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Top 6 Roller Skating Accessories to Leverage in 2024

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Roller skating has made a huge comeback, and more and more people are willing to give it a try. In 2021, about 11.3 million Americans participated in roller skating. Moreover, many skaters use roller skating gear for enhanced protection—especially beginners learning to maneuver safely in various settings.

With many options currently on the market, making the right choice when it comes to roller skating accessories could be daunting. However, to help buyers to find the right options, this article offers a list of six amazing roller-skating accessories that consumers will be on the lookout for in 2024.

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6 skating accessories consumers will want in 2024
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6 skating accessories consumers will want in 2024


Man doing skating tricks with a helmet and other accessories

Almost every sport needs helmets for protection—for obvious reasons. The head is fragile, and even a little bang can lead to a concussion or head trauma—hence the importance of a helmet.

Helmets are a must-have for new skaters, as learning the ropes will lead to some falls and injuries. Even the pros with enough skating experience still need them for that added safety in the event of an accident. Although these accessories may not guarantee 100% injury protection, they can greatly reduce deadly impacts.

Roller skating helmets have a hard outer shell (normally made of durable materials like fiberglass or plastic), padding inside for comfort and added protection, and chin straps for extra security. This combo helps consumers slide/skid without taking the full impact of the fall.

Search interest in helmets increased by 10%, from 823,000 in January 2024 to 1 million in February 2024—making it a great time to stock up on these protective buddies.

Padded shorts

A roller skate racer wearing padded shorts

The tailbone is susceptible to injury during roller skating. That’s why consumers use padded shorts to limit such occurrences. Designed with both style and safety in mind, these shorts are a must-have for roller skaters.

Crafted from high-quality, breathable materials, padded shorts offer superior comfort and flexibility while providing essential protection during skating sessions. They have strategically placed paddings (usually on the hips, thighs, and tailbone areas) to ensure maximum impact absorption—safeguarding skaters from annoying bruises and potentially serious injuries. These shorts got 12,000 searches in February 2024, showing they’re in high demand.

Elbow pads

Man flipping in the air while using elbow pads

Elbow pads are another essential protective gear: like helmets, these skating accessories help protect the arms from injuries during skating adventures, especially for beginners. So whether consumers are cruising around the rink or tackling challenging tricks, these pads serve as buffers against fall, dive, and slide impact—giving a cushioning barrier for elbows. Hence, it’s no surprise that about 18,100 people searched for them in February 2024 (based on Google data).

In addition to protecting the elbow from bruises, scrapes, and abrasions, modern elbow pads also help fix one of the most notorious issues: poor fitting. Before now, skaters hated how elbow pads shifted or slid off during intense movements. However, modern elbow pads have secure fastenings and adjustable straps, ensuring wearers enjoy a snug and comfortable fit.

Knee pads

Man skating indoors while using knee pads

Knee pads are the ultimate must-have for skaters, offering unbeatable protection and comfort—making them staple accessories. Manufacturers make them tough, equipping them with tough outer shells. Even better, they make their exteriors from high-quality materials, ensuring long-lasting performance even during intense skating sessions.

One amazing thing about knee pads is their exceptional impact absorption. Manufacturers produce knee pads to force impact away from the knee joint, providing outstanding protection against falls, scrapes, and bruises. Google data shows they’ve been getting 165,000 searches since the beginning of 2024.

These pads also feature plush padding on the inside. Usually, they are made of gel, but some variants use premium foam to provide maximum cushioning and comfort. With adjustable straps or closures, they offer a snug and secure fit that doesn’t budge or slip, no matter how fast users skate.


Woman with socks lacing fancy roller skates

Skaters may be tempted to ditch socks for a more carefree roller skating experience, but these accessories are the feet’s best friend on the rink (sidewalk or park). For starters, socks are key for blister prevention. Roller skating creates friction, and without socks, roller skaters will be asking for trouble. Socks act as a barrier, preventing blisters that can seriously dampen the skating fun.

In addition, the feet sweat, especially during those intense skating sessions. But socks will help absorb all that extra moisture, keeping the feet dry and comfortable—no need to suffer slippery wet feet. More importantly, the right socks can improve the skating experience by providing cushioning for shock absorption. They also offer a snug fit that helps consumers feel connected to their skates for better control.

Wrist guards and gloves

Man sitting while wearing a black glove

Wrist guards and gloves might not be the first things consumers think about when picturing themselves cruising the boardwalk, but they are necessary accessories that help prevent some scrapes and bruises. Here’s the deal: Falling is part of the game, even for seasoned skaters. Whether it’s a small stumble or a full-blown wipeout, the hands will instinctually hit the ground first to break the fall—that’s where wrist guards and gloves are lifesavers.

Broken Wrists? No Thanks! Wrist guards are like little bodyguards for those fragile bones. They take the impact, spreading it out so the wrists don’t snap like twigs due to the force. Consumers want to be rolling, not rocking a cast! And 22,200 people agree with this sentiment, as that’s the number of consumers searching for these products in February 2024.

On the other hand, gloves help prevent the nasty effects of road rash. Picture this: consumers are cruising, a pebble sends them flying, and their palms meet the pavement. Ouch! Gloves act as a shield, saving their skin from getting shredded like cheese. Nobody wants to look like they tackled a belt sander! Gloves are also incredibly popular, with Google data showing they attracted 673,000 searches in February 2024.

The bottom line

Many consumers enjoy roller skating—the thrill of gliding down the pavement is second to none! However, the sport is not without its danger, with falls being the most common cause of injuries. But there is no need for alarm—all consumers need are the right accessories, and they can skate with all the confidence in the world. Since there’s a high demand for these accessories, business buyers can prioritize helmets, elbow pads, padded shorts, knee pads, socks, and wrist guards/gloves. These are the top six roller skating trends worth selling in 2024!

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