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Top 5 Microphone Stands to Leverage in 2024

Three microphone stand and a stool on an outdoor stage

Microphone stands are an often underestimated audio accessory for use on stage or in a studio setting. However, consumers have been known to prioritize superior-quality microphone stands as they are designed to be prevented from tipping over or causing potential harm to valuable microphones.

With so many microphone stands on the market, businesses may find it tricky to pinpoint the best stands to meet their buyers’ specific needs. Thankfully, this article will delve into the top five microphone stand trends to leverage in 2024.

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A summary of the microphone stand market
Microphone stands: five trends to know in 2024
Invest now in this growing market

A summary of the microphone stand market

Singers with guitars using mics with microphone stands

In 2021, the worldwide microphone stand market was worth a jaw-dropping US$ 1.6 billion. Experts are foreseeing a nice and steady growth of a 4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) all the way up to 2028.

Let’s dive into why the market will boom in 2024:

  • First, the music scene is on fire, with concerts and live shows making a huge comeback. That means microphones are in demand; of course, they need top-notch microphone stands to go with them.
  • Podcasting is also exploding globally, and many podcasters want to look and sound professional. So, microphone stands are becoming a must-have to give their setup that sleek, pro look–especially for podcasts with a visual element.

Microphone stands: five trends to know in 2024

Standard mic stand

Standard mic stand with tripod base

Standard microphone stands are tough to beat regarding straightforward designs and stability. Usually, these stands come with tripod bases for excellent balance or a round base offering fantastic sturdiness.

Both base configurations offer a threaded post for microphone mounting. It usually consists of two or more telescoping tubes that nest within one another. This intriguing design helps ensure convenient height adjustments. 

Here’s a table showcasing the different thread sizes businesses can find for standard microphone stands.

Thread size (Inches)Thread size (millimeters)Thread per inch (TPI)
½”12.7 mm20 TPI
⅜”9.525 mm16 TPI
⅝”15.875 mm16 TPI
⅞”22.225 mm27 TPI
1”25.4mm20 TPI

While ⅝” and ⅜” are the most common thread sizes, older European stands use ½ inch threads to make their standard microphone stands. Considering thread size is important to avoid consumers purchasing stands incompatible with their microphone.

Standard mic stand with round base

The height of most standard mic stands ranges between 35 to 65 inches. However, modern designs allow some stands to be as high as 72 inches. Their adjustable height means they can be compacted to accommodate a standing or sitting consumer. Most of them are also often portable and take very little storage space.

Some standard mic stands now come with extra microphones and cable clips for ease for their users. Many manufacturers also attach mobile phone stands or clips to these mic stands.

Even more interesting is that standard microphone stands have become pretty trendy in 2023, and Google Ads data can back that up. In July 2023, it was hovering around 90500, but come September 2023, searches for this product shot up to a whopping 110000—an impressive jump.

Boom stands

Boom mic stand on a white background

Up next is boom stands. They have the same lower half as standard microphone stands, with options like a tripod or a round base. But what makes them stand out is an extra vertical pole sticking out from the top, which manufacturers call the “boom arm.”

Boom arms are the secret sauce that makes these microphone stands even better. They bring versatility and user-friendliness to the table by giving consumers more options for mic positioning. No need to awkwardly lean forward anymore!

Modern boom arms often incorporate plastic counterweights to maintain a lightweight design that aligns with the stand’s weight. More importantly, innovative designs often include rotating, adjustable, and collapsible boom arms—that may be detachable sometimes.

Sitting woman playing guitar while singing to boom mic stand

These features make the boom microphone stand look better and easier to use. Plus, boom stands are known for their extra reach, which can cut down on the chances of someone accidentally tripping over the base.

What’s even cooler is that these stands are a game-changer for folks who prefer sitting down, especially musicians who multitask with instruments and vocals. And guess what? Boom stands have been riding a popularity wave in 2023, and Google Ads has the receipts to prove it.

Their searches jumped from 33100 in October 2022 to a staggering 74000 in September 2023—an impressive 80% increase in just a year.

Overhead stands

Overhead mic stand on a white background

Of all the mic stands, the overhead stands are the most expensive but also the largest. They are designed for consumers who require extreme angles and heights for mics to capture sound. 

Like the boom stand, overhead variants also feature boom arms but with a considerably greater extension. They’re a favorite for professional drummers, though their usage isn’t confined to them. These mic stands are perfect for overhead setups like concerts or stage performances.

In contrast to other mic stands, this mount offers unbeatable adjustability, making it exceptionally well-suited for accommodating different tilts and angles.

Drumset with two mics mounted on two overhead mic stands

Sturdy support will always be available for microphones with the overhead stand, even when users place them at towering heights. Regardless of the weight and size of a microphone, most overhead stands can bear the mass without wobbling or toppling over.

Regarding the base, manufacturers often make it from a solid, triangular piece of steel or several steel legs with lockable wheels. For this reason, pushing and transporting the stand is less challenging and eliminates the need to lift its heavy weight.

Although overhead mic stands are not as widespread as other variants, they’ve also enjoyed a popularity uptick. According to Google Ads, they’ve grown from 590 searches in May 2023 to 720 in September 2023.

Adjustable desk stand

An adjustable screwable desk mic stand with a mic

Adjustable desk stands are like a mini standard mic stand. While some can feature round or tripod-like bases, most of these stands come with clips and crews consumers use to fasten them to a surface.

Typically, a desk stand has one short and adjustable pole in the middle with a mic mount at the top. However, some modern designs have incorporated a small boom arm, allowing for easy and less restricted mic movement.

Small mic mounted on a small desk mic stand

Additionally, standard adjustable desk stands can vary in height, spanning from 6 to 12 inches—although some manufacturers produce even more extendable models. Many incorporate an internal shock dispersion mechanism, effectively insulating the microphone from vibrations transmitted through the boom arm and desk surface. 

Desk mic stands are popular among podcasters and live streamers. Based on Google Ads data, desk mic stands have maintained a consistent search volume since 2022, attracting a healthy 6600 inquiries monthly.

Low profile stands

Low-profile mic stand on a white background

Low-profile profile stands work like boom stands but with a minimalistic design. They sport shorter boom arms and stands, and their height adjustments don’t reach as high as standard mic variants—it’s like a compact version of the mic stand world!

Guess what Google Ads states? On an average month, short mic stands get about 720 searches. But here’s the kicker—-in September 2023, that number spiked to 880 searches, marking a 20% boost in people’s interest.

Drumset with mic hanging from low-profile mic stand

Here’s another cool thing: these mic stands often come with tiny clips; in the newer models, consumers will even find small cable clips. Because of their compact size, these stands are super handy for setting up microphones to capture the sounds of guitar cabs, kick drums, and other low-profile musical instruments.

Invest now in this growing market

Selecting the perfect mic stand that meets the consumer’s needs is as important as selecting other production equipment. As more consumers are keen on putting out the best content from their homes, studios, or even on stage, more mic stands are experiencing a surge in demand this year. 

Now is the best time to invest in this growing market, and with the help of this article, sellers can choose from the top five microphone stands ready to dominate in 2024.

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