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Turn to These 4 Bathroom Vanity Light Fixture Trends

2 light vanity lights for mirror

The bathroom vanity light fixture industry is full of different styles and trends. Whether for small guest bathrooms or large master baths, this article highlights the latest bathroom vanity light fixture trends that are going to brighten up the market.

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Learn about the lighting market
Top bathroom vanity light fixture trends
Build a business in vanity light fixtures

Learn about the lighting market

The global revenue in the lamps and lighting market amounts to USD 79.60 billion in 2023. The market is expected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.67% from 2023 to 2028. 

Continuously rising construction activities on a global scale will have a positive impact on the demand for indoor lighting. Construction activities worldwide are forecasted to grow by over 70% by 2025. 

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are expected to experience the highest growth rate within the forecast period. The surging demand for LED lighting is due to favorable government initiatives that encourage the replacement of incandescent lights.

Top bathroom vanity light fixture trends

Vanity light bar

Modern bathroom vanity light bar
Vanity with vertical bathroom light bars

A bathroom light bar is a popular fixture because it evenly distributes light in a way that is like natural lighting. Vanity light bars are ideal for modern bathrooms due to their sleek and minimalist look. The streamlined shape is also suitable for small baths or powder rooms.

Bath bar lights can be mounted horizontally above the vanity mirror or vertically on either side of the mirror. A tube light fixture also blends in well with a frameless mirror or floating vanity. These types of vanity bar lights are often constructed with LED lights for a contemporary appearance.

According to Google Ads, the term “vanity light bar” saw a 21% increase in search volume over the past 4 months, with 2,900 in November and 2,400 in July.

Bathroom wall lights

Double sink vanity with black bathroom wall light fixtures
Brushed nickel sconce bathroom lights

Wall sconces are an enduring trend in bathroom vanity design. Bathroom wall lamps are perfect for double vanities that require more than one light fixture or small half baths that need only one light above the mirror. 

Shade sconces are a traditional option for farmhouse bathrooms, while caged sconces complement nautical or industrial style baths. For contemporary bathroom lighting, globe sconce vanity lights offer an updated art deco vibe. 

A swing arm wall lamp can also act as practical task lighting because it can be adjusted to direct light to a specific area when applying makeup or grooming.

The term “bathroom wall lamp” attracted a search volume of 22,200 in November and 14,800 in July, which represents a 50% increase over the past 4 months. 

Ceiling light fixtures

Dual sink vanity with bathroom ceiling lights
Bathroom with modern hanging vanity light fixture

Instead of traditional bath wall lights, ceiling-mounted pendants offer an unexpected twist in the bathroom. Bathroom ceiling lights are more appropriate for larger spaces that can accommodate the drama of hanging lights. 

Clear glass shade pendant vanity lights are a great option because they do not detract from the rest of the space. Alternatively, grand master baths may be able to accommodate an eye-catching bathroom chandelier above the vanity.

The term “pendant light vanity” had a 51% increase in search volume over the past 4 months, with 590 in November and 390 in July. 

Multi-light vanity lighting

Vanity with 4 light bathroom light fixture
4 light bathroom vanity lights

For extra brightness, a vanity light with multiple bulbs is the go-to solution. Vanities built into a niche or corner benefit from multi-bulb bathroom light fixtures because the sink area may otherwise be too dark. 

Multi-light bathroom lights are generally only as wide as the vanity, with 3-light vanity lights and 4-light vanity lights being popular sizes. Light bulbs can face upwards, downwards, or a combination of both directions, depending on which option suits the lighting needs of the space.

The term “3 light vanity light” and “4 light vanity light” experienced a 26% and 23% increase in search volume over the past 4 months, respectively. 

Build a business in vanity light fixtures

The latest trends in bathroom vanity light fixtures have a big influence on the market. Aside from classic styles like wall sconces and multi-light vanity lights, a focus on contemporary design drives trends like vanity light bars and ceiling fixtures in the bathroom.

There is a need for bathroom vanity lighting because it helps complement ambient lighting and illuminate the area around a bathroom sink and mirror. As a result, there is significant opportunity in the market for businesses to take advantage of. With a positive outlook on future market growth, businesses should consider how they can capitalize on the latest trending vanity lights.

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