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Women’s Active Apparel: An Insight Into Evolving Trends


Most customers only demand you bring the best for them, no matter which business you are in. In particular, choosing the apparel business may require giving attention to several things at one time.

Women’s active apparel is equipped with many details; taking care of everything is one of the biggest responsibilities in the business. Your aim should be to deliver the best quality, trendy looks and fulfill your client’s expectations. 

This guide will help you learn the tactics that may help you take your business toward the road to success.

Table of contents:
Active apparel aspects to cover
Diversification on the uppers
Stocking the lowers
The layer of active apparel

Active apparel aspects to cover

Featuring women’s active apparel will require focusing on very detailed factors. Most women are very concerned about their clothes and every aspect attached to them. It would be best if you had an eye on every minor thing to bring about the right products and win the hearts of your customers.

  • Adapt to a neutral style

In today’s world, every individual has been on the go at all times, and this requires maintaining a balance in everything. Even if you are into a business of women’s active apparel, you need to balance the style and design and not make it attached to just being active apparel.

You should design and bring about something that suits the gyms and loungewear. Your clients must also feel comfortable wearing active apparel on the grocery runs.

  • Play a fair share in sustainability

People are now more inclined towards better environmental practices, and they work towards choosing recyclable materials. So, you should also bring about certain fabrics that are recyclable and biodegradable. 

This will avoid the need to acquire and manufacture virgin materials and thus reduce the carbon footprint on the environment.

When you tag your women’s active apparel as environmentally friendly, your clientele will appreciate it.

  • Focus on comfort and coverage

Always pay attention to the fact that the gym wear you are offering must be suitable to provide maximum comfort to the clients. Apart from comfort, coverage matters and every angular cut should be capable of providing the right coverage.

Your client should not be bothered by the corners and edges rising while they are busy working out; this idea would make them uncomfortable.

Diversification on the uppers

Activewear comprises several aspects and parts to be covered; the most important is what is worn on the upper body. This will contain several choices, and the ones suggested below could be suitable for selection.

Top for appropriate support

One of the main aspects of investing in women’s activewear is acquiring the right support for your clients’ overall posture; investing in a good quality sports bra is a must. 

It is always a better approach to choose a mesh bra in either angular cut or with a square neck as these both will allow a lot of ease and comfort during workouts. Apart from this, both options are good to go whether to run or jog. 

It is an all-day wearable choice, and being a mesh layout offers sufficient breathability.

Learn about the latest trends to upgrade women’s active apparel is the right approach to boost your business. This guide will show you how.

Bright tank tops

Women who are not comfortable wearing a bra would always ask you for the right tank top when choosing active apparel. So, it would help if you stocked up on the most breathable and comfortable tank tops for all these women. 

The tank tops must have neutral and basic colors like white, beige, gray, and black. Moreover, there must be brighter tones incorporated to match the taste of certain customers.

Woman wearing bright tank top

Comfortable tees

Women’s active apparel must always have the right collection of tees to purchase. You may work out various options for these; they may be sleeveless or may have short sleeves. 

The material used in making these T-shirts may comprise cotton, mesh wear, and recyclable fabrics. It is great to have them printed in pastel and dark colors with texts and taglines.

Woman wearing comfortable tee

Stocking the lowers

As much as focusing on the upper body clothing is essential when planning women’s active apparel, you cannot ignore the significance of the buttons. There should be ample choices of lower pants that are comforting enough during workouts.

Body-fit leggings

Leggings are always prime consideration by all women when they look forward to choosing active apparel for themselves. So, it would be best if you stocked them up. These must-have colors like black, white, brown, and blue.

However, many women would want to pair their bright dark shades of tees with a brighter tone of leggings, and for that, you should have bright pink, yellow, green, and purple in your collection.

Women wearing body-fit leggings

Adding convertible pants

Convertible pants are always very ease-oriented options. When you choose them, you control your active apparel easily. These are usually of summer-friendly materials and breathable cotton. So, adding them to your aisle would be a great attraction for your customers.

These are easily locked and unlocked, and one may move to wear full pants or a removed lower, whatever they find comfortable. Color choices in these are mostly limited to beige, gray, white, and black, being neutral and easily matchable.

Never forget shorts

Many of your clients would like to purchase shorts from you for their active apparel. So, you should always have them in place. Cycling shorts with solid colors and high-waist coverage always make the right choice to wear in summers.

Woman wearing back shorts

The layer of active apparel

Most of your customers would also ask for a hoodie, jacket, and several other protective shell forms from you. These are very much suitable to cover oneself after working out. 

Hoodie jacket with utility

A hoodie jacket is always good to invest in when choosing the right kind of protective wear over active apparel. These hoodies are not always worn in winter when manufactured using summer-friendly materials; these are great for summer.

Therefore, it is suggested to choose lightweight and breathable cotton fabric to cater to this need, and cropped sleeves would work as the icing on the cake.

Woman wearing hoodie jacket with utility

Coverage with a blouson

Do not forget to add some options featuring blouson as a protective layer for activewear. These are super light and comfortable to wear, offering significant coverage.

Blousons can be manufactured with satin, polyester, and parachute fabrics. Choosing brighter hues with a solid finish is always the best trend to follow when looking for the right choices for protective shells.

Coverage with a blouson


If you bring about the collection and pieces that go with the latest trends and focus on your prospective clients’ budget and comfort level, nobody can stop you from success.

This guide will help you draft your entire collection to gain more and more customers and thus make your sales graph reach a peak.

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