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4 Suppliers That Are Embracing the Agility of Supply Chains

The traditional supply chain model is antiquated and less responsive to unforeseen market changes. This blog will discuss how agile supply chains can help businesses adapt to change more quickly, and it will provide 4 examples of suppliers that have incorporated an agile approach.

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What is an agile supply chain?
Saier Garment
Hangzhou Cailian Technology
MLY Garment
Healy Apparel
The first step toward an agile supply chain

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What is an agile supply chain?

An agile supply chain is a logistics management strategy that allows businesses to respond quickly and efficiently to unexpected events, whether they be external or internal. Agile supply chains are characterized by an emphasis on flexibility, real-time data, and fast decision-making:

– Flexibility: Agile supply chains are flexible in how they approach projects and problems. They do not rely on rigid processes or procedures but instead empower employees and teams to handle problems proactively.

– Real-time and accurate data: The ability to collect accurate and complete data in real-time provides companies with immediate insight into supply and demand imbalances and removes the guesswork from decision making.

– Fast decision-making: Agile supply chains provide businesses with the ability to respond quickly and effectively at every level of their operations. This is achieved by continuously improving processes and removing barriers and bottlenecks.

Fast track your business in four steps

Implementing an agile supply chain begins with finding reliable suppliers who continually improve their processes and can respond quickly when disruptions occur. The following sections examine 4 wholesale suppliers that employ agile methods in their supply chain management.

Saier Garment

From their amazing quality to their fast turnaround time and excellent customer service, Saier Garment has become the go-to for all clothing needs. With over 14 years of experience, Saier Garment has perfected its production processes and logistics, allowing it to deliver samples in just 3 days and final products in a mere 7 days with MOQs as low as one unit.

Saier Garment offers a variety of logo styles, including embroidery, printing, and embossing. They can also create new styles that are both fashionable and functional based on sketches or just concepts, and customize orders accordingly. In the past years, they have been successfully launching numerous fashion styles that get great feedback from customers.

Their most popular style is the form-fitting sweatsuit for women, which is a great example of how they can design and manufacture clothing that looks and feels amazing on a variety of different body shapes. This sweatsuit is designed exclusively for women who want to be comfy in oversized gear without looking oversized. The pants are cut to give lounge vibes while accentuating and enhancing the feminine curves. The hoodie meanwhile cinches at the waist, giving a form-fitting and slimming look.

Another example is their women’s sweater dress. Knit with a classic sweater silhouette, this half-zip pullover blue dress is a surefire way to feel comfortable while looking stylish. It features a soft, lightweight knit and easy pullover styling that makes it easy to throw on and go. This sweater dress is perfect for an evening out or a cozy weekend at home.

Blue two-piece set of sweat pants and hoodie

Loose half-zip pullover plus size sweater dress

Hangzhou Cailian Technology

Hangzhou Cailian Technology Co., Ltd. is an excellent choice for startups and dropshippers looking for quick launch and zero inventory fulfillment options. This supplier provides a range of garment customization services, including digital printing, hot stamping, and embroidery for MOQs as low as one piece.

A large number of available designs and materials, along with the API interface, makes it possible for businesses and dropshippers to quickly source branded products for their online stores through one simple click. Moreover, their daily production capacity of 2,000 pieces coupled with an agile supply chain management system allows them to fulfill orders within 48-72 hours, making them an ideal partner for businesses needing a reliable and fast-turnaround supplier.

Besides their garment customization processes, they also have an extensive range of fabrics and patterns. Their products include polyester, cotton, and linen with more than 800 styles inspired by fast fashion. The best part about working with Cailian Technology is that they offer one-piece customization and incorporate new garment styles based on customer demand.

One example of Hangzhou’s garment products is the Hawaiian shirt, which is a great way to add an island vibe to men’s wardrobe. The shirt features a button-up front and subtle detailing at sleeve cuffs and hemline. This is perfect for a casual day at the beach or pool, or an evening out on the town. The basketball shorts are another iconic product in Hangzhou’s collection. They are designed with a wide elastic waistband, drawstring closure, and a mesh vent in the front for comfort and breathability.

Printed Hawaiian shirt with button-up front

Men’s polyester basketball short

MLY Garment

MLY Garment Co., Ltd. is a one-stop supplier of custom sportswear, swimwear, board shorts, and printed T-shirts. Their 2600-square meter factory is equipped with sublimation printing machines and laser cutting technology, making it one of the most modern textile finishing plants. They also have a team of experienced and skilled designers who can help clients create their unique style ideas and concepts from scratch.

The strength of MLY lies in its ability to provide small MOQ and flexible OEM services so that businesses and brands can bring their ideas to life without having to make large investments upfront. From initial samples through final delivery, they provide marketing advice based on the client’s brand needs to ensure that every design reflects the business identity.

With their trend-tracking design capabilities, they can help garment brands stay ahead of the curve in the fashion industry. And to top it off, they provide excellent fabrics that meet European and American certifications, making them a valuable asset to any brand that wants its clothing line to appeal internationally.

One of MLY’s hot-selling products is the ultimate yoga suit, which provides a full range of movement, light compression, and all-day comfort. The vest can be adjusted with a drawstring at the waist, so it will stay in place during workouts. Another best-seller is the men’s waterproof beach shorts. They are made of lightweight nylon fabric with a quick-drying and water-resistant finish, which makes them perfect for beach lovers.

Three women wearing yoga suits

Man wearing blue waterproof beach short

Healy Apparel

Guangzhou Healy Apparel Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007 and has grown to be one of the top suppliers of high-end sportswear across Europe, America, Australia, and Asia. Their design team and state-of-art production units enabled them to serve more than 3,000 sports clubs, schools, and groups.

Their designers have a powerful cultural and emotional background, as well as professional painting training and modeling experience; all of which help them focus on market trends while creating new products that are truly unique.

The skillful tailors at Healy Apparel make sure their garments fit perfectly and feel comfortable. They strongly believe that their mission is to keep creating new levels of products and experiences for all kinds of athletes, inspiring them to push themselves forward in their sports performances so they can evolve into even better versions.

Healy Apparel’s product catalog offers a wide selection of breathable youth soccer uniforms. They are designed with lightweight polyester, which allows for easy stretching during play. The club logo can be customized on the chest or back of the shirt. The sleeveless training shirt is another popular item among athletes and fitness enthusiasts. It features mesh polyester fabric that makes it breathable during those hot training days.

Three youth soccer jersey sets in red, blue, and white

Sleeveless training gym shirt for men

The first step toward an agile supply chain

Having an agile supply chain is a way for businesses to be more nimble and responsive to the changing and unpredictable market conditions. It is also a way for brands to respond quickly and keep pace with the ever-changing landscape of consumer tastes and preferences. Partnering with one of the 4 vendors highlighted in this article is the first step to getting started on the path toward having a more agile supply chain. Visit Alibaba.com’s blog center for more insights and market updates about logistics and trade.

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