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Top Winter Sports Accessories for More Sales in 2024

an athlete skiing down a snow slope with multiple accessories

The winter sports accessory market is an exciting and profitable ecosystem. As interest in winter activities increases, it’s crucial for consumers to get access to the necessary gear needed for this high-impact sport. 

Meeting the demands of customers looking for the best winter sports equipment requires an awareness of the critical selection criteria, regardless of whether it’s a manufacturer, store, or service provider. 

This article will explore the latest winter sports accessories consumers are yearning for in 2024. 

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Will winter sports remain profitable in 2024?
5 must-have winter sports accessories for 2024
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Will winter sports remain profitable in 2024?

woman preparing to hit the slopes with different accessories

The market for winter sports equipment was estimated at US $14.03 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach US $32.83 billion by 2031, increasing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.5% annually.

Here are a few key statistics poised to make the market thrive in 2024:

  • The online segment is fuelling the global winter sports equipment market, as experts predict it will register a higher CAGR than offline stores.
  • Ski equipment is also the most dominant segment based on type. Consumers’ purchasing power is increasing, allowing them to purchase more sportswear and related equipment.
  • Regionally, Europe leads the pack as it exhibits the most significant share—and experts predict it will hold its dominance over the forecast period.

5 must-have winter sports accessories for 2024

1. Goggles

three people wearer full winter sports outfits with ski goggles

Goggles in winter sports are a big deal these days. Goggles are a must-have for every winter sports person. Why? Because they’re all about giving consumers the best of both worlds—functionality and style.

These eye accessories help shield the user’s eyes from the glaring sun. But that’s not all. They also provide warmth to the face while ensuring consumers’ vision stays crystal clear with no fog. 

Most winter sports often include users performing activities at high altitudes. But here’s the deal—the air at those heights is thinner, which means more dangerous ultraviolet rays can slip through. Plus, snow can bounce back the sun’s rays, making them even more intense. 

While all the above problems sound dangerous, having sports goggles is the easiest solution for buyers. Asides protecting the users’ eyes, some variants offer other functions.

For instance, some sports goggles can have cylindrical lenses that curve left-to-right on the wearer’s eye and face. They’re more affordable and are good enough to get the job done. Contrarily, other sports goggles may offer spherical lenses with vertical curves. They provide better peripheral vision with less distortion and glare.

According to Google Ads, this winter sports accessory has two high-performing keywords: “winter goggles” and “winter ski goggles.” The first has low performance; reports show it clocks in at 1,000 monthly searches. Conversely, the second has more ground, ranking higher with over 110,000 average monthly searches.

2. Neck gaiters

a black neck gaiter

Going into the slopes with an unprotected neck could be a possible death sentence. Consumers need the right neck coverage to complete their warm winter sport outfit. It’s what makes the difference between having a good time in the cold weather and finding it totally unbearable. The solution? Neck gaiters

These accessories can do a lot more than keeping the neck warm. They can double as a headband or face mask, making them a handy addition to winter sports gear. Neck gaiters are like scarves but with windproof designs. 

So consumers can rest assured that their necks will stay protected on windy peaks without worrying about their protection falling off.

Considering that Google Ads places the average monthly searches of “neck gaiters” at 40,500, it is pretty clear that this piece of accessory is getting a lot of attention—and for good reason. 

3. Helmets

various winter helmets on display

Head injuries can be pretty serious or fatal, especially without proper protection during winter activities. Consumers are more likely to experience high speeds during snowboarding or skiing, increasing the possibility of them running into a ledge, tree, or colliding with another person—leading to major head or brain injuries.

For this reason, helmets are a must-have winter sports accessory. They are a safe and trendy way to keep the head protected during any sport. But while helmets can’t completely block head injuries, they’ll help minimize the effects of a collision if and when it happens. 

Apart from being a safety gear, helmets are warmer than regular hats, so they keep the head cozy and protected from frostbite. Particularly in demand are helmets with features like MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) and adjustable ventilation due to their high quality and impact resistance.

Helmets are also budget-friendly, which helps to fuel its popularity. Google Ads shows that “helmets” get an average monthly search of 823,000. It seems like users are pretty serious about making sure they stay safe and comfy. 

4. Gloves

a person wearing a pair of black winter hand gloves

A good pair of gloves is another must-have accessory for winter sports enthusiasts. Gloves aren’t just for keeping hands warm—they can also protect fingers from getting injured while playing around with snowboards or skis. They also allow users to grip ski poles and maintain a good balance. 

Back then, gloves were all about wool and leather, but nowadays, they are made of cool synthetic materials that do not soak up water and moisture like they used to. And here’s the kicker; a lot of winter gloves these days even let users use their touchscreen devices without needing to take them off. 

The hands can get seriously parched when it’s cold and the humidity drops. And it’s even worse when the wind starts because it removes the natural oils from the skin, leaving the hands with zero protection. That’s where winter gloves come to the rescue, they lock in the moisture the skin needs to fend off dry, cracked skin and frostbite.  

But here’s the thing; gloves are not just about function, they can also be fashion statements, and there are several options. According to Google Ads, “gloves” has about 450,000 average monthly searches while “winter gloves” gathers 40,500 average inquiries monthly. 

5. Balaclavas

a man in a black balaclava and ski goggles

Balaclavas are all about covering the entire face, giving the much-needed defense against the bone-chilling cold and rough conditions while snowboarding or doing other winter sport activities. 

Think of a balaclava as the combination of a hat and neck gaiter. A balaclava covers as much of the head, neck, and face as possible, maintaining a comfortable temperature without the need for bulky beanies or scarves. 

Now check this; according to Google Ads data, “balaclavas” are on the rise in popularity. They are getting a whopping 823,000 average monthly searches in October 2023—a huge jump from 422,000 average monthly searches in 2022. 

Final words

Regardless of the biting cold, winter is a great time to have fun and stay active. Consumers only need the right accessories to perform any activities they desire while staying warm and comfortable.

Some of the most popular winter sports include skiing and snowboarding and these top-trending accessories are the best way to keep consumers equipped for them. Focus on goggles, helmets, neck gaiters, winter gloves, and balaclavas to offer consumers the best winter on the slopes in 2024.

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