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Top 5 Spearfishing Trends to Know in 2024

Man spearfishing in clear blue water

Stepping into 2024, the spearfishing scene is buzzing with excitement, and for good reason! The sport is a perfect mix of skill, precision, and sustainability, securing it a place in the hearts of fishing enthusiasts worldwide. And the good news is most people only need the basics to have an amazing spearfishing experience.

So if you’re ready to enter this market, then read on for our list of five essential spearfishing trends with high demand in 2024.

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A brief look at the spearfishing market
Spearfishing: Top 5 trends to know in 2024
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A brief look at the spearfishing market

According to reports, the global spearfishing equipment market reached US$ 135.2 million in 2022. However, experts say the market will reach US$ 192.6 million by 2030 at a 3.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Many people consider spearfishing as a sustainable and eco-friendly way of fishing, which experts believe will fuel market growth over the forecast period. Spearfishing is also a popular recreational and sports activity, with various clubs and associations promoting it globally.

Fish spears were the most popular choice in the spearfishing equipment market, making up nearly half (44.8%) of all sales! Wetsuits also registered a big chunk of the market, accounting for 25.7% of sales in 2022. North America also emerged as the largest regional market, generating 36.8% of the total sales in 2022.

Spearfishing: Top 5 trends to know in 2024


Three spearguns on a gray surface

Consumers can use various tools to spearfish, but one that particularly stands out is spearguns. Why? Because they are handy tools that make it easier to catch fish while consumers are underwater. This simplicity is also the reason why they are trending in 2024. According to Google data, spearguns have attracted 27,100 searches monthly in January and February 2024.

Instead of shooting bullets, these spearfishing weapons fire sharp spears (A.K.A. darts or shafts) with enough power to incapacitate targets. But it doesn’t end there. If consumers aim properly, they can also reel the caught fish back to them—no need to swim after the catch! The best part is that spearguns are not all that complicated, and businesses only need to choose from two types depending on consumer preferences.

First up is pneumatic spearguns. These spearguns use compressed air to deliver enough power to fire spears underwater. They can hold about 15 to 30 bars of compressed air, usually lasting about 20 to 30 shots before the next pump. One good thing about pneumatic spearguns is that they are quick to reload, so many spearfishers pick them for reliability.

The second option is band spearguns. Instead of compressed air, these models use rubber bands to generate their firing power. Think of it like a slingshot mixed with a crossbow. It’s also worth noting that band spearguns shine when they are longer, because longer variants can accept two, three, or even five rubber bands to load the spear gun, putting a lot of power behind each shot. This is why band spearguns are the popular choice for catching big fish.


Two stylish fins on a beach

Spearfishing also involves moving and maneuvering underwater, making fins one of the best products for the job. Many experts say freediving fins are the best for spearfishing. They feature carbon fiber, plastic, or fiberglass materials with an easily recognizable design, and these fins are typically very long. Manufacturers design them this way to provide maximum surface area, which makes freediving fins perfect for spearfishing—even the smallest kicks will send spearos speeding through the water without using too much energy.

Despite their benefits, freediving fins are not always the best options for everyone. If spearfishers have their hunting grounds on the surface, they may opt for snorkeling fins instead. These fins have a light and flexible design, making them versatile for various conditions. Snorkeling fins are also the go-to for beginners, especially those searching for cost-effective solutions. More importantly, these fins are shorter and more flexible than freediving fins—so they can easily handle shallow reef dives and kicking around the surface.

Scuba fins are the mascots of flippers. Manufacturers design them to give a powerful thrust, making them ideal for spearos diving with heavy equipment. Although they are longer than snorkeling models, scuba fins are much shorter than their freediving cousins. Searches for fins have increased by 20%, from 12,100 in January to 14,800 in February 2024.


Woman preparing to dive in spearfishing wetsuit

Since spearfishing requires going underwater, consumers will need some kind of protection to keep them safe from water damage—that’s where wetsuits come in. However, consumers can’t just use any wetsuit for spearfishing; they need ones specifically designed for the activity. How can businesses tell regular wetsuits apart from spearfishing variants? It’s easy! Spearfishing wetsuits have some features that make them unique.

For starters, manufacturers often adorn spearfishing wetsuits with camouflage patterns to help divers blend in with the underwater environment. These unique designs reduce visibility, preventing fish from detecting divers on the hunting grounds. Although patterns can vary depending on water conditions, some of the most popular ones include green/brown (naturally blends with kelp, seaweed, and rocky environments), mimicry patterns (mimics specific reef elements), and blue (blends with dominant color or open water).

Manufacturers also make spearfishing wetsuits from open-cell neoprene. Why is this material special? Open-cell neoprene makes wetsuits more flexible, warmer, and more comfortable than closed-cell neoprene. More importantly, open-cell neoprene is more resilient to compression, which is crucial for underwater divers—and these spearfishing wetsuits average 2,900 searches monthly in 2024 (based on Google data).


Woman using a snorkel to breathe underwater

Spearos can’t hold their breath for long periods while hunting—as this would be uncomfortable and cause frequent interruptions for air. That’s why they need snorkels for the best underwater fish-hunting experience. These special tubes help spearfishers breathe while swimming near the water’s surface, letting them focus on their prey without lifting their head out of the water or running out of air.

Whether spearos prioritize simplicity, adjustability, or dry breathing experiences, there’s a snorkel that can easily match their preferences. For instance, the simple J snorkel offers the most basic and traditional design. They have no additional valves, offering direct airway from the surface—that’s why they are a favorite for spearos looking for simplicity and ease of use.

Flex snorkels have flexible lower sections, allowing spearos to find the most comfortable mouthpiece position. If they want a more customizable fit, consumers can’t go wrong with these snorkels. On the other hand, dry snorkels are the ones with the most advanced features! Manufacturers stack them with float valve mechanisms and splash guards to ensure spearfishers have a dry breathing experience.

Spearfishing snorkels have registered a huge boost in 2024. While they started the year with 60,500 searches, they boosted by 50% to 110,000 in February 2024! It seems snorkels deserve their trending status.

Hawaiian sling

Man using a Hawaiian sling to catch prey

Spearguns are not the only weapons for spearfishing. Hawaiin slings are another popular alternative due to their affordability. Traditional Hawaiian slings are made from lightweight wood or bamboo, but modern models feature synthetic materials or dry rubber. Many consider these weapons the most accurate way to catch big fish and lobsters from a distance.

Hawaiian slings resemble bows and arrows on land, with most of their power coming from the rubber band propelling the spear toward the target. Many spearos laud Hawaiian slings for their impressive speed and power! Hawaiian slings are also great for spearfishing beginners and make amazing supplementary weapons for the more experienced spearos.

Hawaiian slings have also witnessed an impressive popularity uptick—they closed 2023 with 4400 searches. But by 2024, that number had risen by 50% to 8100 inquiries monthly in January and February. Although they are not as popular as spearguns, many people are becoming interested in Hawaiian slings.

Go get these trends

2024 is shaping up to be an exciting time for spearfishing! As enthusiasts gear up for their underwater escapades, they seek the latest trends and gear to level up their game. Whether it’s the sleek efficiency of spearguns or the nimble maneuverability of fins, there’s a whole array of options businesses can offer to suit every taste and need. Invest in these trends to ride the wave of the fish-spearing market in 2024!

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