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10 Top Christmas Clothing Picks for 2022


As the year draws to a close, many shoppers will be looking for Christmas-themed clothing to get them into the Christmas spirit or don to Christmas gatherings and parties. 

This article will look at the growing online holiday shopping trend and how businesses can capitalize on it. It will analyze the global Christmas apparel market, looking at the current market size, segment distribution, and projected growth. The article will then focus on top-trending Christmas clothing picks fashion retailers should consider for their 2022 catalogs.

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Capitalize on increasing online holiday retail sales
The global Christmas and decorated apparel markets
Top Christmas clothing picks to stock for 2022
Stock up on Christmas “cozy-wear”

Capitalize on increasing online holiday retail sales

The past few years have seen an up-trend in the revenue generated from holiday season e-commerce. This has been driven by increasing holiday retail sales that have taken place online. Statista’s year-on-year report shows that e-commerce holiday sales alone accounted for a staggering 20.6% of total e-commerce sales that took place between 2019 and 2021. 

In the U.S. market, consumers spent more than US$ 204 billion on online holiday shopping over the 2021 holiday season. The growing consumer preference for convenience is one of the key drivers for increased e-commerce sales over the holiday season.

Considering the trend toward online holiday shopping, retailers not only need to update their product catalogs with top-trending picks but also optimize their online stores and online marketing strategies to ensure that they are capitalizing on the projected growth.

The global Christmas and decorated apparel markets

When it comes to Christmas shopping, the top retail category as analyzed by the share of shoppers is the clothing and accessories category, which accounts for 77% of the share of holiday shoppers. In terms of spending, the clothing and accessories category also accounts for the highest share of total holiday spending at 22%.

Accenture’s 2022 holiday shopping survey projects that the apparel market will see increased spending compared to the previous years as 38% of consumers were expected to buy clothes over the holiday season. Younger consumers, particularly Gen Z and younger millennials, are driving spending in this category.

Christmas clothing and accessories are part of the decorated apparel market as most of the pieces use pattern printing, graphics, embroidery, and reflective finishes. The market size for the global decorated apparel market was estimated at US$ 23.06 billion in 2021. It is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.8% between 2022 and 2030, driving the market value to US$ 52.9 billion by 2028.  

Top Christmas clothing picks to stock for 2022

Women’s picks

1. Knitted sweater dress

Woman wearing white sweater dress

The knitted sweater dress is not only a cozy classic, but it is also highly on-trend, particularly for Christmas wardrobes. Ladies can don the dress in a wide variety of styles, from oversized pieces to more fitted, bodycon versions

The dress comes in a range of colors, but combinations of whites, blacks, greens, and reds are the most popular for the Christmas season. In terms of fabric patterns, women can opt for either the cable knit or fisherman’s knit versions. The dress can have season-themed reindeer, Christmas trees, or snowflake details.

Knitted jumper dresses are perfect for indoor or outdoor wear, and can be paired with comfy house shoes or knee-high boots to shield against the cold weather in style.

2. Christmas-themed Boho dress

Woman wearing a mini Boho dress

Retro is in this season, and vintage classics such as the Boho dress are making a comeback. Boho dresses give off a carefree style and offer fluid silhouettes. While they traditionally come in earthy color palettes, the Christmas versions can come in Christmas-inspired colors, such as red and white. 

Ladies can choose from relaxed maxis to free-flowing minis and midis. Popular patterns include paisley prints, patchwork, and micro florals, but these can be given a Christmas twist.

Design details like voluminous sleeves, tassels, and tiered skirts add even more character to the dress.

Men’s picks

3. Christmas hoodie

Rad tees tshirt and hoodie sweatshirt christmas

Christmas hoodies are an integral part of Christmas clothing because they enable people to keep warm while spreading the Christmas cheer. They work well as both indoor and outdoor wear, making them the go-to fashion for a lot of men during the holiday season.

In terms of fabric, there is a wide variety of options, from ultra-soft fleece to durable cotton and polyester blends. Hoodies are one of the most popular all-over print clothing options. Christmas hoodies can feature customized Christmas designs, from memes and funny slogans to “ugly” Christmas graphics.

4. Christmas T-shirt

Man wearing a Christmas T-shirt

Christmas T-shirts are the perfect way to remain comfortable while being festive. They are popular because they are casual and loose-fitting, allowing for all-day wear.

Christmas T-shirts are not your average shirt—consumers tend to look for eye-catching graphics in bold, Christmas-inspired colors such as red and green. T-shirts also allow for all-over printing, making them an ideal product for customization. 

The designs can have rounded crew necklines or V-necks. As the T-shirts will be targeted for winter wear, it is a great idea to stock both short and long-sleeve versions as they make great layering pieces. Going for unisex sizing will allow retailers to tap into a wider customer base.

Kids’ picks

5. Christmas pajama set

Family wearing matching Christmas pajama sets

Christmas pajama sets are popular for the night before Christmas and the morning of Boxing Day because they are not only cute and cozy but perfect for taking holiday photos. 

Children can choose Christmas pajama sets in a variety of fun and colorful holiday prints, including snowmen, Santa, and reindeer graphics. For something cozier, they can go for plaid flannel, cotton jersey, or fleece fabrics.

It is particularly on-trend to coordinate the entire family’s pajamas with matching family pajama sets, making for a perfect and memorable Christmas photo. Stocking gender-neutral options is also a great idea for expanding the business’s customer base.

6. Christmas frock

Young girl wearing a Christmas frock

The Christmas holidays are usually accompanied by family gatherings and a Christmas dinner. Christmas frocks are Christmas-inspired occasion wear that children can dress up in while expressing the festive spirit.

There are several style options available, from fun dresses with tulle skirts and sequin details to elegant princess-style frocks. Plaid and polka dot frocks with reindeer or Santa graphics or embroidery are also popular. The dresses can easily be paired with bright-colored leggings and festive hair bows.

Costume picks

7. Bodycon party dress

Woman wearing a form-fitting red party dress

Christmas party dresses are must-haves for people looking to have some fun out during the holidays. Whether it is for an office Christmas party or a weekend out with friends, the bodycon party dress’s form-fitting silhouette will add a sexy flair to festive wear. 

To stand out even more, shoppers can go for dazzling sequins, Santa-inspired plush faux fur necklines and collars, mini tassel dresses, or shimmering satin numbers.

8. Christmas cosplay set

Woman wearing a Christmas cosplay set

Christmas cosplay sets take Christmas wear to another level. They allow wearers to go in character in their favorite Christmas-inspired theme or character, whether it is Santa, elves, the Grinch, snowmen, or reindeer. 

The cosplay set can come with a matching top and skirt, top and bottoms, or a dress and Christmas hat. The most popular styles feature faux fur trims for the top neckline and skirt hems. Because of its association with Santa’s costume, velvet is a popular fabric choice for both pieces. 

Accessory picks

9. Christmas socks gift set

Gift set with colorful socks

Holiday-inspired socks are a popular gifting option for Christmas. This is true for gifting to others as well as self-gifting. Christmas socks gift sets come in a wide range of styles, typically wrapped in beautiful Christmas-themed packaging.

Shoppers can go for sets with a different style for each day of the week, animal designs, or matching sets for the entire family. To stay even cozier, they can also opt for knee-high lengths or socks made from thick fabrics such as fleece

10. Christmas stockings

Set of Christmas stockings hanging over a fireplace

Christmas stockings are a Christmas staple that is used for decoration and are most commonly seen hanging over the fireplace. 

There are a range of styles and fabrics to choose from, including knitted fabric, classic velvet, plush fleece, and cozy wool. A new trend to consider is minimalist styles in neutral tones such as white, cream, and beige.

Stock up on Christmas “cozy-wear”

With the clothing and accessories category being the top retail category for holiday shopping, this Christmas season presents an opportunity for fashion retailers to capitalize on holiday spending. 

As you stock up on your Christmas catalog, consider the following top Christmas clothing picks for 2022:

  1. Knitted sweater dresses
  2. Christmas-themed Boho dresses
  3. Christmas hoodies
  4. Christmas T-shirts
  5. Christmas pajama sets
  6. Christmas frocks
  7. Bodycon party dresses
  8. Christmas cosplay sets
  9. Christmas socks gift sets
  10. Christmas stockings

Discover the top holiday season e-commerce opportunities available to retailers here.

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