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24 Irresistible Headband Trends Making Waves in 2023


Headbands are incredibly versatile items that help wearers secure their hair in various styles. Although it sounds basic, these accessories have different types that combine attractiveness and functionality. 

Interestingly, headbands have been around for some time, but they haven’t lost their touch and popularity. This article highlights twenty-four headband trends with high appeal.

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Overview of the global headband market
24 headbands consumers will love in 2023
Rounding up

Overview of the global headband market

The global headband market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% from US $2.9 billion in 2017 to US $3.8 billion by 2030. This market’s expansion can be attributed to the rising demand for children’s and women’s headwear, as well as its increasing popularity among social media users. 

This impressive estimate shows how profitable it is for retailers who wish to enter the trending market.

24 headbands consumers will love in 2023

1. Toothed headbands

These cool headbands have small, closely spaced teeth inside the band that help to grip and hold the headband in place, especially during physical activities. 

Retailers can find toothed headbands made from flexible materials, like rubber or silicone. Interestingly, this flexibility allows the item to conform to the wearer’s head shape and create a wavy pattern on the hair, making it look fabulous.

2. Scarf headbands

Lady wearing a scarf headband

As the name implies, scarf headbands feature scarf materials or other similar fabrics. These adjustable headbands can wrap around a consumer’s head perfectly. Wearers may choose to tie a knot for extra hand-crafted beauty. 

But that’s not all. Consumers can also fold scarf headbands into narrow strips to replicate the classic headband effect. These accessories are adaptable and will match various wardrobe staples without feeling out of place.

3. Velvet headbands

These classy headbands feature soft and plush velvet fabric. For this reason, velvet headbands have distinctive textures that make them highly appealing. 

More importantly, consumers can rock velvet headbands with various hairstyles and outfits. Women often use them to add a touch of elegance to a look or make it feel more sophisticated.

4. Alice headbands

Popularized by the character in “Alice in Wonderland”, this horseshoe-shaped accessory usually consists of a thin, flexible metal or plastic strip that consumers can wear over the top of their heads—with the ends resting behind the ears. 

Retailers can purchase Alice headbands in different colors, patterns, and styles. Some variants even offer inner teeth to help secure them to the wearer’s head.

5. Faux braid headbands

Faux braid headbands often consist of single-fabric braids with loose ends for tying. They may also feature elastic bands for more secure closure. 

In addition, businesses can market these items in human hair colors and help consumers who want to add volume to their hair. Faux braided hairbands add a touch of bohemian charms to a classic look and even look amazing on short hair. 

6. Fabric headbands

Woman wearing a red and yellow fabric headband

Fabric headbands use materials like cotton, silk, or synthetic variants to make gorgeous accessories. Wearers can rock these cuties with various hairstyles and outfits. Most times, consumers use them to introduce matching or contrasting colors to a look.

7. Golden laurel headbands

Golden laurel headbands, also known as “laurel wreaths,” closely resemble the variants popular among Greek and Roman scholars and champions. 

Golden laurel headbands also double down as costume accessories in ancient Greek or Roman themes. Consumers may also wear them as fashionable accessories. These headbands can incorporate a vintage or classical aesthetic to any look. 

8. Floral headbands

Floral headbands are incredibly unique. Some variants consist of fresh flowers, while others feature artificial or fabric flowers. Regardless, these accessories are stylish headpieces that add a feminine touch to any outfit consumers wear with them. Plus, it’s a perfect fit for romantic settings.

9. Turban headbands

Woman wearing a gray turban headband

Typically, turban headbands feature stretchy fabric, like spandex or jersey, that consumers can wrap around their heads. Interestingly, they can also secure it to their heads with a knot.

Turban headbands have unisex appeal, and wearers can use them to include an ethnic flair to various outfits.

10. Ponytail headbands

These headbands take a functional approach with designs that hold back and style hair into ponytails. In addition to keeping hair out of the wearer’s face, ponytail headbands feature stretchy fabric that can conform to any head shape.

Consumers with long hair will love this practical and fashionable accessory. Plus, ponytail headbands are great for physical activities like jogging and exercise sessions.  

11. Sequin headbands

Sequin headbands host various small, shiny discs made from metal or plastic. Undoubtedly, some styles have all-over sequin embellishments, while others feature eye-catching patterns or designs. 

These accessories are ideal for consumers with a thing for flashy accessories. Sequin headbands can add glamor to various outfits and hairstyles.

12. Black satin headbands

These headbands incorporate the smooth and lustrous appeal of satin. Their glossy finish is incredibly appealing and versatile.

Black satin headbands are simple yet classy. In addition, they are functional and will make amazing finishing touches for various outfits. 

13. Plastic headbands

Manufacturers often make plastic headbands with a single, solid piece of plastic. However, some models have more flexible and adjustable designs. 

Retailers may purchase these beauties in various colors and patterns. Typically, most plastic headbands have rounded teeth that help secure them to the wearer’s head. 

14. Embellished headbands

Lady wearing a pearl-embellished headband

Embellished headbands are the peak of elegance. They have decorations ranging from beads to pearls and even crystals. Also, they have central or well-detailed designs.

Like traditional headbands, they can have clasp ends or elastic bands to hold them in place or loose ends for tying. 

15. Woven headbands

Woven headbands exude a much-loved handcrafted aesthetic. Manufacturers make them by weaving various fabric strands by hand or with a machine. 

They’re similar to braided headbands and consumers can use them to accentuate simple hairstyles like loose locks and bangs.

16. Bowknot headbands

Woman wearing a red and white bowknot headband

Bowknot headbands have a cute bow-like knot or pre-made bow as adornments. Interestingly, the bow can range from single to larger, or even multiple smaller bows.

Additionally, bowknot headbands are soft and comfortable. Plus, consumers will find them easy to wash when they get dirty.

17. Polka dot headbands

Polka dot headbands have playful designs consisting of small, round spots. Interestingly, this style can work on other headband types, and they look amazing in bright colors.

These headbands also look great in neutral hues, like black and white. Consumers can use them for a fun spin on various outfits. They’re perfect for trips to school, malls, and even night outs with friends.

18. Knitted winter headbands

Nothing gets warmer and cozier than knitted winter headbands. Often made from cotton, these accessories are thick and wide enough to keep the wearer’s head and ears warm. 

Knitted winter headbands come in various designs, like ribbed or cable-knit patterns. Some take a more simple or textured route. 

19. Bandanna

Lady wearing a red bandanna headband

Bandannas are popular square pieces of fabric that most wearers style around their neck or waist. However, these trendy pieces also make amazing headbands.

One simple way of rocking bandannas as headbands involves folding them into thin strips before tying them around the head. Here’s the best part. A well-tied bandanna will closely resemble a traditional headband.

20. Running headband

Running headbands prioritizes functionality over style. They have moisture-wicking fabrics that help keep the wearer’s head dry while absorbing sweat from physical activities. 

In addition to stopping hair from obstructing the wearer’s view, running headbands protect the ears from weather elements. 

21. Stretchable headbands

The name says it all. These headbands are incredibly stretchy, allowing them to fit various head sizes and shapes. 

Also, stretchable headbands won’t restrict blood flow and will rest comfortably on the wearer’s head. Retailers can offer them in solid colors or more exciting hues and patterns. 

22. Knitted headbands

Woman wearing a red knitted winter headband

Like their winter counterparts, knitted headbands showcase a crafty aesthetic. Usually, they have chunky textures, but sleeker variants are also in high demand. 

Knitted headbands can have crochet styling and can effortlessly complement other handcrafted themes. They’re ideal for consumers who love natural aesthetics.

23. Wide headbands

Wide headbands have broad designs allowing them to cover more hair than traditional headbands. They feel more like hats and can accommodate different hairstyles. 

More importantly, businesses can stock them up in different styles and colors. They can also feature various fabrics, including cotton, leather, and satin.

24. Tennis headband

Man wearing a tennis headband

Although tennis headbands have designs meant for the court, recent innovations have seen them move outside the sport. They’re great for physical activities and may even look stylish on some occasions. 

Tennis headbands provide moisture-wicking properties that take sweat off the wearer’s head. They also have elastic bands preventing them from falling off during activities.

Rounding up

Headbands are wonderful accessories that are stylish, versatile, and incredibly functional. They go beyond securing the hair to making fashion statements and making outfits stand out. 

With the sheer amount of headband styles running around the market, retailers can focus on the 24 headband trends listed in this article to maximize profit in 2023. 

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