changing and shows how being creative, trying new things, and making candles special is super important. Nowadays, candles aren’t just for giving light. They also make homes feel cozier, help people relax, and create beautiful moments and memories.

Businesses in this segment should follow the changing trends, prioritize quality, and continually innovate to offer candles that not only illuminate spaces but also kindle flames of romance.

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