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Your Guide to Perfume Packaging


There is a wide range of luxury products in the market, and perfume is no exception. Packaging for perfume must be practical, functional, and pleasant for the eyes, and getting this right can help your brand stand out.

This article will explore the latest varieties of perfume packaging in the market, and it will give an insight into each selection.

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Why is perfume packaging so important?
What are the choices for perfume caps?
What to look for when selecting perfume bottles and boxes?

Why is perfume packaging so important?

Good packaging can help your brand to stand out and be memorable for your customers. It is also the first thing they touch before spraying the perfume. Perfume is a luxury, and it makes people feel special by giving an exclusive feel. High-quality tasteful packaging will position the brand as high-end, and this will give you a higher chance of boosting sales.

What are the choices for perfume caps?

The European Aerosol Federation (FEA) set the technical standard of international neck sizes for perfume caps. The most popular sizes are FEA 13, FEA 15, FEA 18, and FEA 20. For example, FEA 15, means the cap inner diameter and the bottle outer neck diameter (i.e., the bottle neck finish) are both 15mm.


ABS perfume cap

ABS (Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) cap is very good for heat and water resistance, dimensional stability, and impact resistance of PC resin. It is generally opaque, light ivory, non-toxic, tasteless, and hard to break. ABS perfume caps can be customized in different colors or shapes. It is highly adaptable and it can be UV-treated and transfer printed as well.


Acrylic is also known as PMMA or plexiglass cap. It is high in transparency, chemical stability, and weather resistance. It is easy to process and has a beautiful appearance. It is very popular in the cosmetic industry. To decorate acrylic perfume caps, they can be sandblasted, silk screen printed, transfer printed, hot stamped, or laser engraved. They can also be printed and coated.


Wooden caps can either be real wood or assembled with PP. They can be painted with different colors, and shaped into squares, rectangles or cylinders. They can also come with a laser groove to make a brand logo or name. The wooden cap also gives the perfume the feeling of being natural, pure, and expensive.


PP perfume caps

The PP (polypropylene) cap is the best for alcohol resistance. It will not crack when exposed to perfume or alcohol. It also has the best heat resistance. It can tolerate temperatures of 80 to 100 degrees Celsius and can even be boiled in water. For decoration or treatment, UV, printing, and transfer printing are all good to go.


Aluminium perfume cap

Aluminum caps are a new trend and are getting very popular really quickly. This is because they are more environmentally friendly, and cost-saving while they have a high coating efficiency and wide application. For decoration, stamping, laser engraving, silk screen printing, hot stamping, and second oxidation are all possible.

What to look for when selecting perfume bottles and boxes?

Perfume bottles

Perfume bottles are generally in 4 neck sizes: FEA 13, FEA 15, FEA 18, and FEA 20. The most common capacities are 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml, especially because they can be hand carried in airplanes, making it easier to sell in duty-free shops within airport-restricted areas.

Glass perfume bottles

For the material of perfume bottles, there are mainly two types: glass bottles and plastic bottles. Glass bottles are environmentally friendly, and look more expensive, but are heavier in weight. Decoration for glass bottles can be frosting, coating, screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, hand polish, and fire polish.

Perfume dispensers

Plastic bottles are lighter in weight and good for samples and free gifts, as well as for travel-size perfume about 1-10ml. There are sample or gift-size glass bottles that can be used in order to fit different brands’ needs.

Glass perfume bottles in grenade shape
Glass perfume bottles in different shape

Perfume bottles are often round and rectangular in shape, however, there are many different designs and shapes in the market to catch customers’ eyes, for instance, the grenade shape. The design of perfume bottles can be seen as a piece of art, and can be as important as the fragrance inside the bottle. People may buy the perfume for the scent, but they may also buy it just to add the bottle to their collection.

Perfume boxes

Perfume boxes

Perfume boxes not only serve as extra protection for the perfume bottles but are also a significant part of the perfume packaging as they can give a different feel to the product if the design is right. As the box is the first thing your customer will touch right after the purchase, it leaves an impression on how precious and exclusive it is to have the perfume. The box design can also be alluring for people to buy, so high-quality paper boxes are highly recommended. They can be a traditional square or rectangular shape, but also round and cylinder shapes are a good option.

The most commonly used paper boxes for perfume are the tuck top, two piece, and crash lock bottom types. The logo printing can be embossing or debossing, hot foil stamping (gold and silver for a copper look), and UV printing for a glossy look. A lot can be done to decorate the perfume box, such as coating, and it can be glossy for a shiny look, matte to feel elegant, or stylish soft-touch.


The unboxing experience plays a crucial role in how the perfume is perceived. It should be something people are looking forward to and excited about. It is also a luxurious journey for the consumers that makes them feel special. To stand out from the other brands, it’s best to get custom packaging. There are many manufacturers on Alibaba.com who are happy to assist in choosing the right packaging combination for your perfume, and even design a unique bottle and box for your brand.

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