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Trendy Outdoor Fitness Equipment for Profits in 2024

trendy outdoor fitness equipment for profits in 2024

In a world where physical and mental fitness has become a priority, exercising outdoors is highly beneficial. With outdoor fitness equipment, individuals and communities can create effective outdoor gyms, workout areas, or fitness spaces that allow people of all ages to enjoy the outdoors while exercising.

Using outdoor fitness equipment is a perfect way to motivate people who do not regularly exercise and to get them to commence their fitness journey. They support various exercises such as cardio, strength training, flexibility training, and more. 

With more people discovering the link between physical fitness and a healthier, happier state of mind, now is the time to invest in the trendy outdoor fitness equipment that will make profits in 2024.

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Will outdoor fitness equipment be profitable in 2024?
5 outdoor fitness equipment worth investing in for 2024
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Will outdoor fitness equipment be profitable in 2024?

people exercising at a park with yoga mats

As of 2020, the global outdoor fitness equipment market was valued at US $1.5 billion. Experts predict that by 2030, the market will grow to a staggering US $1.8 billion with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.37% from 2021 to 2030.

Studies have found that a major factor pushing market growth is consumer preferences. A common reason most consumers prefer to exercise outdoors is because there is more access to heavy-weight equipment in outdoor gyms, especially for bodybuilders. The wider expanse of space gives more room for lifting exercises that require forward or backward movement.

5 outdoor fitness equipment worth investing in for 2024

1. Water-filled kettlebell

a water-filled kettlebell on a white background

Who said exercise equipment can’t be portable? Check out water-filled kettlebells! The perfect mobile outdoor equipment for building muscles and improving balance. The amazing thing is that consumers can fill it with just the right amount of water to suit their needs.

For this reason, water kettlebells are super customizable, whether it’s a pro athlete, a senior, or even a kid. Everyone can fine-tune the water level in this equipment to hit their perfect weight. Think of it as a one-size-fits-all equipment.

Water-filled kettlebells come in two types: Some have one handle, while others rock two handles. The double-handled ones are like a bonus feature, offering more grip options and extra stability—a big benefit for consumers just starting their kettlebell journey.

This outdoor fitness gear is built tough and ready to handle any high-intensity workouts. With some proper care, it can stick around for years, so consumers will always get their money’s weight.

Water-filled kettlebells are fairly new but have managed to attract some attention. Google Ads reveals that they’ve gotten 210 searches monthly since the beginning of 2023. However, that number increased to 260 queries in October 2023. So there’s a small but steady increase in interest.

2. Wearable weights

Just like the name implies, wearable weights are the kind consumers can strap onto their bodies while they work out. They’re great for building muscle and cranking up workout intensity. But what’s even better is that consumers can use them for cardio and strength training exercises.

In addition, wearable weights give the muscles and cardiovascular system a good nudge, making the consumer’s body more agile and ready for action. These weights come in three types: ankle weights, wrist weights, and weighted vests.

Basically, ankle weights are flexible cuffs that consumers can strap around their ankles using a trusty Velcro or buckle. They are a clever product because manufacturers often fill them with sand or lead, making them shape nicely to the wearer’s body.

Ankle weights typically weigh anywhere from 0.45 kg to 2.25 kg, but consumers going for some targeted workouts can find ones that pack a bit more punch.

On the other hand, wrist weights are like their ankle cousins, but consumers strap them around their wrists instead. These guys are usually lighter, with most of them clocking in at less than 1.3 kg. They’re the go-to for giving arms, shoulders, and upper back muscles a good workout.

Lastly, weighted vests are snug, torso-hugging accessories that are perfect for consumers looking to ease up on their joints. And they come in various weight sizes so that businesses can offer anything from 4 kg to a hefty 9 kg or even more.

Even better is that these vests also have removable weights, giving consumers the power to decide how much extra resistance they want to throw into the mix.

Ankle weights boast a remarkable presence in the market. In October 2023, they attracted an impressive 74,000 searches—which is way higher than wrist weights. According to Google Ads, wrist weights boosted from 2022’s 14,800 searches to 22,200 in October 2023.

Weighted vests are the most popular among the three types. They garnered a whopping 135,000 searches in October 2023—a 20% increase from 110,000 in 2023.

3. Jump rope

jump rope with a black handle

Otherwise known as skipping ropes, jump ropes are fitness equipment that have been around for as long as the 16th century. They are ropes with handles on both ends that allow one or more users to jump as many times as they can. The cool thing is that people of all ages are totally into them.

The newer jump ropes are all about being user-friendly. They come with adjustable lengths, so they’re a breeze for people of different heights. And there’s a fun twist: some of them come with digital screens on the handles that track how many jumps consumers have tackled.

They are simple but perfect tools for burning calories, building muscles, increasing flexibility, and keeping the heart healthy. They come in different colors and sizes, with lightweight/portable designs that consumers can use anywhere outdoors.

Jump ropes are having their moment, and Google Ads has the numbers to prove it. In two months, they’ve seen a superb 20% surge in popularity, going from 201,000 searches in August 2023 to 246,000 in October 2023.

4. Yoga mat

a purple rolled-up yoga mat

Yoga mats are specially fabricated mats used for yoga or exercises that require sitting, laying down, squatting, or kneeling. There are rarely any outdoor fitness spaces that do not incorporate yoga mats into their routines.

Manufacturers can craft them from thermoplastic elastomers, fiber, cotton, PVC, or rubber. But when it comes to what consumers love the most, rubber mats take the crown, followed by PVC and thermoplastic elastomers.

These mats come in various colors and sizes, but the everyday yoga mat is roughly 6 feet long and 2 feet wide. Consumers also have some options regarding thickness—the lightweight mats are about 1/16 inch (2 mm) thick, while the high-performance ones can beef up to ¼ inch (6 mm) thickness.

Some designs come with elastic straps to make storing these mats easy. They even allow consumers to sling them over their shoulders easily.

The numbers don’t lie—people are pretty crazy about yoga mats. According to Google Ads data, there’s an average of 368,000 monthly searches for them, showing they’re a hot commodity among consumers. 

5. Inline skates

a pair of inline skates

Lifting weights and doing yoga are not the only ways consumers can keep fit outdoors. It’s time to whip out the inline skates and offer consumers a joyful fitness ride on two to five wheels!

Inline skates have a design that offers impressive maneuverability and speed compared to traditional variants. Consumers can use them in parks, roads, bike lanes, or even paved rails. One attractive benefit is how consumers can use them for endurance training.

Plus, they’re beginner-friendly, and professionals can use them too. More importantly, the shoes are adjustable, with some featuring a hard shell for protection.

Many have a single-brake design on one foot, which reduces the risk of falling backwards when braking on both feet. Consumers seeking something with more aesthetics don’t have to worry. Businesses can offer them with wheels that light up.

Inline skates are on par with yoga mats when it comes to popularity. They also attract an amazing 368,000 average monthly searches. However, that number dropped to 301,000 in October 2023.

In conclusion

Working out indoors is great, but enjoying the great outdoors while keeping fit offers a better experience. Consumers of all ages, sizes, and fitness capabilities can find the perfect fitness equipment for their outdoor needs, whether in a park or backyard.

With so many people embracing outdoor exercising, now is the best time to invest in these trendy outdoor fitness equipment. Consider capitalizing on water-filled kettlebells, wearable weights, jump ropes, yoga mats, and inline skates for a better chance at boosting sales in 2024.

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