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2024 Knitwear Forecast: A Fresh Spin on Men’s Spring/Summer Styles


In the dynamic world of men’s fashion, knitwear remains a cornerstone, evolving with each season’s changing trends. Spring/Summer 2024 ushers in a new era for men’s knitwear, marked by innovative designs and a fresh take on classic styles. This season, the focus is on versatile pieces that blend comfort with a touch of elegance, catering to the modern man’s diverse lifestyle. From the resurgence of the V-neck to the renewed popularity of the cardigan, each style reflects a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics. This article delves into the key knitwear trends for Spring/Summer 2024, offering insights for retailers looking to stay ahead in the fashion industry.

Table of Contents
1. Crew neck evolution
2. The rise of the summer V-neck
3. Knitted polo: bridging the smart/casual divide
4. Roll-neck: a versatile layering piece
5. The cardigan’s new fashion stature
6. Final thoughts

Crew neck evolution

the crew neck

The crew neck, a staple in men’s knitwear, is undergoing a significant transformation for Spring/Summer 2024. This season, oversized and relaxed fits are taking center stage, infused with elevated detailing that adds a sophisticated touch to the classic crew neck silhouette. Designers are experimenting with unexpected elements such as unique fashioning in specific areas, adding a modern twist to traditional styles. Additionally, the color palette is being refreshed with vibrant and dopamine-inducing brights, offering a lively contrast to the usual hues. These design changes are not just about aesthetics; they also incorporate airy stitch constructions like piqué and waffle textures, providing both style and comfort.

Sustainability is another key focus in the evolution of the crew neck. The use of rustic, undyed yarns is gaining popularity, aligning with the Elemental Elegance trend that emphasizes natural and eco-friendly materials. This approach not only appeals to the environmentally conscious consumer but also brings a raw, authentic quality to the garments. Micro surface-textures are being explored to add subtle yet impactful details, reinforcing the crew neck’s position as a Collection Essential. These innovations in design and materials are setting a new standard for crew necks in men’s fashion, offering a blend of classic comfort and contemporary style.

The rise of the summer V-neck

the V-neck sweater

In Spring/Summer 2024, the V-neck sweater is reimagined, driven by the NewPrep and Clubhouse trends that emphasize deep necklines and graphic trims. This evolution represents a shift towards more rustic styles that embody a timeless aesthetic, aligning with a growing preference for classic iterations with subtle surface interest. The focus is on undyed yarns in fibers like linen, organic cotton, and hemp, which are not only environmentally friendly but also enhance the garment’s natural texture. These materials are being utilized in plain, slub Marl, and bouclé constructions, showcasing the inherent beauty and texture of the yarns. The choice of these natural fibers, highlighted in the Protect & Connect and SenseScapes trends, speaks to a broader industry movement towards sustainability and conscious fashion.

The design details of the summer V-neck are equally noteworthy. Key features include deep necklines overlapped with neck trim, graphic wide trims, and marl yarns, offering a fresh and contemporary look. The inclusion of two-tone folded-over collars and drawstring details adds a modern touch to the classic V-neck, while subtle textures provide a discreet yet impactful aesthetic. Brands such as Auralee and Brunello Cucinelli are at the forefront of this trend, showcasing how traditional elements can be reinterpreted to create something new and relevant for today’s fashion-conscious consumer. This approach not only respects the heritage of menswear but also pushes the boundaries of design, offering a fresh perspective on a classic item.

Knitted polo: bridging the smart/casual divide

the knitted polo

The knitted polo is a key player in the Spring/Summer 2024 men’s knitwear collection, striking a balance between smart and casual wear. Highlighted on numerous catwalks, its importance is underscored by updates in stitch designs like mock ribs and openwork mesh structures. These elements contribute to creating discreet, classic styles that are ideal for resort and vacation wear. The open collar, a defining feature, takes on a summer-ready appearance with tipped bicolour looks. Additionally, snap fasteners are emerging as a fresh detail, nodding to retro styles and adding a modern twist to the traditional polo.

In terms of material and finish, there’s a move towards more luxurious elements. Elevated satin finishes and sheeny yarns bring a new dimension to the knitted polo, crafted in certified cellulosics or mercerised cotton blends. These materials not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also cater to the consumer’s growing demand for quality and sustainability. The inclusion of sportif zips and soft shine elements reflects a blend of comfort and style, making the knitted polo a versatile choice for the contemporary man. This approach aligns with the broader fashion trend of smart leisurewear, offering both functionality and elegance in men’s knitwear.

Roll-neck: a versatile layering piece

the roll-neck sweater

The roll-neck sweater continues its role as a versatile layering piece in Spring/Summer 2024, adapting effortlessly across both business casual and sportif styles. This season, the focus is on smart, elevated designs that emphasize minimalism and functionality. Key features include fuss-free zip trims and streamlined ribs, crafted in fine-gauge worsted and combed yarns. These elements ensure a sleek and refined appearance, suitable for various occasions from office wear to casual outings. The value placed on simplicity and versatility reflects the growing consumer preference for timeless, long-lasting fashion pieces.

In addition to style, comfort and performance are paramount. The industry is seeing a shift towards sustainable performance yarns, with features like moisture management and next-to-skin comfort gaining importance. Thermoregulating, antibacterial, and washable RWS merino are some of the preferred choices, catering to the needs of the environmentally conscious and style-savvy consumer. This combination of practicality, sustainability, and style positions the roll-neck as a key item in the modern man’s wardrobe, capable of bridging the gap between professional attire and leisure wear.

The cardigan’s new fashion stature

the cardigan

The cardigan, traditionally a comfort-led garment, is gaining new traction as a key fashion item in men’s wardrobes for Spring/Summer 2024. This resurgence is marked by a focus on versatile core colors and a preference for slouchy, elevated styles, as seen in the return of the shawl collar. The development of rib stitches, ranging from pared-back 2×2 rib structures to engineered compositions, plays a crucial role in maintaining the classic feel of the cardigan while infusing modernity. This trend is further amplified by the Clubhouse trend, which brings colorful striped trims and restrained color-blocking in line with the SmartenUp direction. The reinvention of the cardigan reflects a broader movement towards pieces that blend timeless style with contemporary fashion sensibilities.

Market data indicates a varied reception in different regions. Fashion experts classify the cardigan as a Sustained Riser in the UK market, showing steady growth through 2020-21 and projected growth into S/S 24. In contrast, the US market views the cardigan trend as having reached maturity, with a forecast of plateauing demand. This divergence highlights the importance of regional market insights for retailers, as they navigate the evolving preferences and trends in men’s knitwear. The cardigan’s evolution from a wardrobe staple to a fashion-forward item underscores its versatility and enduring appeal in the global fashion landscape.

Final thoughts

As we look ahead to Spring/Summer 2024, the evolution of men’s knitwear is clearly marked by a blend of innovation, sustainability, and a nod to classic styles. The reimagining of staples like the crew neck, V-neck, knitted polo, roll-neck, and cardigan reflects a deeper understanding of the modern man’s needs – versatility, comfort, and a sustainable fashion footprint. These trends, varying in their reception across different markets, underscore the importance of regional insights for retailers aiming to meet the evolving demands of the fashion-conscious consumer. The resurgence of familiar styles with fresh, sustainable materials and details showcases the industry’s commitment to blending tradition with modernity. In conclusion, the Spring/Summer 2024 season is set to redefine men’s knitwear, offering new opportunities for retailers to enrich their collections with garments that are both timeless and in tune with contemporary trends.

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