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Top 6 Diving Accessory Trends to Know in 2024

Man with scuba diving accessories after ascending

It’s well-known that scuba diving is an equipment-heavy sport. Diving to certain depths is impossible without a number of accessories that keep divers safe. These accessories also help divers perform as efficiently and comfortably as possible. And although many diving accessories can be found on the market, only a few are getting the majority of attention this year.

Read on to discover six trendy diving accessories for sellers to add to their inventories to boost sales in 2024!

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Diving accessories: Market outlook for 2024?
Top 6 accessories divers are looking for in 2024
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Diving accessories: Market outlook for 2024?

According to experts, the diving accessories market grew to US$ 2.1 billion in 2022. They say the market will register a 5% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 2023 to 2032, reaching a value of US$ 3.5 billion. Disposable incomes are rising, and experts believe it will push people to spend more on recreational activities, including scuba diving.

Based on the same report, diving masks and goggles emerged as the largest product segment, with forecasts suggesting they will grow at a similar 5% CAGR. Recreational diving also generated the most demand. Experts rated the segment at US$ 1 billion in 2022. Also, North America generated the highest revenue, accounting for a share greater than 40% in 2022.

Top 6 accessories divers are looking for in 2024

Diving masks

Man adjusting diving mask on his face

These accessories are essential for comfortable and safe underwater exploration—in fact, masks are one of the first things divers think about when planning their adventures. Diving masks often feature durable materials like tempered glass and silicone, allowing them to offer a clear view while withstanding the notorious underwater pressure.

Moreover, diving masks now feature wider lenses to offer even better visibility. That way, divers can observe beautiful marine life with ultimate clarity and precision. The best part is they won’t have to worry about condensation blocking their view. These bad boys also come with anti-fog coatings for uninterrupted visibility!

Although sizing and fitting were a big issue for many divers, most masks now come with adjustable straps, making them comfortable with various head sizes and shapes. Plus, consumers can get them in any style or color they prefer. Diving masks had 40,500 potential buyers searching for them in February 2024—a 20% increase from January’s 33,100 searches.


Man underwater with a diving wetsuit

Divers need something to keep them warm and protected during their aquatic adventures—that’s where wetsuits come in. These neoprene suits offer excellent insulation, keeping divers comfortable and safe in chilly waters. Even when scuba diving in warmer water, consumers still need wetsuits to protect from sunburns and stings—or keep them warm on lengthy diving sessions.

However, these accessories are not only great for keeping body heat. Wetsuits are also durable enough to shield wearers from abrasions, scrapes, and other hazards. Even better, these suits come in various thickness options, allowing consumers to choose the best for different water temperatures.

But there’s more! Wetsuits have streamlined designs that help enhance mobility and buoyancy. They are also easy to put on and remove, meaning divers of all skill levels can use them without hassle. Wetsuits are on the high trending side, drawing in up to 135,000 searches in February 2024.


Woman posing with a snorkel in her mouth

Diving snorkels are fantastic tools for beginners and experienced divers. They offer a simple yet effective way to breathe underwater. These accessories allow divers to stay submerged longer without returning to the surface for air. With a comfortable mouthpiece and a flexible tube, snorkels make breathing easy and natural, letting consumers focus on admiring the beauty beneath the waves.

More importantly, snorkels come in various styles, including traditional J-shaped snorkels and more advanced models with purge valves for easy clearing. Snorkels also enhance safety, as consumers can easily conserve their energy, which is key for staying relaxed and confident during dives. They are lightweight and easy to pack, making them essential companions for any underwater adventure. Search interest in snorkels has boosted by 50%, from 60,500 in January to 110,000 in February 2024.


Two regulators on a white surface

Imagine this: consumers are weightless underwater, surrounded by a dazzling world of coral reefs and exotic fish. While it sounds magical, one crucial piece of equipment that separates this dream from becoming a risky reality is diving regulators. The air humans breathe may be comfortable at the surface but highly unsuitable at depths.

Thankfully, regulators serve as necessary transformers, taking the high-pressure air from the scuba tank and reducing it to a level the lungs can comfortably breathe at any depth consumers explore. And unlike bulky compressed air tanks from the past, regulators deliver air on demand. Divers don’t have to hold a button down to breathe—they only need to inhale, and the regulator will provide fresh air automatically, mimicking natural breathing on land.

Additionally, If the air hose detaches from the regulator (extremely unlikely, but good to know), these accessories have a built-in safety mechanism that activates immediately. That way, consumers can still breathe comfortably from a backup air source while they ascend to the surface. According to Google data, regulators averaged 9,900 searches in February 2024.

Diving fins

Man swimming graciously with diving fins

Without scuba fins, underwater exploration would be a slow, laborious struggle. Human legs simply aren’t designed for efficient underwater movement. However, scuba fins help extend the diver’s surface area and stiffen their kicks, transforming those weak flutter kicks into powerful underwater propulsion systems.

With fins, consumers can propel themselves through the water with minimal effort, conserving precious air in their scuba tank. But fins aren’t just about speed. They also allow for precise maneuvering underwater. Whether consumers need to delicately navigate a shipwreck or back away from a curious shark, fins give them the control and agility to move with confidence.

Like other scuba gear, fins are designed to suit different diving styles and depths.  Freedivers might prefer lighter, shorter fins for maneuverability, while technical divers might opt for stiffer, longer fins for powerful kicking against currents. Fins have also registered a 20% search interest increase in 2024. Google data showed they went from 12,100 searches in January to 14,800 in February.

Diving computers

Person checking some information on a diving computer

Diving deep into the underwater world is exhilarating, but safety is paramount. That’s where dive computers come in. They’re not just fancy watches but miniaturized dive planners and guardians rolled into one. Remember those complex charts that tell consumers safe dive times based on depth? Dive computers eliminate the need for these cumbersome tools.

They continuously monitor depth and time underwater, calculating divers’ no-decompression limits (the time they can safely stay underwater without needing a decompression stop) in real time. But these accessories aren’t one-size-fits-all. They factor in each diver’s ascent rate and even breathing patterns to provide a more personalized no-decompression limit calculation.

Rounding up

Diving is a timeless experience that will forever attract millions of people. From those bulky, villain-looking suits to more streamlined accessories, diving has evolved with the consumer’s comfort in mind. While the accessories discussed here are trendy, they are also necessary for a great diving experience. So, sellers can leverage diving masks, regulators, snorkels, fins, diving computers, and wetsuits to rake in more sales from the diving accessories market in 2024. Check out the Alibaba Reads blog and subscribe to the Sports category for essential updates on sporting trends and goods.

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