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5 Jaw-dropping Trends for Babies & Toddlers in Spring/Summer 2023


The heat is increasing, and parents are moving to the great outdoors to have picnics or other family events with their kids. These consumers want their babies and toddlers to look great while staying cool on a hot sunny day.

Family travels are also on the rise, and consumers are prioritizing items that work across sleep, beach time, play, and travel.

This article looks at five noteworthy trends for businesses to provide irresistible offers for parents looking to spend time under the sun in S/S 2023.

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An overview of the baby and toddler apparel market
5 outstanding trends for babies and toddlers in 2023
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An overview of the baby and toddler apparel market

The global baby and toddler market is expected to grow from its $62.04 billion value in 2019 to $82.54 billion by 2027. As the market expands, experts expect to industry to show a 4.2% CAGR over the forecast period.

Fashion trends are evolving to include babies and toddlers. Social media also play a large role in influencing the children’s apparel market. More parents want their kids to look trendy but also feel comfortable, thus driving the growth of the baby and toddler industry. 

One more factor attributable to this market’s growth is the rising demand for sustainable and recyclable baby and toddler fashion items.

Woven shirt

Little boy smiling with a green woven shirt

The woven shirt is a heaven-made piece that works across different seasons. In addition to being versatile, these wardrobe staples are also comfortable. And they can make fabulous baby and toddler outfits.

Parents choose between fitted for boys and loose & flowy for girls. Woven shirts swap wool for more light and breezy cotton. Parents can rest assured their babies are getting enough air circulation without feeling stifled.

Consumers should consider choosing pieces with lighter colors. They tend to reflect light more during summer/spring, making them a great option to keep toddlers cool. Parents should also avoid long-sleeved woven shirts and opt for short-sleeved variants.

Baby walking away with a black long-sleeve woven shirt

Short-sleeved woven shirts are better choices to keep a child comfortable on hot sunny days. Parents can also experiment with different styles to make their kids look trendy.

Woven shirts are versatile pieces that can match any item thrown at them. Consider pairing a woven shirt with denim pants to make toddlers look cute and dapper.

These pieces also look wonderful as matching sets. Consumers can dress them up with matching woven shorts for a more uniform aesthetic. An oversized silhouette can make any child look adorable, and parents can leverage it with a large woven shirt.

Woven pants

Toddler standing with woven pants and a printed tee

Woven pants are just as outstanding as their shirt counterparts. These casual bottoms draw inspiration from pajama dressing and offer toddlers incredibly comfortable pants.

These pieces feature classic shapes with roomy cuts for added comfort. Parents don’t have to worry about tight fits because woven pants provide elastic, covered waistbands for perfect closure.

Some woven pant variants feature structural pleats that give them a more refined look. Woven pants can also provide snap-up cuffs that wearers can adjust to extend wear time. Parents can easily change woven pants from shorts to mid-length styles sitting between trousers and shorts.

Boy holding plastic cup with green woven shorts

Woven pants form great pairs with woven shirts. But they’re also fantastic standalone pieces. Parents can dress up their kids in plain T-shirts and woven pants.

Girls can enjoy more coverage with long woven pants. Parents can pair the piece with a matching jacket and strap singlets. Regarding design, consumers can choose plaid styles or opt for patterns.

Printed tee

Smiling child rocking a printed shirt

Nothing makes a statement like printed tees. These pieces can come in patterns or prints that make printed tees feel bold. One popular style for the baby/toddler market is the checkerboard pattern.

The toddler-friendly style moves away from sporty and bold combinations and nods towards soothing & soft pastels. Desert tropics are other classic styles that are incredibly trans-seasonal. Printed tees can be oversized, crop tops, or sleeveless.

Although printed tees won’t work for formal events, they’re fantastic casual attire for kids. But that won’t stop parents from dressing up their babies in printed tees, blazers, and jeans. The combo would elevate the laid-back feel of the printed tee, making the outfit perfect for a family night out.

Printed tees can create some eye-catching color contrasts depending on the consumer’s preferences. Consider matchings some striped printed tees with dark-colored cargo shorts. 

Man looking at toddler wearing a stripped printed tee

Parents can also opt for a classic retro look by layering a graphic tee under a leather jacket for cooler summer evenings. Throw in some jeans to complete the outfit.

Printed tees and denim are a heaven-made combo. Consumers can give their kids a rock ‘n’ roll aesthetic by opting for a denim-on-denim ensemble with printed tees.

Oversized printed tees can make some impressive outfits for summer days. They’re comfortable and breathable enough to make kids feel relaxed. Oversized printed tees also have limitless styling opportunities. Consider pairing them with biker shorts or leggings for a chic outfit.

Consumers can pull off an effortless tucked-in look, depending on the pants or skirts they prefer. They’ll make toddlers look smart or chic.

Bubble romper

Baby raising hand in a romper

Styling a baby is all about comfort and good looks. These young consumers don’t have power over what they wear. It’s up to the parents to decide the best outfits for their toddlers. One staple that combines comfort and style for babies is the romper.

The baby romper is the ultimate baby comfort item. Usually, it features buttons and can make any child look stylish. However, this classic item also receives an update in the form of the bubble romper. 

The bubble romper uses breathable and lightweight materials to ensure the piece stays comfortable. This item also offers elastic waists or drawcords for more relaxed fits.

Consumers who want a cute look for their kids can opt for organic cotton bubble rompers. The piece is soft to the touch and features lovable buttons. Babies can feel safe and comfortable in this ensemble’s organic fabric.

Baby wearing a white romper

Babies can flex some graphics on their bubble rompers. Consider opting for prints or embroidery designs to sweeten a child’s cuteness. Parents can choose a piece with a monochrome style or experiment with different colors.

Cute is not the only thing rompers can do. The ensemble also makes toddlers look fashionable.  Toddlers can rock a simple romper with cool text. The text could be “Mummy’s Boy” or “Little bro.” Whatever the choice, it should contribute to the outfit’s simplicity and not make things extra. 

Sweater shorts

Boy smiling with paneled sweater shorts and matching hoodie

Knitwear continues to expand its influence as it also becomes a staple in children’s fashion. Sweater shorts are particularly transitional pieces offering the comfort and style of sweatpants. No doubt, babies look adorable in shorts. These pieces are durable and provide maximum movement, allowing babies to play without damaging the shorts.

Parents can have fun with multi-print designs on sweater shorts. Stripes, florals, and checks are other patterns that make sweater shorts feel even more gorgeous. Babies can also enjoy color contrasts or solid colors for a more fashionable approach.

Woman holding baby wearing sweater shorts

Gender-inclusive sweater shorts with suspenders appeal to consumers who prioritize movement and comfort. Babies can move around in this item without their pants falling off. It also comes in different styles and patterns that highlight the wearer’s adorability.

Sweater shorts with braces are alternative styles to make any baby look simply amazing. This trendy piece matches well with a printed tee or button-down shirt for a summer laid-back look.

In conclusion

Babies are ready to look trendy as more fashion updates take the center stage. Parents are gravitating toward baby apparel with eco-friendly materials with comfort in mind.

Offering more personalization to pieces like baby rompers and printed tees would add extra value. Sweater shorts are classics that can make any baby look relaxed. Woven shirts and pants make an amazing duo, but parents can also use them as individual items.

Businesses must consider stocking up on these trends to attract consumers willing to spend some time under the sun in S/S 2023.

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