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5 Awesome Women’s Active Apparel Pieces Summer/Spring 2023


Over the past year, more and more consumers are taking an active interest in spending time outdoors and keeping up with a healthy lifestyle. With wellness at the forefront of these lifestyle changes, the demand for unique women’s active apparel pieces is on the rise. 

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Global market value of women’s active apparel
5 women’s active apparel trends to watch
The future of women’s active apparel in the clothing market

Global market value of women’s active apparel

Over the past year, the sales of women’s active apparel have grown substantially. Today, the global market value sits at approximately USD 172 billion and by 2030, that number is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.22% to reach USD 272 billion.

This drastic rise in value can be attributed to a growing concern among women when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, as well as the growing population of women in general, which is creating a higher demand for clothing. Women also have a higher disposable income than before, so they can spend more money on extra clothing pieces to match their activities. 

Woman pausing from run wearing activewear jacket and headphones

As more women gain an appetite for the outdoors and sports, the women’s active apparel industry is seeing a lot of changes in terms of what items are the most in demand and the color schemes and patterns that consumers want. Here are the top 5 activewear trends to watch in spring and summer 2023, which include bold print sets, woven sets, lounge dresses, multi-purpose jackets, and adventure trousers.

Bold print set

Following the lockdowns, the bold print set will be making a big impact as a key fashion item in women’s active apparel for spring and summer 2023. The bright colors and unique artistic patterns will represent freedom and expression, and they are sets that can be worn for a variety of different activities. This trend will focus more on sustainable materials and will stand out as limited edition pieces or made-to-order sets. Whether the consumer is going for a casual walk or a hardcore workout at the gym, this is one piece of women’s active apparel that is going to make a big statement

Woman doing the plank wearing patterned leggings and bra

Lounge dress

The lounge dress has always been a comfortable yet fashionable piece of clothing for women. It’s now being used as a statement piece in women’s active apparel and is expected to be very popular come the spring and summer seasons of 2023. The lounge dress is ideal for well-being activities such as yoga, but can also be used as a post-workout cover-up or for casual walks and light hikes. These dresses will be a simple design with a loose fit to appeal to a wider number of consumers and promote inclusivity

Woman doing yoga on sandy beach with white loungewear dress

Woven set

With more women looking to connect with nature and focus on their well-being, the comfortable woven set is expected to grow rapidly in popularity in terms of units sold. The woven set is a more comfortable and relaxed type of loungewear compared to regular sweatpants and helps to promote a zen atmosphere. By using materials such as hemp, the wearer is taken on a journey from the moment they put the woven set on. The plain and undyed colors will be the most popular options for consumers who are looking to purchase sustainable clothing. 

Woman sitting in cream colored woven set indoors

Adventure trouser

As soon as spring and summer hit, the great outdoors comes calling. For women who like to get outside and head to the hiking trails or go for long walks in the forest, the adventure trouser will be a must-have piece of women’s active apparel. These trousers provide practical protection for the wearer, whether they be camping or at an outdoor festival, but the difference compared to other outerwear is that they are multi-functional and can be used in urban settings too. The waterproof material paired with the streetwear look makes it the perfect piece of clothing to have in stock.

Woman hiking in adventure trousers and large boots in spring

Multi-purpose jacket

For many consumers, a jacket is an investment, so getting one that can be used in all settings is sometimes a key priority. The multi-purpose jacket is perfect for use in nature with its detachable hood and easy access to pockets. But it can be utilized in the city too, thanks to its lightweight material and the zippers that allow it to be worn with different layers if necessary. This is the type of jacket that is built for changes in weather and temperature and is a key piece of women’s active apparel for spring and summer 2023.

Two women in woods with lightweight jackets and yoga mats

The future of women’s active apparel in the clothing market

With the world opening up again over the past year, more women are heading outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer. There’s also been an increase in women wanting to maintain a healthier lifestyle, which has boosted the demand for active apparel. Women’s active apparel that will be trending in the spring and summer seasons of 2023 includes multi-purpose jackets, adventure trousers, lounge dresses, comfortable woven sets, and bold print sets for pieces such as leggings and sports bras. 

In the coming years, the market is expecting this trend to grow, with multi-purpose, sustainable, and unique types of apparel hitting the market. As more women look to purchase activewear, future trends will include unique looks that look to the future but also incorporate nostalgic patterns.  

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