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3 Innovative Trends for Laptop Upgrades


The upsurge of home workstations, remote learning, and personal gaming computers reinforces the demand for decent full-featured computers for users in all walks of life. 

This article draws insights from the latest market trends in modern laptop devices and how you can make the most of them.

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Market growth and demand for the global laptop market
Innovative laptop trends to watch out for
What’s next for laptop upgrades?

Market growth and demand for the global laptop market

Although PC adoption has been on a steady rise recently, the current demand trend results from rapid global digitalization in business and individual operations.  

This intensifying tech boom contributes to the increased use of portable systems like laptops for work, leisure, and educational purposes. Moreover, the emergence of e-commerce channels also adds to the market expansion.

Most business operations have gone digital, compelling staff to develop the necessary skills. Companies now offer the best laptop brands to employees eager to stay ahead. Home workstations and online classes now replace most physical gatherings.  

For this reason, market research firms forecast a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.9% between 2022 and 2027 — a decent uptrend considering that the global laptop market reached $165.33 billion in 2021. 

You stand to maximize profitability from this demand by providing enticing features to modern laptop users. Failure to do so might relegate your business to the back burner as brands compete to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Of course, while considering certain features such as high-res audio, dual display, and superior-performance laptops, you shouldn’t downplay portability and battery power. 

So, here are three innovative trends in the PC consumer market to hop on.

Innovative laptop trends to watch out for

Exciting laptop innovations hit the market every year. These innovations account for the diversified needs of their users to stay relevant.

Businesses must take advantage of these trends to meet consumers’  expectations.

1. Fast-charging laptops

The fast charging feature has become a new standard for modern laptops. A device isn’t completely portable when you’re stuck long hours by a power outlet to reach full battery power. This interrupts workflow, entertainment, or study time.

Thankfully, fast-charging innovations in the market provide users with high-performance charging using the USB-Power Delivery (PD) protocol. 

The USB PD technology is the core of fast-charging laptops, with newer versions supporting up to 240W. This, by far, surpasses the charging power of standard USB chargers. 

Although the USB PD is based on the standard USB Type-C, it’s much more flexible, universal, and supports various charging levels. This flexibility offers your customers more charging options when they lose or break their proprietary charger, as more chargers will work with their device. 

USB Type-C docking station connected to a laptop

Fast charging aside, these USB-C PD ports transfer data, video and audio at high speeds, offering better value for money. 

Jump on this opportunity by furnishing your inventory with USB Type-C laptops and complementary Type-C hubs and dongles to cater to users who might like to connect other USB-type peripherals like HDMI or SD cards. 

This move will attract laptop users desiring to stay active always and keep a clutter-free workspace with lighter and smaller cables.

Moreover, businesses catering to a European market must hop on this trend immediately. Why? Starting 2024, USB-C charging will be mandatory across the European Union (EU) — not just for laptops but for phones and tablets too. 

2. Lightweight and flexible

Consumer design trends are also making the list. 

More users are going for laptops with increased processing power trailed by an equal reduction in weight and size. As a result, laptop manufacturers are keeping up with the trend to produce smaller integrated circuits allowing laptops to stay compact yet powerful.

Sleeker lightweight laptops attract the attention of modern consumers aiming to achieve more with less. These sleek designs have similar processing power and high-resolution screens matching bigger systems.

Now, laptop users such as photographers or developers don’t have to rely solely on large desktop monitors for processing speed and clear visuals. This also includes gamers opting for gaming laptops with significant size reductions in recent years. 

As a seller, be on the lookout for lightweight, superior-performance laptops with at least 64GB RAM and robust storage to be on the green list for hardcore gamers and developers. 

You may, however, mix up your catalog with more affordable spec options. For example, laptops with up to 8GB – 16GB RAM caters to PC consumers with less spend and companies who need them for business operations. 

USB Type-C docking station connected to a laptop

In all, the laptop lightweight design trend appeals to different demographics. Be at the forefront to leverage user demand for mobility and convenience across the board.  

3.  Longer battery lives

Many users with fast charging and portable laptops demand longer battery life.  

The modern consumer needs to stay productive and gravitate to laptops that serve them longer. It’s no wonder laptop manufacturers have upgraded the battery life of modern devices to serve five to six hours while some ultra-portable laptops last even longer.

Person writing on a notepad, and working an open laptop

You can focus sales efforts on such laptops to accommodate these users. People can work on transit, stay immersed in activities and get the most out of their user experience. 

This means that users can charge full power and remain confident that it’ll last quite a couple of hours.

Whether for work or leisure, a long-lasting laptop benefits everyone.

What’s next for laptop trends?

The needs of consumers have shifted as many of our daily activities go digital. The trends discussed in this article focus on mobility and features which encourage efficiency, as these are major deciding factors for most users.

Businesses looking to stay profitable must observe these trends attracting users to the market and strive to make them available. Showcasing these features will attract tech-savvy consumers by paying attention to their pain points. 

Fueled by constant innovation, the growth of the laptop market is an uptrend that will persist.

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