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Men’s Soul Space Designs Consumers Will Rock in Spring/Summer 23


With the commotion from the past few years settling down, soul space explores how consumers find balance and happiness. Interestingly, soul space themes draw inspiration from various customer desires and moods, such as the comfort of home, nostalgia for past times, appeal for faraway places, and the romance of rural lifestyles.

Items that support the unpredictable outcome of nature will create new opportunities, redefining luxury and rarity. Soul space introduces designs like wild foraged pigments, regeneratively sourced packaging and materials, and raw and excavated textures.

This article explores the top men’s soul space designs that will rock the fashion industry in S/S 23.

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Brief summary of men’s soul space styles
5 rocking men’s soul space design trends
Final thoughts

Brief summary of men’s soul space styles

Soul space is gaining prominence as it supports consumers searching for connection, contention, and inner calm. Many interests gather into one theme as soul space styles encourage self-examination and fulfillment.

Interestingly, the global men’s wear market is worth US $499.80 billion in 2022. According to reports, it’s projected to hit a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.04% from 2022 to 2027.

This theme facilitates products that facilitate healing rituals, wellness, and self-care. Soul space also encourages science and technology for scalable bio-innovations. Petrochemical-free apparel is also a soul-space standpoint as it wishes to work for the environment and not against it.

Color is a significant aspect of soul space styles. The trend utilizes it emotively from uplifting oranges and pinks to reassuring ochre and tranquil blue. In addition, soul space pallets strike a balance between energizing brights and nature-inspired shades.

5 rocking men’s soul space design trends

Amped-up tropics

Man wearing a floral tracksuit

Amped-up tropics cater to the demands of consumers residing in tropical regions. Usually, such users prefer exploring the local outdoor spaces, creating the need for clothing matching the purpose. Apparel hosting this trend uses prints and botanical dyes to show favorability toward foliage-laden landscapes. Interestingly, material choices also make such items functional in humid environments.

Bold and oversized plant-based prints and graphics are dominant in amped-up tropics. Tropical flowers and leaves like orchids, torch ginger, krachiao, and lotus are popular options with heavy reference to this trend. In addition, these prints and graphics work perfectly with dopamine brights. Pieces like button-up shirts can easily accommodate amped-up tropics and make beautiful matching pairs with shorts.

Man in the gym waearing amped up shorts

Cooling materials are essential for amped-up tropics, especially those with lightweight, packable, breathable, and fast-drying features. In addition, most items follow an environmentally friendly route by swapping harsh mosquito repellents for graphene-based fabrics. Amped-up tropics are ideal for all-day active, streetwear, and outdoor ensembles.

Never-ending summer

Man zipping up a blue sports shirt with striped sleeves

Never-ending summer channels the feel-good nostalgia with outfits ready for beach holidays and draws inspiration from summer adventures of the previous deshortscades. Beach towel stripes and picnic blanket checks are the top never-ending summer prints and patterns. What’s more, they look outstanding on shirts and tops. Some bold geometric prints tap into the 70s and 80s surfwear style.

In addition, #SummerStripes and #Checkerboard styles are significant inspirations for never-ending summer prints and patterns. This trend utilizes weather and soft jersey materials to channel surf and sunshine vibes. Relaxed woven textiles are evident in casual trousers  and novel cover-ups.

Man running in a green and white paneled sportswear combo

Simple and optimistic trims help to make never-ending summer items more functional and unrestrictive. Organic brights add exciting and bold twists to such apparel—they’ll look eye-catching even for casual outfits

Hoodies may not make the perfect beachwear, but they’ll look fantastic for outdoor activities. Never-ending summer styles also make eye-catching beach, surf, and lounge outfits.

Terra lounge

Man and woman posing in tank tops and shorts

Lounge and comfy wear have slowly become wardrobe staples in men’s fashion. Terra lounge elevates these themes through luxurious hand-feel, sophisticated hues, and fashion-inspired shapes. This trend’s silhouette and styling introduce a modern elegance to pieces through menswear-informed fabric manipulation. Interestingly, all Terra lounge styles keep a relaxed and loose shape with beautiful drapes.

#ElevatedActive also provides dapper updates on classic Terra lounge styles. But that’s not all. Hues appropriate for this trend take color inspiration from natural terrain and ceramic materials, allowing consumers to bring the earth element indoors.

Oversized shirts are essential men’s loungewear that receives an update from this trend. Terra lounge makes the item feel more relaxing and comfortable to wear. Tank tops and long-sleeve tees are other pieces that benefit from the Terra-longe elegance.

Man wearing loungewear with yellow print

Terra lounge permeates bottom staples like joggers and shorts, making them more breathable and effortless to rock. These styles are ideal for lounging, yoga, and recovery activities.

Floral rituals

Black long-sleeve track shirt with floral prints

Flowers ooze symbolic meanings as they’ve been part of ceremonies and rituals for centuries. Interestingly, this trend harnesses the rich history of flowers and provides various ways to infiltrate contemporary, holistic rituals. Floral patterns also aid the quest for well-being and deep connections with nature.

Floral rituals evolve beyond classic, all-over patterns by experimenting with proportions, position, and other factors that influence emotions–like words and numbers. Florals also permeate modern-day menswear via monochrome color palettes or abstract patterns. They’ll add an exciting spin to dull pieces–while depicting the wearer’s emotions.

Comforting, soft cosmetotextiles are favorites for apparel body hug designs. Such pieces must be comfortable since they have tight-fitting natures. Relaxed wovens created from natural fibers are more popular for loose-fitting items. Look toward wraparound tops, trousers, and cover-ups made from plant-based materials like hemp or flax.

Man rocking a black flower-print leggings

Matching sets are irresistible when combined with floral patterns. The floral ritual trends work for consumers looking for all-day active, lounge, and yoga apparel.

Building beyond the gym

Man wearing a red tank top and black shorts

Well-being is a double-edged concept. While some may find it in calm, relaxing situations, others attain true solace from journeying to the extremes. Building beyond the gym helps consumers take physical fitness to the maximum in otherwise unbearable temperatures and environments.

The nature surrounding this trend requires durable and versatile materials. Textiles under “building beyond the gym” feature cooling, moisture wicking, and UV protection properties, making such pieces superior to traditional activewear.

“Building beyond the gym” trends also receive inspiration from nature by providing warm desert hues. Some styles also have gray tones sourced from recycled and undyed materials. Dopamine brights also make a scene in this trend by helping to enhance heat and energy.

Man wearing a green loose-fit shirt andblack shorts

Capitalize on tank tops and short-sleeved shirts adopting this active trend. Double-layered and regular shorts can also provide enhanced exercise experiences when combined with “building beyond the gym.” In addition, apparels under this trend are great for weightlifting, running, and training.

Final thoughts

Naturally derived fibers make men’s soul space a more appealing venture for investment. Consumers want breathable and biodegradable pieces created without chemicals, and these soul space trends are up for the challenge.

Comfort is still essential moving forward and soul space trends take it to the extreme with evolved loungewear. Uplifting prints and graphics also thrive in the soul space market as they bring a fashion-informed luxurious edge to men’s loungewear.

Focusing on amped-up tropics, never-ending summer, terra lounge, floral rituals, and building beyond the gym trends is the perfect way to ease consumers into the soul space lifestyle while maintaining sustainable profit.

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