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Discover the Best Mother’s Day Gifting Trends for 2024


Despite the current economic uncertainty, Mother’s Day continues to be celebrated, and many consumers consider gifting a top priority. As self-care, relaxation, wellness, and nostalgia take center stage in the gifting industry, brands are developing innovative products that cater to changing consumer interests. Keep reading to explore the top gifting priorities and directions for 2024. 

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The Mother’s Day gifting market
Major beauty gift themes in 2024
Meaningful presents for loved ones

The Mother’s Day gifting market

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Mother’s Day is widely observed worldwide to honor maternal figures of all kinds. Following the pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions, there is a renewed emphasis on relaxation and quality time.  

According to the NRFs US consumer survey, 84% of shoppers planned to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2022, spending USD 31.7n billion. In Asia, a Singaporean delivery app noted that customers were willing to spend more on Mother’s Day.

However, due to the impending economic crisis, spending priorities have shifted significantly, with many prioritizing self-care above everything. Additionally, consumers will favor practicality, multifunctional designs, nostalgia, and affordable luxuries that provide comfort and relaxation. 

This article will explore the most sought-after product categories and highlight how brands respond to changing consumer demands.

Major beauty gift themes in 2024

Minimalistic beauty

Bathroom beauty essentials in a wooden crate

Many customers want simple, effective solutions that do more with less. In response, brands are offering curated minimalistic haircare, skincare, and cosmetics that save time and money.

Hybrid kits are a popular option because they appeal to many consumers who are lazy when it comes to beauty. This is supported by Google search trends, which revealed a 70% increase in interest in minimalist skincare routines.

The demand for simplified, hybrid beauty will extend to other product categories, including makeup, haircare, and body care.  Curate sets that include three to five essential items for a particular skin type or season, such as an essential summer kit.

Explore minimalist discovery kits that include multifunctional lip, cheek, and eye products and nourishing body care and hair care. Invest in skin-first brands and products with protective and nourishing components like SPF, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and natural oils.

Wellness in a box

Brown wooden wellness box with goodies

Wellness is a key theme in the Mother’s Day gifting market, driven by self-care items that provide a moment of respite and relaxation from daily obligations. In the United States alone, nearly half of the consumers said wellness was a top priority in 2022, an 8% increase from the year before.

As the economic crisis worsens, many people will prefer inexpensive indulgences that prioritize physical and mental health. This is backed up by global Google trends, which revealed a 5000% increase in search interest in self-care gifts for women.

It’s best to go for bundles and discounted boxes that provide value-added benefits and cater to consumers’ emotional needs. Stress-relieving kits, functional cosmetic tools such as facial massagers, and lymphatic drainage equipment that blend well with daily routines are good options.

Lastly, calming aromatic products, such as scented candles, essential oils, or incense sticks that can be used at home and in conjunction with beauty routines have also gained popularity.

Inducing nostalgia through scent

Clear glass perfume bottle next to a flower

Many people occasionally crave escapism to find solace in a world of uncertainty. Brands have responded by offering products that prey on the scent-memory connection. This includes oils and sprays inspired by nature or people that offer a sense of comfort and nostalgia. 

In a survey conducted by IFRA, 44% of adults said they frequently link certain smells with objects, people, memories, or locations from the past, and 60% said nostalgia is the most common emotion evoked by smell. 

Brands can leverage nostalgia by incorporating artistic representations of cities and countries in their packaging to evoke childhood memories of travel. For instance, the Japanese company Ormonde Jayne sells perfume based on the hanami spring festival.

Perfume brands can experiment with indigenous ingredients inspired by regional foods, beauty practices, and lifestyles. They can honor local cultures and customs while expanding their product line beyond perfumes to include bath, body, home fragrance, and hair care.

Indulgences in miniature sizes

A collection of different beauty items

The minis market will center around consumers ready to travel following the relaxation on travel restrictions. Minis can also work as try-out samples in gifting.

Minis are popular right now, as evidenced by Tiktok’s #MiniMakeup trends, which have received over 143.5 million views. However, brands must prioritize sustainability and incorporate sustainable packaging solutions.

Additionally, miniature luxuries allow mothers to indulge in high-end goodies without worrying about their high costs. Brands can offer deluxe mini collections of their best-selling items and sets, allowing customers to experiment before committing to the full-size item. This is demonstrated by the US fragrance brand Snif, which sells miniature skincare trial kits.

Portable, refillable, and reusable products in travel-friendly sizes are ideal for consumers seeking sustainability and convenience. Some brands provide mini skincare trial kits so customers can try the products before making a full purchase. 

Tiny bursts of dopamine delight

A pink case next to a bunch of cosmetics

As millennials and Generation X question age-appropriate beauty standards, brands will consider challenging aging norms to embrace innovative freestyle looks. This will result in bold cosmetics that encourage creative self-expression, regardless of the consumer’s age.

As many consumers appreciate family bonding, offer beauty experiences that can be shared as a family or between a mom and a child. Brands, for example, can provide face and nail mask sets made of non-toxic and safe ingredients. Zara, for instance, sells water-based nail polishes that children can use. 

Brands will embrace creativity and incorporate colors in their product packaging. They will also prioritize inclusive beauty formulations for all ages. 

Artistic keepsake for mothers

Mothers Day gift box and pink envelope

The beauty movement is seeing an element of creativity in terms of artistic packaging that is also functional. Spurred by the rising interest in art in Asia, avant-garde packaging in meaningful and creative designs is gaining traction globally. These pieces double down as decor accents that will last beyond Mother’s Day, serving as a waste-free solution.

Choose packaging made of long-lasting materials such as wood, ceramics, and glass, with elevated designs and artistic finishes. Refillable products are also a popular option right now. Many shoppers will be drawn to redesigned basics with eclectic colors, textures, or upgraded materials that boost everyday routines.

Gifts for the family

A collection of organic and eco-friendly soaps

Affordability, safety, and functionality will be major themes in gifting for growing families as the economic crisis worsens. However, it is a lucrative industry, with the global baby and pregnancy skin care market expected to grow at a 6.9% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) to reach USD 13.5 billion by 2031.  Practical gifts from pregnancy to postpartum and household care that make life easier and ease stress will thrive. 

To make things more economical, investing in body care and skincare products that are appropriate for toddlers through adults is wise. Choosing non-toxic, irritant-free options with expert approval for family products is best. Additionally, go for bulk or jumbo-sized products with a long shelf life.

Consider pre-made kits for expectant women that include nourishing care for both prenatal and postpartum requirements. Additionally, a lot of consumers value multifunctionality. In response, brands are offering multifunctional products, such as skin wash doubling as makeup removers.

Meaningful presents for loved ones

Incorporate wellness into gifting sets that correspond to daily routines. Explore functional beauty tools such as facial sculptors and calming fragrances.

Products that work for all age groups and encourage shared beautiful moments with family members are good choices. Choose multifunctional products that simplify beauty routines and do more with less. 

Seek quality over quantity, and look for beauty products that are both affordable and functional. Mini sizes are good choices because they allow customers to try products before making a full commitment.

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