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Women’s Active Open Road: 5 Functional Trends for Autumn/Winter 2022–23


Mountain climbing, hiking, and enjoying the open outdoors are not new to women these days. So what’s better than carrying out these activities in the ideal clothes? 

This article delves into specific trends that have started gaining traction within the fashion industry, and with the potential to grow further.

Fashion retailers should jump on these before they blow up so they don’t swim against the current. Let’s first take a look at the current market size of women’s outdoor apparel.

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Overview of the global outdoor apparel market
5 fashion-driven women’s active open-road styles
Wrapping up

Overview of the global outdoor apparel market

From 2019 to 2024, the outdoor apparel market is projected to increase by US $3.90 billion, expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5%. 

In 2019, the offline distribution channel segment accounted for outdoor apparel’s most significant market share. The category will continue to have the highest share throughout the forecast period. Market retailers are opening additional retail locations in local and regional markets to enhance sales through offline distribution channels.

APAC will account for 32% of market growth during the forecast period. Within the APAC region, China is the primary market for outdoor clothing. As a result, the market in the area will grow more quickly than in other areas. 

The expansion of the outdoor apparel market in APAC will be aided by the rising millennial population, rising disposable income, and increased public awareness of health and fitness.

5 fashion-driven women’s active open-road styles

Packable adventure set

Woman wearing a white and black striped tank top

Women who love the great outdoors and pick out all their gear for a mountain hike whenever they get the chance would love this adventure set trend, which features lightweight clothing like tank tops, crop tops, and air-weight shorts.

There are numerous methods to style a tank outfit. The tank top looks great paired with trendy shorts, jeans, or other bottoms. It might be chosen in a variety of patterns and hues. Adding a scarf on the neck will also make it look hip, and aid in keeping the wearer warm during winter or autumn.

Women can decide to dress it up with a few layers and a jacket in chilly weather. Additionally, a tank top might be the best go-to gym attire if they enjoy exercising or participating in sports. Ladies can also dress it up to wear to a beach or pool party, on a date, or to a business meeting.

Autumn is all about experimenting with beautiful colors and bright, warm hues, which makes a cropped tank top paired with cotton or denim shorts, mixed in with a plaid flannel blouse, a great outdoor staple.

Cotton shorts are also great as they are small and compact for wearing anytime during the day. In addition, they pair great with tank tops, long-sleeved T-shirts, and sweaters.

Woman hiking in a light-blue tank top and black shorts

For winter and autumn, women can get these shorts at thigh or knee length in cargo pants fashion and some optional pockets, depending on their personal choice.

Bio-pile fleece

Woman wearing a monochrome fleece hoodie

The simplest way to wear a fleece jacket is to layer it with a T-shirt and workout leggings. Make sure the leggings are opaque in the back because most fleece coats fit like long-sleeved sweaters.

A fleece hoodie can be just what women need to stay warm against the brisk morning air if they enjoy going out for a jog. Ladies can switch out their leggings for a pair of track or bicycle shorts during autumn and winter. Fleece jackets provide additional warmth over a T-shirt and pants. This outfit is perfect for days when women want to be warm without wearing bulky coats.

Ladies can also flaunt their fleece jackets while taking a socially isolated walk across the park. However, they shouldn’t assume that a fleece jacket is only appropriate as casual attire. These jackets make the ideal layering piece to wear over any dress, including maxi and skater skirt dresses.

If the customer prefers dresses, then it’s a good idea to wear a zip-up fleece jacket rather than a pullover, and keep neutral colors. In this manner, they can layer up and still reveal their sexy dress underneath.

Woman hiking in a brown fleece jacket

Ladies can rock these jackets for a monochromatic or tonal ensemble to achieve a more fashionable appearance. The idea is to find something comfortable that fits the wearer’s personal style.

Women can layer a crop top, sports bra, or T-shirt under their fleece jacket. A pair of cozy fleece bottoms or joggers will complete the essential loungewear outfit. If hiding from Zoom calls or watching their favorite Netflix series, they could also find a pair of soft socks fulfilling.

Modular liner

Young woman wearing a cream-colored quilted jacket

Quilted jackets are distinctive, adaptable, and cozy to wear. The best part is that they can be combined with dresses and skirts as well as winter and autumn clothing. Choosing a puffer coat in vibrant colors like yellow will make it more fun for ladies to wear. For a striking contrast, they can dress in all-black underneath.

Women usually love to find a quilted jacket that fits properly and isn’t too big. That’s the perfect way consumers can wear them to look sophisticated, which is similar to wearing a black leather jacket. This is particularly important if the idea is to wear it with a knit sweater. 

Woman in shades wearing a black-colored quilted jacket

A black quilted jacket and a green oversized knit sweater will act as an illustration of a knit sweater ensemble for consumers who want to make a bold statement. To make an elegant ensemble, consumers can combine the jacket with skinnies and a scarf.

Consumers can wear a green quilted bomber jacket over a light-huedd button-up shirt and black skinny jeans for a chic, unisex appearance. They can pair a white hoodie with a dark green quilted jacket for a laid-back street style. Another option is to wear them with gray slim-fit jeans.

A smart-casual look idea would work if wearing jeans to work is permissible. Consumers can wear a black quilted button-up jacket over a white blouse for the top. They can also pair them with dark blue skinny jeans to complete the look. 

But that’s not all. For a creative and fun style, stylish women can combine a dark-hued quilted jacket with a black and red plaid boyfriend shirt. They can also team them up with some black leather pants for a fashionable look.


Woman wearing a black hoodie poncho in the woods

A poncho over a collared shirt gives a more sophisticated, professional appearance. It is the simplest way to style a poncho while maintaining a stylish appearance. Ladies can try dressing in total black, white, or gray, for instance. 

They can select a matching poncho or one in a complementary hue. A patterned poncho can also be paired with an otherwise plain dress by wearing a plaid, striped, or other-pattern poncho.

The simplest method to style a poncho on the bottom is to pair it with skinny jeans or slim-fit pants. Wearing something fitted on the bottom will balance the volume of the clothing and prevent ladies from looking like a balloon because a poncho is naturally somewhat billowy.

Consumers can choose distressed denim to produce a relaxed, off-duty appearance. They can also pair the poncho with leather skinnies to update the style and give it a more modern vibe.

Consumers can wear it with a belt if the idea is to give the poncho some waist definition, especially if they don’t want it to overpower the overall appearance. They can also define the waist with a wide or small belt if the poncho is open or a vest.

Woman wearing a white poncho and black pants

Women are not required to wear a poncho that is dark or neutral. However, if they prefer vibrant clothing, they can pick a poncho with hues like red, orange, purple, and other colors. In either case, adding some color to the winter outfit is an excellent idea by pairing it with neutrals or other hues.

All-seasons overall

Woman wearing a burnt-yellow overall and black top

By wearing overalls with a simple black tank, ladies can keep the atmosphere quite relaxed. This is perfect for subtly cool-weather activities, including picnics, festivals, and casual neighborhood strolls. 

Women can keep things casual by pairing their overalls with a plain black tank. The ensemble is perfect for outdoor activities such as festivals, picnics, and brisk neighborhood walks throughout the warmer months.

There’s a reason why a cool, crisp button-down is a wardrobe essential. Some ladies adore the contrast of casual overalls, chic button-downs, and colorful satin headbands for an extra touch of class. 

The thing with overalls is that they can effectively be fashioned like jeans. As a result, they sometimes serve as a backdrop piece, allowing the animal print button-down to command attention.

Once more, fashion these days is mainly about comfort. To provide a little warmth on chilly days, ladies can opt to wear dungarees with a suitable hoodie. But, of course, adding comfort and warmth to the mix may require the consumer to pair a thick knit, which is as warm and comfortable as a sweatshirt, but with more elegance and style.

Woman standing on a balcony in a white overall

It’s 2022, but many women are bringing the fantastic trend that had millennials in a chokehold back in the early 2000s with some Y2K vibes. It’s tempting to confine one’s love of stripes or florals to winter dresses or tops, but overalls in solid colors aren’t the only option. 

Wearing a pair of overalls in a surprising color or pattern is a great way to add a touch of spring to an outfit.

Wrapping up

Women’s open-road apparel is turning heads this season with hike-friendly aesthetics and Y2K comebacks. Modular liner jackets are outdoor staples suitable for everyday activities, while the adventure set speaks for itself in terms of comfortability and confidence.

The fleece jacket is another casual staple but can also be modified to fit formal and semi-casual events. All the trends listed in this article are gaining momentum. Hence, fashion retailers can begin to capitalize on the trends by procuring them for their profit capability.

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