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What Is the Women’s Galactic Glam Trend for Autumn/Winter 2023/24?


A major trend in women’s holiday dressing for autumn/winter 2023/24 is the galactic glam trend. The galactic glam trend describes a futuristic aesthetic influenced by space exploration and digital advancements. With versatility and sensuality as key priorities, this trend focuses on conveying a futuristic mood through comfortable fits.

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Drivers in the women’s apparel market this season
Women’s galactic glam trends for autumn/winter 2023/24
Attract partywear customers with versatility

Drivers in the women’s apparel market this season

The global revenue in the women’s apparel market is valued at USD 901.10 billion in 2023, with an expected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.89% between 2023 to 2027.

There is a shift in consumer preference towards environmentally-friendly clothing due to the growing trend of sustainable apparel. Customers are also demanding items that follow the trends of the season as they continue to be influenced by celebrity endorsements and fashion magazines. As a result, market players are focused on introducing innovative fashions that are suitable for various occasions.

Women’s galactic glam trends for autumn/winter 2023/24

Ombre column dress

Sequin dress with galactic tie dye colors
Shiny fabric with colorful ombre print

The ombre column dress is a comfortable and wearable item for evening wear. Column dresses are dresses with a straight and close-fitting silhouette designed to suit many different body types. For the autumn and winter season, mid-length column dresses with long sleeves and a crew neck are appropriate for the colder weather. A side slit can be added to the skirt to enable better movement and offer a contemporary look for younger customers.

Ombre is the blending of a color hue to another, generally from light to dark. Column dresses with digital ombre or tie-dye in blue or green colors promote a futuristic aesthetic that feeds into the galactic glam trend. Adding a third shade to the ombre will also enhance the psychedelic mood.

Satin ombre dresses are becoming more popular due to the fabric’s shiny and reflective properties. Stretch FSC-certified viscose and lyocell, Tencel, peace silk, cupro, or certified recycled polyester with elastane are other material options for ombre column dresses.

Relaxed velvet set

Teal velvet set with top and skirt
Red velvet V neck wrap top with belt

Depending on how they are styled, relaxed velvet sets are adaptable enough to be worn every day or as formal attire. Velvet sets are focused on comfort and timeless fits inspired by loungewear pyjama sets. The top and bottom in a velvet set can also be used separately and combined with other pieces in a wardrobe.

To highlight the body’s curves, a relaxed velvet set should consist of a V neck wrap top with a belted waist. A notch lapel or detachable shoulder pads can also help highlight the tailoring. The length of the top can hit below the hip, but the trousers should be wide-leg or regular fit with a high waist. Trousers should be designed with a zipper fly and side pockets for easy wearability. Although an elastic waist will allow for inclusive sizing, it may limit the appeal of the velvet set for certain formal occasions. Utility patch pockets and a removable belt are other trendy details that can be included in the design.

Velvet sets in vivid colors have a liquid glam effect that is trendy for this season. Businesses are advised to choose a blend of FSC-certified viscose with peace silk or recycled polyester to achieve an intensely plush surface.

Draped minidress

Woman at New Year’s party in green draped dress
Women wearing sequin wrap dresses

For autumn/winter 2023/24, draping has replaced ruching as a key detail in partywear. A draped minidress with a long sleeve wrap top and a mini wrap skirt is the hot look of the season. To bolster versatility, customers may also be interested in minidresses where the top and skirt are detachable and can be worn with other wardrobe pieces.

Satin is a popular material to give draped minidresses a lustrous sheen, while velvet in a blend of FSC-certified viscose and peace silk or recycled polyester gives draped dresses a plush texture. Lurex is another option, although businesses are advised to use lower impact lurex with metallic threads made of recycled polyester, polyamide, and rayon.

Disco catsuit

Metallic pink long sleeve catsuit with zipper
Black velvet jumpsuit with belted wrap top

Spotted at both music festivals and in fashion show collections, the disco catsuit is a major trend this autumn and winter season. A catsuit, otherwise known as a type of jumpsuit, is a close-fitting one-piece garment that covers the body from the neck to the feet. It can be styled for different occasions with jackets, blazers, hoodies, skirts, or dresses.

For greater commercial appeal, businesses are advised to focus on designs featuring a fitted bust and waist with flared legs instead of fully fitted silhouettes. Alternatively, experimental cutouts or a wrap top with long sleeves will give disco catsuits a contemporary appeal for younger customers. Customers may also look for details like a closure and center back zipper to make the catsuit easier to put on and take off.

Stretch velvet in a blend of FSC-certified viscose, peace silk, and elastane or recycled polyester and elastane provides comfort and style, while lower-impact stretch lurex made of recycled polyester, polyamide, and rayon is a newer alternative.

Revealing bodysuit

Black bodysuit with sheer mesh long sleeves

Bodysuits are form-fitting one-piece garments that cover the torso. A bodysuit is a versatile fashion item that can be worn with jeans, dresses, or hoodies. This season, the attention is on revealing bodysuits with mock necks, long sleeves, and cutout details or sheer mesh above the bust. Bodysuits with a snap crotch are also practical for day-to-day life dressing.

Stretchy sheer mesh for the mock neck, sleeves, and bust can be made from recycled polyamide or polyester with elastane. Stretch velvet in a blend of FSC-certified viscose and peace silk or recycled polyester with elastane can be used for the torso fabric. Low impact stretch lurex made of recycled polyester, polyamide, and rayon is also suitable for producing close-fitting pieces.

Attract partywear customers with versatility

There are several key items under the galactic glam trend in women’s holiday fashion this autumn/winter 2023/24 season. Ombre and tie dye prints inspired by the galaxy are used all over long column dresses, while velvet sets reference futuristic mood through shiny texture. Draped minidresses, disco catsuits, and revealing bodysuits play with silhouette to make a statement and have maximum impact when produced in fabrics with high sheen or sheer cutouts.

To make the most of the galactic glam trend, pieces should be versatile enough to be worn beyond special occasions. Businesses are advised to use creative designs that encourage wearability for everyday outfits and to promote accessible styling tips that transform party pieces into casualwear. Furthermore, garments that are high-quality and durable will also allow partywear items to be reused between seasons.

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