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5 Fun Lipstick Packaging Trends


In the cosmetics industry, a major driving factor behind sales is the packaging. It’s the first thing a consumer looks at while choosing what product they want to purchase, so having the right type of packaging that not only matches the product but is also eye-catching is vital. 

The latest trends in packaging for lipstick continue to help increase sales among all age groups.

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Overview of the global cosmetics packaging market
5 lipstick packaging trends to watch
The future of cosmetics packaging

Overview of the global cosmetics packaging market

As one of the fastest growing consumer markets globally, the cosmetics industry has a lot of competition within it, as new brands start to emerge to compete with well-known names. 

One of the best ways for a brand to stand out is by having appealing packaging that not only draws interest around the product, but also the brand as a whole. The packaging has to be able to protect the product inside while being functional too.

The value of the cosmetics industry has continued to rise in recent decades, and with this increased value has also come a rise in demand for packaging. In 2021 the global market value of cosmetics packaging reached US $30.2 billion

Between 2022 and 2028 there’s expected to be a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% which will bring its overall value to at least US $37.9 billion by 2028. These numbers cover all types of packaging from eye shadow pallets to lipstick and lip gloss. 

Woman holding a tube of lipstick in the air

5 lipstick packaging trends to watch

Packaging has undergone a lot of changes and improvements over the years. This is down to factors such as new materials hitting the market as well as changing consumer lifestyle patterns. 

The cosmetics industry has some big new packaging for lipstick trends to watch out for which include plastic lipstick tubes, lipstick jars, paper lipstick boxes, cosmetic tubes, and eco-friendly paper lipstick containers.

1. Plastic lipstick tubes

Different colors of lipstick packaged inside plastic tubes

Lipstick tubes come in many different shapes and sizes, but are most commonly found in cylindrical shapes or rectangles. The plastic lipstick container is one of the most utilized forms of packaging for lipstick in today’s market, and has been a popular choice by many brands for a number of years. 

This rigid tube can look simple, like a lip balm tube, or it can have a more high-end pattern on the outside to make the lipstick look more elegant. The idea behind using plastic rather than metal or other durable materials is that it keeps the lipstick tube lightweight and is less likely to cause irritation to the skin.

What many consumers love about the plastic lipstick tube is the variety of colors that it can come in. This type of packaging is instantly recognizable as one used for lipstick or lip balm, so to really make it stand out a vibrant color or unique pattern would certainly help the product appeal to more consumers.

2. Lipstick jars

Selection of small jars with different colors of lipstick inside

Many consumers will be used to seeing lipstick tubes on the shelves, and for many years that’s been one of the only kinds of packaging for lipstick available. But in today’s cosmetics industry lipstick jars are starting to gain popularity. 

These small plastic jars are normally associated with lip balm as they’re easy to throw into a bag or pocket, and the consumer will use their finger to dab some of the product on their lips — something that can’t really be done with lipstick. 

However, with the recent rise of consumers participating in online makeup tutorials, jars used for lipstick have begun to be more commonplace. These jars are perfect for consumers who use a lipstick brush to apply lipstick rather than applying it directly from a tube. 

By using a brush, it allows them to get more detail and shape from the lipstick, and these lipstick jars are particularly popular with professional makeup artists.

3. Paper lipstick boxes

Four paper boxes with new lipstick inside

Changes in consumer lifestyles have created an enormous rise in online makeup sales in the past decade, as people look for a fast and convenient way to purchase products that will fit in with their busy lifestyles. 

For companies that are shipping from warehouses or solely focus on ecommerce, then it’s important for their products to arrive at their destination in perfect condition. And this is where the paper lipstick box comes in.

This type of packaging for lipstick is the perfect way to present a lipstick tube in an elegant and secure way. These lipstick boxes are completely customizable so they can be designed to suit any brand, and in some cases they can be presented as a gift set with multiple lipsticks or other cosmetic items inside. And in keeping with eco-friendly consumerism, the boxes are fully recyclable too.

4. Cosmetic tubes

Woman looking at lipstick tube near makeup display

Cosmetic tubes have been on the market for a long time, and are often used for products such as hand cream, lip gloss, or even toothpaste. The latest makeup packaging trends are seeing an increase in demand for cosmetic tubes to hold lipstick. 

Although lipstick is a lot more solid than lip gloss and can’t really be applied using the tube, this type of packaging is perfect for storing the lipstick in for later use.

Much like the lipstick jars, these cosmetic tubes are being used by consumers who take more time to do their makeup or are applying someone else’s makeup. The contents can be squeezed out into a jar and easily applied using a lipstick brush. The cosmetic tubes aren’t made of a hard plastic so there’s less likelihood that they’ll break while being transported.

5. Eco-friendly paper lipstick containers

Two paper tubes with lids to hold lipstick inside

Like all industries across the globe, the cosmetics industry is implementing more eco-friendly packaging into their products and ranges in order to appeal to the eco-conscious consumer and cut down on overall waste. 

Eco-friendly paper lipstick containers aren’t as popular as plastic lipstick tubes just yet, but the market is seeing more of them hitting the shelves and consumers can’t get enough.

The paper lipstick tubes come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Once the consumer has used up the contents of the tube, the packaging can easily be disposed of. In some instances companies have started to create refillable packaging for lipstick in the form of paper tubes, which is another fantastic initiative to help cut down on the heavy use of plastic in the cosmetics industry. 

The future of cosmetics packaging

Cosmetics packaging has undergone a lot of positive changes in recent years, as the industry moves towards creating more sustainable products that will in turn appeal to today’s modern consumer. 

The current top packaging for lipstick trends to watch out for include plastic lipstick tubes, lipstick jars, paper lipstick boxes for holding the product and shipping purposes, cosmetic tubes, and paper lipstick containers.

In the upcoming years, the cosmetics market is expecting a big rise in demand for eco-friendly packaging, from both big and small businesses. As lipstick is a very solid type of makeup, reusable packaging will also start to become more popular. 

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