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Trendy Packaging For Shoes in 2022


Packaging is what the consumer sees first and foremost when purchasing something new. It needs to have a positive impact right away, which is why having the best type of packaging for shoes can lead to more sales in the future and will have consumers coming back for more.

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Market size for shoe packaging
Top trends for shoe packaging in 2022
Shoe packaging in the future

Market size for shoe packaging

Like many types of packaging for clothing, shoe packaging has undergone some changes in recent years. Whereas in the past shoes have been sold in simple boxes, in today’s market it’s all about the buying experience. This means that sellers are having to up their game and make their packaging more appealing, as consumers are increasingly looking to have a more luxurious shopping experience. 

In 2020 the global market value of shoe packaging reached USD 4.2 billion, and that number is expected to rise to USD 5.5 billion by 2026. With more shoes on the market than ever before, and new designs and materials on the way, packaging has never played a more important role in the overall buying experience.

Woman wrapping a box of shoes in bubble wrap

Top trends for shoe packaging in 2022

There are many different types of shoe packaging on the market today, but not all are suitable for each type of shoe. It’s important to take the consumer into account when looking at what packaging to use in order to get the most sales. Non-woven bags, personalized tissue paper, boxes with transparent doors, high-end cardboard boxes, frosted bags, and luxurious mailing boxes have all received positive feedback from consumers and are the perfect way to add something a little extra to the buying experience.

The transparent door

Traditional cardboard shoe boxes are still highly used by most retailers for all types of shoes, but plastic shoe boxes are making their mark. To really show off sneakers, and to mark them as a high-quality product, the shoe box with a transparent and magnetic door is a big upgrade that catches the consumer’s attention. This type of shoe box can come with a back or side opening, is fully customizable, and is perfect for shoe box storage as it can be easily stacked with other shoe boxes of this style, making them great for displays. This type of packaging fits in really well with the desire that people have to put shoe displays on their walls. 

Shoes behind plastic transparent doors on the boxes

Non-woven bags

Traditionally shoes come in boxes with tissue paper inside, but more and more shoes are being placed inside non-woven bags or include these bags inside the box for future storage and transportation purposes. These bags are popular as they help to keep the shoes safe and dust-free when not in use and add a classy touch to the unboxing process that’s more memorable than a plain shoe box. 

Various colors of non-woven bags for shoe packaging

Customized tissue paper

Tissue paper is normally found inside a shoe box, used as a way of protecting the shoes and making sure they don’t rub against one another while in storage or transportation. Tissue paper shouldn’t be overlooked, as it’s an important part of the packaging for shoes that also makes a strong impact on consumers. Tissue paper with different patterns or customized logos on it will only help to enhance the overall buying experience and make a statement about the brand. 

White tissue paper with a pattern on for packaging shoes

Upscale cardboard boxes

When it comes to packaging for shoes, cardboard boxes are the most used storage system. But there are always new ways to enhance traditional packaging. The sliding cardboard box is a popular alternative, especially for boots or heels for women. This type of shoe box can come in a variety of sizes to suit different styles of shoes, so it’s very versatile. It also helps to make the buying experience a little more unique than having a simple cardboard box. 

The magnetic folding shoe boxes are proving to be very popular too, especially if shoes are being given as a gift. These boxes stand out against regular shoe boxes as they look more high-end, and can easily be reused or repurposed once the shoes have been taken out of the box and worn. 

Black magnetic closure box with customized logo on the front

Matte frosted bags

Compared to cardboard boxes, these frosted bags take up minimal space when shipping and are easier to carry around if the consumer is shopping in person. The material used for these bags helps to keep the product safe, as does the zip closure. These bags are made from sustainable materials so although they look like plastic, they’re completely safe for the environment, which is a big plus in today’s world.

Frosted bag used for shoes with logo on the front

Luxurious mailing boxes

With more and more people purchasing products online, it’s important that the buying experience carries over to the home as well. By sending shoes in a luxurious mailing box, complete with a company logo and other customizable prints such as social media tags or quotes, the consumer is still able to enjoy their shopping experience without having to go out. This type of shoe packaging makes a mark on the buyer in a way that simple packaging won’t, and will go a long way in keeping the consumer interested in making recurring purchases. 

Various sizes of black shipping boxes with gold ribbon

Shoe packaging in the future

Packaging is becoming an increasingly important part of a consumer’s buying experience. Regular shoe packaging, just like the shopping bag, is slowly being replaced by packaging that has a more high-end and luxurious look to it to keep up with changing consumer trends. 

Mailing boxes that are higher quality, frosted bags, unique tissue paper, plastic shoe boxes, cardboard boxes with magnetic closures, and non-woven bags are all major trends in today’s market that are starting to make a real impact with consumers. All of these new types of packaging are the perfect way to combine consumer satisfaction with brand marketing, and with new packaging trends coming out regularly, it’s important to keep on top of them. 

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