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5 Trendy Headbands for Summer and Spring 2023


A new era is approaching! And easy fashion seems to be shaping the buying decision of ladies—especially millennials and Gen Z. Headbands join the list of summer/spring essentials consumers are craving this season.

Headbands have rich historical backgrounds, with earlier versions representing champions and nobility. However, effortless accessories have received updates and are ready to grab the spotlight.

Discover five fashionable yet functional headbands that guide fashion retailers on their investments. But first, keep scrolling to explore the market forecast of the headband industry.

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What is the market projection for headbands?
Five outstanding headband trends for summer/spring
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What is the market projection for headbands?

Headbands have existed for many years and have always been in style. However, now they are in high demand due to the increased social media influence and introduction of innovative styles. These accessories had a market value of $2.9 billion in 2017 and are projected to grow to $3.8 billion by 2030.

The headband market is widespread in the women’s segment. Ladies use them to style various looks for hot, formal, or lazy days. Other factors pushing the industry’s growth include the rising dominance of comfortable and stylish fabrics used to make headbands. Experts also expect more women to demand these accessories to secure various hairdos—further increasing the market’s potential.

Marketing experts predict North America will dominate the headband market. The region provides lucrative opportunities due to increased spending power and rising disposable incomes. Latin America and Europe also show promise, as reports expect them to register the fastest CAGRs.

Five outstanding headband trends for summer/spring

Embellished headband

Black woman rocking an embellished pearl headband

Embellished headbands lean towards a decorative side, and many consumers rock them as jewelry. These accessories can have shimmering crystals, bright jewels, or colorful beading, adding a luxurious appeal to various looks. In addition, these embellishments can catch the light and brighten up the wearer’s entire face.

These decorated headbands feature various colors, shapes, and sizes. They can also range from lightly embellished with beads to heavily ornate. In addition, wearers can pair these accessories with any outfit. Weddings or shopping sprees are perfect examples that make the embellished headband shine.

Woman in a jacket wearing an embellished headband

Putting on an embellished headband is simple enough. Wearers with short hair can rock thinner headbands to avoid creating off-balanced looks. Jumbo-decorated headbands feel more natural with curly or long hair. Consumers who love adding a touch of luxury and elegance to their outfits will love these accessories.

Faux braid headband

Woman wearing a faux braid headband

There are no shortages of headband choices, and the faux braid variants affirm this fact. These headband types take a different styling approach closer to realism. Faux braid headbands closely resemble natural braided hair. They appeal to consumers who can’t make twists but want the perfect braided hairdo.

Faux braid headbands come in various colors to match the wearer’s hair for a more natural feel. But styling this headband requires pulling it slightly further back, so the item won’t look out of place. This accessory can also make hairstyles look thicker and more stylish—if consumers opt for contrasting colors. 

Smiling woman wearing a blonde faux braid hairband

Long hairstyles are some of the ones compatible with faux braid headbands. Ladies with shorter hairdos can incorporate the braided aesthetic into their looks with this item. Like other hairbands, faux braid variants can accentuate any outfit by including a natural aesthetic.

Scarf headband

Woman holding an orange in a scarf headband

Diverse and versatile, the scarf headband is beautiful, clean, and gorgeous enough to star on any lady’s head. Scarf headbands may not be a new trend, but it’s a great way to make hairstyles look chic and sleek. 

Scarf headbands have various types that make the piece appealing to most women. Usually, businesses can choose from two shapes: square and rectangular variants. Square scarf headbands are easy to style and can work with numerous hairdos. Contrarily, rectangular models may not be as simple, but they’ll secure thicker hairs properly.

Beautiful woman posing with a scarf headband on her head

Most scarf headbands come with fabric that will stay on the wearer’s head while being washable and stylish. Cotton and lightweight wools are excellent examples. Additionally, silk and satin scarf bands have more aesthetics and a smooth feel.

The twisted headband is one way to make this accessory look fantastic on any outfit. Scarf headbands will also complement a chic outfit with an updo. Consumers can grab these items and tie them around their hair for an effortless messy bun style.

Bowknot headband

Woman with a red polka dot bowknot headband

Bowknot headbands are super versatile accessories that can instantly add a touch of playfulness to any outfit. They were popular items in the 60s but never fell out of style. Today, these headbands are incredibly trendy and a well-loved vintage style in Hollywood.

Since they exude retro vibes, bowknot headbands can effortlessly make exciting statements at themed parties. These accessories are also easy to adjust. They look fantastic on top of the wearer’s head but can complement outfits when titled at confident angles.

Bowknot headband placed on a wooden surface

Bowknot headbands have other functions aside from elevating an outfit. Consumers may use them to secure their hair when slow bathing or getting a facial. These fun headbands are washable, soft, and comfortable enough to wear for extended periods.

The golden laurel headband

Regal-looking woman pulling off a golden laurel headband

Golden laurel headbands were once Roman specialties. Laurel headbands signified nobility in ancient Rome, and any gender could wear them. However, these vintage accessories are back and making scenes in women’s fashion. They’re perfect for adding romantic and unique vibes to various outfits.

Beautiful women rocking a golden laurel headband

These golden beauties feature tiny leaves, flowers, and diamantes, all contributing to the laurel headband’s elegant appeal. Consumers can place them over loose waves or secure them under beautiful hair twists. The Greek goddess style offered by these headbands is enough to make statements at any formal event.

Final words

Headbands are not just fashion accessories. They’re practical for various reasons, from absorbing sweat during activities to keeping hair strands away from the face. Headbands are the most versatile hair accessories and feature diverse patterns, shapes, materials, colors, and sizes.

In addition, rocking a headband is only a matter of choosing the right style. These items have become essential for females of all ages, but men can also hop in on these trends. This article discussed five headband trends that can easily make wearers stand out in a crowd.

Hence, accessory retailers must leverage trends to stock up on trendy items for summer/spring sales. 

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