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5 Top Glass Packaging Trends To Follow


Glass packaging isn’t a new concept, but demand for it is on the rise thanks to sustainable packaging trends and businesses looking for new eco-friendly packaging alternatives. Demand for glass food jars, alcohol bottles, cosmetic jars, dropper bottles, and makeup packaging has all increased significantly in the past couple of years, and they are still very much on trend. 

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Where does glass packaging sit in the global market?
5 glass packaging trends
Will glass packaging maintain its popularity?

Where does glass packaging sit in the global market?

The glass packaging industry has seen an increase in its overall value in recent years, with factors such as the rising consumption of alcohol, demands for more sustainable packaging, and heavy use in the cosmetic industry playing a big role in the market’s growth. These demands are expected to grow over the next several years, as consumers become more eco-conscious. 

The global market value of the glass packaging industry reached USD 60.32 billion in 2019. This number is projected to reach USD 81.00 billion by 2027, with a CAGR of 3.95% over the 8-year forecast period. Glass is one of the most used materials in the packaging market today. It can easily be recycled and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals, which is why it’s a popular way to package food and drinks, and the food industry in particular is starting to use it more and more.

Glass bottles in different sizes used for liquids

5 glass packaging trends

Sustainability practices within businesses and changes in the lifestyles of consumers have marked a rise in the amount of glass being used. Glass packaging can be used for a number of purposes, but is currently in high demand for products such as food, drinks, cosmetics, medicines, and makeup. Here are the top trends to take into consideration when it comes to glass packaging. 

Glass alcohol bottles

Many types of alcohol come in glass bottles, and with an increase in consumption of alcohol thanks to larger disposable incomes, there’s also more of a demand for unique bottles. Alcohol bottles can also be purchased with no alcohol inside them for decorative purposes or to hold alcohol at a later time. The more eye-catching a bottle is, the more likely people are to buy it, so it’s the uniquely shaped bottles that are trending right now. 

These bottles can be reused as well, which is a big plus for consumers looking to be more eco-conscious and purchase less disposable packaging, and oftentimes they match perfectly with funky glass cups too. Glass alcohol bottles can be used as vases, quirky light displays, for decorative purposes, and so much more, which is why consumers aren’t concerned about paying a more premium price for them.

Three premium glass alcohol bottles with decorative lids

Food storage jars

Food storage jars are an easy and cost-effective way to store everything from jam to candy to pasta sauce. Compared to plastic containers, these glass jars have no harmful chemicals added to them, and they can be easily reused for other purposes beyond food. They come in a variety of sizes, from miniature glass jars that are used in the hospitality sector for preserves, to extra large jars that can hold large quantities of food.

Two mini glass jars with fresh homemade raspberry jam inside

Cosmetic jars

As well as being used as food storage jars, glass packaging carries over into the cosmetic sector too. Glass cosmetic jars are generally used for creams, and can be a great way to provide consumers with samples too. They’re also the ideal companion for people who travel a lot thanks to the smaller sizes available. With the secure lid, thick glass, and design used to help prevent breakage, this type of glass packaging is very effective in preventing product exposure and is the perfect style of cosmetic packaging.

Mini glass jars being used to hold creams for face

Dropper bottles

Glass bottles have been used to store medicines for centuries, so it’s no surprise that with the decline of single-use plastic among many companies, the pharmaceutical industry is turning back to glass. But this type of glass packaging can be used for more than just medicines.

Glass dropper bottles are gaining traction in the beauty industry, with more and more companies using them for perfumes, skincare, and nail polish. They’re even beginning to emerge within nutrition stores, as they make liquid vitamins and supplements easy to take for people who aren’t able to swallow pills. Dropper bottles may have started out in the world of medicine, but there are endless possibilities for them now.

Five black glass dropper bottles lying down on a table

Glass bottle with pump

Round skincare bottles are a popular choice among many cosmetics brands for products such as liquid foundation or moisturizer. The variety of different print and frosting available with this type of glass packaging makes it very appealing and easy to customize. As with food and beverages, the glass packaging makes it safe to use for makeup and other cosmetic products, and the glass jar can safely be recycled after use.

Glass makeup bottle with pump next to makeup brush

Will glass packaging maintain its popularity?

Glass packaging isn’t a new concept, but it’s being used for a wider variety of products than ever before. The glass packaging industry is seeing an increase in demand for products such as makeup bottles, food containers of all sizes, glass droppers, cosmetic jars, and more upscale alcohol bottles.

With new sustainable consumer demands, it’s expected that more products will be packaged using glass rather than plastic, which contains harmful chemicals. Glass packaging never went away, but its popularity is on the rise once more. 

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