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What You Need To Know About the Heatless Hair Curler Trend


As the heatless hair curler trend gains traction on social media, brands are capitalizing on it by offering various products. This includes everything from inexpensive foam rollers to luxurious silk and satin bands that leave hair smooth and soft. An overwhelming number of products are available, but this article offers insights into the most popular hair curlers on the market today.

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The hair styling market
What are heatless hair curlers?
How to select the best no-heat hair curler?

The hair styling market

Hair curlers;A woman with curled hair

The global hair styling market was worth USD 27.47 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.9%. North America accounted for the largest market share for hair styling tools in 2022, with Asia-Pacific being the fastest-growing region during the forecast period.

Heatless hair curlers have gained popularity due to TikTok trends, where creators use this device to demonstrate their styling abilities. With a monthly search volume of 6.2K, interest has increased by 226% in the last year.

Customers are curious about heatless curlers, as ‘How to use a heatless hair curler?’ was a trending question on Google Trends also revealed an increased interest in silky heatless curlers and online tutorials.

There are two broad categories of styling tools, namely manual and power-reliant devices. The manual styling tools include rollers, brushes, and clips, while the latter include ironing rods, heated brushes, and straighteners.

Increasing concerns about the harmful effects of heating tools is a key factor driving the heatless hair curler market. Furthermore, social media’s influence on health-centric beauty applications is also expected to drive market growth.

What are heatless hair curlers?

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Regular use of high-temperature flat irons, curling irons, and blow dryers can damage hair proteins and cuticles. Although the heated treatments may initially make the hair look nice, they can cause hair loss over time.

Many women are turning to heatless alternatives due to the damage caused by heating appliances. A heatless hair curler is a device that curls the hair without applying heat. These curlers come in different varieties, including foam rollers, curling rods, velcro curlers, and magnetic rollers.

Do heatless hair curlers work?

The no-heat curlers are designed to curl the hair without heat exposure, and they are the perfect solution for anyone looking to avoid the harmful effects of hot tools. They help create spiraled styles for a voluminous finish,  but they work differently depending on the hair type.

For example, textured or naturally curly hair will not achieve smooth waves with foam rollers or a satin wand, but it may reduce flyaways and frizz. Similarly, flat hair may not achieve mermaid waves with hair rollers but they will give the hair soft curls for a bouncy finish.

How to use a heatless hair curler?

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A heatless hair curler kit typically includes a curling rod and scrunchies or claw clips to keep it in place. These rods can be worn on wet or dry hair and are held in place with ribbons and clips. The user must then divide the hair into sections and twist each section of hair around the ribbon from the top, tying it at the end with scrunchies.

Users should be aware, however, that there is a learning curve associated with this method. It may take a few attempts to determine which method works best for hair. Individuals with textured hair, for example, may need serums or a quick blow-dry to get well-defined curls.

While heatless rollers are excellent for creating beachy waves for a casual day, they do not produce the same results as a curling iron.

How long must the hair curlers be worn?

Many factors influence how long hair curlers should be worn. Velcro hair rollers, for instance, can be left in the hair for approximately 20 minutes. On the other hand, satin wands should be used on completely dry hair and can be left overnight for well-defined curls. Furthermore, accessories like a headscarf or a turban are great add-ons as they keep the curlers in place while the user sleeps and are especially useful for thicker hair that is difficult to curl.

How to select the best no-heat hair curler?

Woman with eye patches and curlers on the head

The material should be one factor taken into account when selecting hair curlers. While some are made of foam, others are made of plastic. Foam rollers are preferred to plastic ones because they are more flexible.

As many consumers care about the price, it is best to go for reasonably priced products.  And lastly, the most important factor to consider is the ability of the product to curl the hair. Look for reviews on how defined the curls are after using the product and how long it lasts on the hair.

Material of headbands

Satin and silk bands are the most popular types of headbands available. Silk has many benefits, including reducing frizziness and making hair smoother, but they are pricey. Polyester satin is a great option for consumers on a budget because it is smooth enough to reduce frizz. However,  Synthetic silk is not as luxurious and soft as real silk.

It is also good to check whether the headbands can be machine washed when necessary. This is because certain materials, such as mulberry silk, require gentle care and can only be hand washed.

Why heatless hair curlers are good

Many consumers are opting for heatless alternatives as they become more aware of the harm caused by the frequent use of heating tools. Heating rods use high temperatures to create curls, damaging hair cuticles. The heat dehydrates the hair, lessens its natural sheen, and can rough the texture.  On the other hand, a heatless device will keep users out of this mess.

Heatless hair curlers have become popular because they are easy to use. Even though using a curling iron might seem simpler, curling each section of hair by hand takes time.  Heatless curlers require only a few minutes to attach to the hair before being left overnight to work their magic. So overall, there is less effort involved.

Drawbacks of heatless hair curlers

There aren’t many serious drawbacks with the heatless hair curler, just minor irritations. The first disadvantage is the length of time required to achieve the desired results. Although the time varies depending on the method, users must wait until their hair is completely dry before inserting the rollers. Stronger curls will take even longer.

With heatless curlers, users have lower control over the outcome. The styles produced are less structured compared to that of a curling iron. Also, the curls will not be as bouncy as those done with a curling iron.

Leaving the curlers in overnight can also be uncomfortable, depending on the type of curler used. And if the user moves a lot in their sleep, the curls can loosen up a bit. And lastly, this method might not work well with textured hair.


Although the heatless hair curling method has been used in the beauty industry for decades, it has recently gained popularity thanks to social media apps such as TikTok. The market is flooded with various hair accessories, allowing users to try this viral method at home.  Visit Alibaba.com to check out the latest hair curlers.

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