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Top 4 Projector Mounts Trends for Better Viewing

Projector hanging from ceiling mount

Many consumers want the best possible experience when watching their favorite movies, sports events, TV shows, or gaming adventures. One of the best ways to maximize this experience is by setting up a large screen within the confines of one’s home.

But TVs have a size limit, with the largest not delivering what these consumers want. Projectors, on the other hand, deliver on quality and size for an unbeatable home cinema experience. And with the increasing demand for projectors comes the rising need for their mounts. 

So read on to discover the best projector mounts worth an investment in 2023. 

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Are projector mounts profitable?
Four projector mounts worth purchasing in 2023
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Are projector mounts profitable?

Projector hanging from ceiling mount

The leading factor driving the sales of projector mounts is the sale of projectors globally. Experts predict that the global projectors market size is set to grow from USD 10.81 billion in 2022 to USD 11.49 billion in 2023 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6.3%. By 2027, the market size is predicted to be USD 14.17 billion at a CAGR of 5.4%. 

In recent years, projectors have not only been used in cinemas but have become incorporated into the educational sector and corporate sectors for presentations, conferences, and other uses. Watching movies in home theaters and playing games in gaming rooms have also revolutionized the projector market size.

Four projector mounts worth purchasing in 2023

Projector stands

Projector stand with a tripod base on a white background

Projector stands are handy portable gadgets with a basic platform for projectors to sit on. They have big, extendable tripod legs that keep everything steady. Some of these stands even rock hybrid tripod legs for added flexibility.

However, the single tripod stand is more portable and ideal for mobile presentations. It can fit into a small bag or carton and easily be carried to different presentation venues. 

Like the desk mount, projector stands can easily be assembled and installed. They also often come with a widely adjustable height and tilt, which provides a comfortable viewing angle for the user.

Compared to their fixed installation counterparts, many projector stands may not be able to carry some heavyweight projectors. Some stands are too light to offer adequate balance in certain outdoor conditions. Projector stands are suitable for garden parties, small-scale drive-in cinemas, conferences, and more.

But how profitable are these devices? Google Ads data shows that projector stands draw a significant audience volume, making them good enough for investments. They started the year with 22200 searches but rose to 27100 by the end of September, 2023.

Wall mounts

A black wall projector mount on a gray background

A wall mount fits perfectly in small or mid-sized rooms. One beautiful thing about them is that they integrate well into most home decor in a way that desk or projector mounts don’t. They can present the aesthetic of “coming with the home.”

They are designed to bear the weights of heavy-duty projectors, often coming as metallic wall brackets and offering sturdier designs than most mounts. It also means these projector mounts must be attached to hard, solid walls. Placing them on hollow or weak walls could cause unwanted structural damage. 

Modern designs feature wall mounts with extendable arms for ease of control and adjustable height for different projector viewing angles. Most wall mounts can be easily assembled and installed by its user. 

They fit perfectly into home or office arrangements and do not take up space in the room. They can also be built specifically for a brand of projectors or can feature universal compatibility.

A limitation of wall mounts is that because they are not fixed to the center of a room, it is almost impossible to project to another part of the room, making them quite inflexible.

Wall mounts, despite their downsides, are surprisingly popular. They’ve gone from 5400 searches in 2022 to 6600 inquiries in September 2023, showing a pretty sizable audience looking for them.

Ceiling mounts

A pale ceiling mount on a white background

Ceiling mounts do what their names say: attach the projector to the ceiling. They hang in a fixed position and provide a solid structure that keeps the projector safe and in place. These projector mounts have the widest and highest degrees for swiveling and tilting the projector, allowing users to adjust the projector’s position as required. 

Ceiling mounts work best for less flexible setups, like auditoriums, theaters, and classrooms, as the projectors do not need to be dismounted regularly. They are usually set up in a few steps with quick-release hooks that attach and detach by tightening and loosening mounting bolts.

Like the wall mounts, ceiling mounts can fit into a room’s aesthetic without looking out of place. They are often made of steel pipes or aluminum alloys to increase their strength and durability.

Many ceiling mounts have extendable arms that can telescope downwards or upwards, although the heights vary for different brands. They’re especially useful when the screen is at a much lower elevation than the projector.

Ceiling projector mounts are the second most popular trend in this article. According to Google Ads, they attract a respectable 12100 searches monthly and have maintained this search volume since March 2023.

Desk mounts

A black metallic desk mount on a white background

Desk mounts, or as some folks call them, tabletop stands, are built for perching projectors on a flat surface, like a table. Picture them having a flat base, a sturdy pole in the center, and a tray to support the projector.

The newer models even come with clever grip mechanisms to ensure the projector stays put and doesn’t slip or topple off—a pretty handy feature. They’re typically small in size, about 6 inches high. Most manufacturers make them easy to disassemble and reassemble, ensuring they are portable and easy to carry in backpacks or briefcases.

Some mounts can tilt and are rotatable up to 180°. They’re especially useful when facing the projectors in another direction without necessarily lifting them. They may also have brackets that create space for remote controls or other items.

Here’s something interesting from Google Ads data—tabletop projector stands have been getting more attention lately. Back in 2022, searches for them were around 590. But in 2023, they’ve seen a 20% boost, with monthly inquiries reaching 720.

Last words

Before choosing a projector mount, it is important to properly assess the target room size and what the projector would be used for. It is also best to take into account the compatibility of the projector and the mount. 

Users with small spaces may lean towards the desk mounts and projector stands much more than other types of mounts, while users with larger areas may find that wall mounts and ceiling mounts suit their needs more.

Above all, projector mounts serve an extensive group of people, so it is no surprise that the market keeps expanding. Now is the perfect time to tap into this market with these amazing projector mount trends.

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