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Top 5 Most Popular Ford Cars for Lease in the UK


Ford is an iconic brand with a rich automotive history. It is a favourite choice for many car lovers and everyday commuters. Recently, leasing has become an increasingly popular option in the UK because it allows drivers to enjoy the latest models without the commitment of ownership. 

In this article, we’ll explore the top five most sought-after Ford cars that UK consumers love to lease.

  • Ford Fiesta: The Ford Fiesta is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after Ford models for leasing in the UK. Its compact size makes it ideal for maneuvering through crowded city streets and parking in tight spots. Drivers praise the Fiesta’s stylish looks, sharp handling, and exceptional fuel economy from the efficient engine options. For city dwellers, the Fiesta can’t be beat. Its range of trim levels caters to budget-focused customers as well as those wanting a more responsive, fun driving experience. Overall, the Fiesta’s combination of style, efficiency and nimble dynamics cement its popularity in the lease market.
  • Ford Focus: Another staple in the Ford lineup, the Focus brings added interior room over the Fiesta while maintaining a relatively small footprint. For singles, couples and small families, the Focus hits a practical sweet spot. It combines day-to-day usability with an enjoyable driving experience thanks to abundant tech features, advanced safety systems, and peppy yet fuel-efficient engine choices. The Focus’ balance of sensible features and driving enjoyment make it a prime choice for lease customers seeking an all-around package. It’s ideally suited for urban commutes and longer motorway journeys alike.
  • Ford Kuga: Riding surging interest in SUVs, the mid-size Ford Kuga has become a fixture among top leased models in the UK. For families, the Kuga provides welcome room and versatility. Practicality and comfort features abound, including plenty of cargo space and high-end technology options. Efficient turbocharged engines deliver a pleasing blend of power and fuel economy. The Kuga’s range of hybrid powertrains further appeal to eco-conscious drivers. Overall, its family-friendly strengths in space, efficiency and technology make it a highly desirable SUV for lease customers.
  • Ford Puma: The Puma, Ford’s latest entrant in the crossover segment, is quickly earning a spot as a popular lease option. Blending small car nimbleness with SUV versatility, the Puma offers sleek styling, abundant cargo room, and extensive tech features. The available mild hybrid powertrain optimizes both performance and efficiency. For lease customers seeking a stylish, tech-savvy crossover for life’s adventures, the new Puma checks all the boxes.
  • Ford EcoSport: Rounding out our list is Ford’s fun-sized SUV, the EcoSport. With its raised stance, cargo flexibility and compact footprint, EcoSport appeals to urbanites wanting SUV benefits without sacrificing maneuverability. Efficient engine options, a comfortable cabin and an array of trims allow customers to tailor the EcoSport to needs and budget. For active singles and couples needing utility without size, the EcoSport is an appealing lease option.

In conclusion, Ford’s diverse range of cars and SUVs catering to all needs makes them a lease favourite – so why not browse Ford lease deals here. Whether seeking style, space, efficiency or versatility, Ford has compelling lease options to satisfy UK consumers.

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