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10 Types of Strength Training Equipment You Should Stock

A dumbbell set and an exercise mat on the floor

Strength training is one of the most effective full-body workouts. It engages multiple muscle groups to develop strength, endurance, and functional fitness. 

However, the choice of strength training equipment is crucial, as it determines the effectiveness of a workout routine. For instance, resistance bands will suit beginners more than heavy barbells, and vice versa.

For sellers in the fitness niche, it is important to understand the needs and preferences of today’s fitness enthusiasts. This helps one determine the types of equipment that best suits one’s audience. Ideally, the more diverse one’s inventory, the broader the clientele, and the more sales one can make. 

This blog post will explore 10 strength training equipment options every seller should stock and why. 

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Strength training equipment market landscape
10 types of strength training equipment you should stock

Strength training equipment market landscape

Strength training equipment has maintained a high market value over the years. For instance, the resistance bands market, a major segment of the strength training equipment market, was valued at US$ 677.26 million in 2022. This market is projected to reach US$ 881.28 million by 2028, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from 2022 to 2028. This shows an impressive market potential that businesses can bank on.

Several factors are behind this increasing market growth. For example, people are continually growing aware of self-fitness and the importance of strength training. This has been due to the upsurge in lifestyle-related diseases like obesity. In an effort to curb these issues, people are turning to strength training as a proactive and efficient solution. This has ultimately led to an increase in the demand for strength training equipment. 

Healthcare providers and sports trainers are also shifting to strength training. These exercises lead to strong bones and joint flexibility, which are crucial for patients and athletes. This shift in focus has also significantly propelled the demand for diverse strength training equipment.

10 types of strength training equipment you should stock

Dumbbell sets

A woman working out with a dumbbell set

Dumbbell sets are a simple yet highly effective piece of strength training equipment. They come in different weights, from a few pounds to over a hundred pounds. On top of this, they are versatile, and their design allows for a range of natural body movements. For instance, users can perform arm curls, shoulder presses, and lunges. In addition, they’re compact, making them suitable for both home gyms and professional fitness facilities. 

The popularity of dumbbell sets is undeniable. According to Google Ads, their average global monthly searches in the past year increased by 7.83%, averaging 246,000 searches each month. As a seller, having them on your shelves would be a wise business move. 

Power racks

A yellow power rack in an exercise room

Power racks feature strong frames, adjustable safety bars, and catch pins. These features allow users to set preferred lifting ranges while offering a safety net in case of fatigue. Some power rack models have integrated pull-up bars for upper body workouts through pull-ups and hanging leg raises. 

Google Ads data reveals the average monthly searches for power racks in the past year increased by 7.83%. This demonstrates consistent and growing demand for this piece of strength training equipment, and sellers can capitalize on this trend to increase sales. 

Kettlebell variety pack

A black kettlebell variety pack on the floor

Kettlebells have a unique appearance featuring a handle attached to a solid, rounded weight. The best way to use the kettlebells is to hold the handle with two hands and swing the weight up and down in controlled motions. This activity works multiple muscles thanks to their off-center weight distribution. This makes them quite popular among CrossFit enthusiasts and functional fitness practitioners. 

According to Google Ads data, kettlebells’ average monthly searches in the past year increased by 7.3%. Consequently, stocking them will allow you to tap into an established and growing customer base. 

Olympic barbell and weight plate bundle

A barbell and weight plates in use

The Olympic barbell and weight plate bundle set is the backbone of intense strength training. Its robust construction makes it perfect for powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, and compound exercises. In addition, the plates come in different weights and sizes to suit different user preferences. 

The popularity of Olympic barbells and weight plates cannot be overlooked. Google Ads data reveals that their average monthly searches increased by 7.83% in the past year. Similar searches for weight plates within the same period increased by 8%. For businesses, stocking them will not only increase sales but also broaden your customer base. 

Resistance band kits

A couple training with resistance bands

Resistance bands appear like elastic ropes or tubes that utilize resistance to engage different muscle groups. They’re versatile, as the user can choose from a variety of resistance levels within a single kit. 

There are various ways to operate resistance bands. For instance, users can anchor them to a fixed point for exercises like chest presses. Alternatively, they can be looped around a firm structure for effective leg workouts. This piece of equipment is perfect for people seeking a low-impact exercise option.

The increasing popularity of resistance bands is supported by Google Ads’ data, which shows an average monthly search of 301,000 in the past 12 months. This represents a 7.67% increase from the previous year. As a seller, this is your chance to tap into a growing market segment. 

Adjustable bench

A man lifting dumbbells next to an adjustable bench

An adjustable bench appears like a typical bench, except for its adjustable nature. This feature allows users to modify the bench angle through inclines and declines. Adjustable benches are the cornerstone of most workouts, including barbell chest presses, dumbbell rows, and seated shoulder presses. 

Adjustable benches are very popular, particularly in a gym setting. According to Google Ads, their average monthly searches in the past year increased by 7.83%. From a business standpoint, having adjustable benches in stock is highly advantageous. They are a key selling point for customers looking to outfit a home gym or for commercial gyms that provide diverse workout options. 

Medicine ball assortment

A couple working out with medicine balls

Medicine balls are made of different materials, including rubber and leather. Rubber medicine balls are the most versatile, as they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. On the other hand, leather medicine balls are the most durable but are less common. Medicine balls are perfect for those seeking dynamic and challenging workouts.

According to Google Ads, the average monthly searches for medicine balls in the past year increased by 7.75%. As a business owner, offering a diverse selection of these balls will help you to attract a diverse clientele, from those seeking dynamic, full-body workouts to athletes focusing on sport-specific training.

Suspension trainer system

A woman working out using a suspension trainer system

A suspension trainer system allows users to leverage their body weight for resistance. Unlike resistance bands, suspension trainers have adjustable straps for users to customize their workouts to their preferred fitness levels. This makes them perfect for newbies and professionals who prioritize functional fitness.

Google Ads data shows that in the past year, there was an 8.08% increase in the average monthly searches for suspension training systems. This data reflects their growing acceptance in both home and commercial gyms. Stocking them can help you appeal to a wide range of users, from those setting up home gyms to fitness enthusiasts prioritizing functional fitness.

Cable machine with attachments

A man using a cable pulley pullover machine

Cable machines feature a cable and pulley system with various attachments. The machines come in different types, but pulley pullover, row, and cable crossover machines are the most common. The pulley system available in each of these machines allows for different motions depending on the muscle the user intends to target. Cable machines are popular in gyms and fitness facilities with dedicated strength training areas.

According to Google Ads, the average monthly searches for cable machines in the past year increased by 7.67%. Similar searches for cable machine attachments within the same period increased by 7.83%. This reliable customer base is an opportunity for sellers to tap into a thriving market.

Pull-up bar station

A man and woman using a pull-up bar station

Pull-up bar stations feature a firm horizontal bar where users work their upper bodies by pulling themselves upward and downward. The upward and downward movement works the back, arms, and core muscles. Some models have pads on the horizontal bars to prevent pressure sores and offer a firm grip. 

The popularity of pull-up bar stations is quite impressive. According to Google Ads, the average monthly searches for pull-up bars in the past year was 301,000, a 7.83% increase from the previous year. This growing demand suggests a market opportunity for sellers targeting a wide range of clients, from casual fitness enthusiasts to dedicated athletes. 


Different people have different strength training needs and fitness goals. The strength training equipment above showcases how each piece serves a distinct purpose in meeting these diverse needs.

As a seller, you must understand your clientele and stock accordingly. Offer a diverse selection to ensure every customer finds an equipment that best suits their needs. This way, you’ll not only increase sales but also have a loyal customer base. Luckily Alibaba.com provides you with the perfect platform to keep up with different customer needs, and you can access different types of equipment to stock. 

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