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4 Fresh Blokecore Trends With Positive Jersey Vibes


Blokecore is an exciting TikTok trend that’s blowing up the fashion world. The style involves rocking vintage football jerseys over jeans/shorts for a laid-back yet cool aura. 

Although blokecore hit the catwalk a decade ago, its recent comeback has attracted a lot of attention from football fans and fashion enthusiasts, especially on the social media giant, TikTok.

Luckily, businesses can amass a mouth-watering profit by adding these soccer-centered trendy fashion pieces to their catalogs. This article will explore the four popular blokecore trends that will boost sales this coming season.

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How the blokecore trends gained popularity
Four popular blokecore trends with football-inspired styles
Summing up

How the blokecore trends gained popularity

Men playing football in jersey and shorts

Brandon Huntley from North Carolina seems to be the king/founder of blokecore. Despite being a common fashion sense among British football fans, it only became an internet fad after one of his friends commented “bloke” under a video showcasing his outfits. 

Brandon combined his craving for football with his love for vintage tees, football tops, and bootcut jeans to style most of his outfits. This comment, along with his sporty-casual look obsession gave birth to the blokecore trend.

Now, the blokecore trend bandwagon keeps experiencing explosive growth, even in the eyes of Gen Z consumers. Interestingly, the #blokecore hashtag on TikTok amassed over 40 million views as youngsters all over the world rock this cool, sporty look. Some big fashion brands have even teamed up with top football teams as football shirts continue invading the fashion sphere.

In addition, the blokecore trend rides on the immense global popularity of football/soccer. Asides from making a fashion statement, soccer fans see it as a form of loyalty to their favorite clubs. The best part is that fashion retailers can leverage this trend’s potential and watch sales and profits shoot through the roof.

Four popular blokecore trends with football-inspired styles

Football jerseys

Guy wearing a white football jersey

Football jerseys are one of the most popular types of sports apparel in the world due to their simplicity and great looks. Interestingly, professional athletes are not the only consumers that rock this trendy piece. Youth teams and casual fans are also potential buyers. 

Fans are always on the hunt for new and better jerseys to support their favorite teams. Hence, businesses can offer amazing football jersey designs and styles to help consumers get behind their favorite players and cheer them on from afar. Plus, they make them feel like part of the action at home.

No doubt, football jerseys are incredibly profitable. According to statistics, consumers bought over 13 million jerseys in 2021, and the sales keep increasing. 

Football jerseys come in various materials like leather, cotton, and polyester. Manufacturers often use polyester or nylon for high-quality jerseys, while cotton blend jerseys are much more comfortable and last longer.

Also, football jerseys come in different sizes and colors, with the most popular being white, red, blue, yellow, and black. These shirts make great pairs of baggy jeans and football shorts. Consumers can rock the combo for the ideal blokecore look. 

Brands can opt for customizable options to maximize profit and offer a more personalized product selection.

Football shorts

Two soccer players wearing shorts

Football shorts offer the best of comfort and performance. They are an excellent choice for activewear because they protect against injuries from dirt or sweat. Although they work excellently for other physical activities like marathons or triathlons, consumers may wear them as accessories outside of sports too. 

Manufacturers make these shorts from various materials, including cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, and even leather! But the choice often depends on material thickness, how comfortable it feels on the skin, and weather conditions.

Businesses can offer football shorts in different colors and sizes. Some variants have elastic waistbands that make them easier to wear, while others feature drawstrings that hold them in place. Consumers can rock them with t-shirts and tank tops for an on-trend blokecore look. Alternatively, they can wear them as undergarments. Regardless of style, football shorts are staple items businesses can leverage for profit.

A person rocking black football shorts and tees

Baggy jeans

Woman wearing blue baggy jeans trousers

The worldwide denim jeans market is anticipated to reach a value of USD 152 billion by 2032, showing a CAGR of 4%. Baggy jeans are the ultimate comfort items, and consumers love them. 

Consumers looking to add variety to their wardrobes can’t go wrong with baggy jeans. Although they are more popular with women, these pants exude an incredible unisex appeal.

Baggy jeans come in all sorts of styles and colors, including straight-leg, boyfriend, and low-rise baggy jeans—each with a unique look and feel. 

For instance, straight-leg jeans have a tight fit around the thigh with the rest of the pant leg being loose and baggy. 

Boyfriend jeans have a similar style to straight-leg jeans but with an added flare at the ankle for a more casual look. Consumers may prefer them in stretchy cotton fabric for easy movement and flexibility. The fabric also helps the piece maintain its shape through repeated wear.

Low-rise jeans have a higher waistline but less material overall than regular jeans. Other fabrics popular with these pants include denim and polyester. Sellers can offer these staple pieces with football jerseys for an irresistible pair.

Bootcut jeans

A lady wearing dark blue bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans have been around for years and are reemerging as a top trend due to their elegance and comfort. These jeans feature straight-cut hems and wide legs, which exude a style that matches perfectly with a jersey or t-shirt. 

Bootcut jeans can come in many styles, including distressed or distressed wash. They may also showcase whisker or crease details, zip fly, and button-through constructions.

Businesses may offer bootcut jeans in a classic fit style. They’re roomier than other variants and feel more soft and comfortable. Alternatively, skinny-fit bootcut jeans are slightly shorter than regular length but still comfortable enough for daily wear.

Relaxed-fit jeans have cuts on the lower calf, which opposes regular-length jeans. However, these variants relax into curves at the knee before easing into the wide-leg territory at the ankle.

Bootcut jeans are versatile and comfortable, making them a great choice for effortless styling.

Summing up

Sporty trends never seem to go out of style, and with the blokecore at its peak, businesses can capitalize on its popularity for sustainable sales.

Football jerseys and shorts offer an incredible combo that’s sure to attract buyers, but also work excellently as individual units. Baggy jeans and boot jeans also nod heavily into this trend and are incredibly stylish.

These are the four key trends businesses can leverage for a complete blokecore catalog update.

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