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Outstanding Women Intimate Color Trends That Will Rock 2023/24


Color is an essential component of intimate clothing because it can elicit any emotion and alter moods. Different hues can evoke different emotions, depending on whether women need a bold and bright revitalizing boost or a calming and soothing moment.

The soft, quiet tones emphasize the importance of rest, relaxation, and connectedness to the environment. Bold and bright hues infuse optimism, warmth, and fun while drawing influence from the increasing interest in space exploration, commerce, and virtual reality.  

Brands can use these striking colors to give their collection some punch for the coming season. Here are five women’s intimate color trends that make sense for 23/24.

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Overview of the women’s intimates market
5 intimates color trends women will love in 23/24
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Overview of the women’s intimates market

Women’s intimates currently have a moment, as it has become a rapidly growing sector in the fashion world. This industry has evolved from out-of-sight pieces to outerwear, becoming a mainstay on the runway.  

Manufacturers are introducing new lingerie lines, while older classics are receiving updates. Women today have more options than ever in fashion, design, and textiles, which experts predict will make the market more volatile and competitive.

The size of the global intimates apparel market reached US $29.83 billion in 2020, and it met expectations by expanding to US $32.52 billion in 2021. However, experts project that the market will hit US $51.03 billion by 2026 while moving at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.6%.

Consumers are demanding more functional, versatile, inclusive, and eco-friendly products in addition to them looking great. And so, lingerie fashions have developed away from the bust-boosting bra shapes that were popular in the 1990s. They are developing products fit to be worn with loungewear, sleepwear, and activewear, reworking their storylines to represent a wider clientele.

Some significant factors likely to have a considerable impact on the market throughout the projected period include cultural shifts, the growing millennial population, the increasing spending power of women, and increased demand for proper fits.

The growing popularity of e-commerce channels is also driving the growth of this market. Businesses are shifting from exclusive offline shops, supermarkets, and retail stores to online shopping outlets and mobile apps.

5 intimates color trends women will love in 23/24

1. Mineral red

Woman wearing mineral red lingerie

Red is a fiery, vibrant color that stirs feelings of desire and seduction. For a long time, consumers have linked colors in the red family with sexy intimate wear, and mineral reds are no exception. But the trendy hue takes consumers on a slightly different journey, offering them a delightful and sensual experience inspired by space tourism.

This palette hosts several complementary colors in red, brown, pink, and metallic hues, and it builds around the success of the brown-toned neutrals.

What’s more? Mineral reds can look mouth-watering on anyone, regardless of body shape. The neutral tone blends so well with the skin’s natural undertones, allowing every woman to have a taste of peak sexiness. Women who want to enjoy colorful outfits subtly will love this palette.

Woman in neutral-red underwear posing on a red surface

2. Hyper-bright tones

Woman wearing a bright-yellow bra

Do consumers want a little more color, sunshine, and fun in their underwear closets? Hyper-bright colors will do the magic. Everything from bras and underwear to camisoles and  corsets receives updates from bold hues.

Hyper-bright colors are one of the newest lingerie trends for 23/24. This isn’t surprising, as lighter and more vibrant colors have been appearing on the fashion scene lately.

This energetic intimate color trend is all about glamorous, reflective styles with vivid details and a dash of glitter. It comprises playful, bright digital hues that push classic lingerie into the fashion spotlight. It also transforms everyday items into feel-good fashion pieces, especially with opulent glossy finishes.

Woman wearing a bright golden-yellow underwear set

This trend is for women who aren’t afraid to try out unusual tones that electrify and convey positive messages with impact. They are perfect for monochrome attire and edgy clashing styles.

3. Fiery mid-tones

Woman wearing a black fiery mid-tone underwear set

It’s time for pumpkin spice, sweet treats, and everything nice. These lovely lingerie colors brought in by the October winds are perfect for consumers to experiment with.

This warm neutral palette features orange, yellow, brown, and gray hues that offer a cheerful yet familiar vibrancy, similar to leaves falling from trees. These rich jewel tones are a subtle departure from the usual neutral tones, allowing winter ranges to adopt a warm and cozy aesthetic.  

Lingerie in fiery mid-tones will make women feel festive during the colder months, while other color schemes in this trend will look good on all builds and skin colors. 

4. Nature-inspired palettes

Lady wearing a green nature-inspired underwear set

This trend pays homage to Mother Nature by featuring delicate, organically inspired colors with a calming holistic quality. Everything from bralettes, hipsters, and thongs embody designs that reflect the earth’s unrivaled beauty.

Shades of blue, gray, and green, botanical-themed palettes, and calm, soft colors will help draw consumers closer to nature.

Lady wearing a blue nature-inspired bra

Nature-inspired palettes strike a healthy balance between stylish and minimalism for consumers who respect the environment.

5. Vividly bright colors

Woman in the desert wearing a vividly bright-colored underwear set

This palette whispers luxury by bringing all the colorful, flamboyant hues genuinely to life with dark midnight tones. But that’s not all. These luxe hues are also matched against pastels and nearly fluorescent shades for a completely otherworldly aesthetic. This color story offers a dreamy journey into the virtual world.

Vividly bright colors give intimates a hint of regressive and delectably retro dreams, thanks to their barely veiled neon touches. They are rich with positivity, acceptance, and individuality. Consumers can incorporate dark shades as accents with neutral tones.

Lady wearing cyan-blue underwear set in a closet

Last words

Color is everything to consumers picking out intimate wear. Although classics like black, red, and white never go out of style, playful color punches are also standing out this season.

Mineral reds are warm skin tones inspired by the rustic color of Mars and otherworldly experiences. Nature-inspired palettes and fiery mid-tones nod to the great outdoors, while bright neon hues conjure a dreamlike, digital environment. 

Businesses must focus on these women’s intimate color trends to ensure their consumers only get premium comfort, confidence, and sexiness. 

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