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3 Types of Wallet Cases and Their Benefits


These days, almost everyone has a smartphone; and with the increasing size of smartphones, it can be challenging to juggle all the things you need to carry with you without a bag or purse. That’s where smartphone wallet cases come in. These accessories combine the functionalities of a phone case and a wallet to provide users with a streamlined way to carry all of their essentials. 

These are the three most common types of wallet cases and their benefits. Including a variety of these cases in your inventory can help ensure you have something to fit every consumer.

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Market for smartphone cases
Types of smartphone wallet cases
Pros and cons of wallet cases
Wallet cases to add to your inventory

Market for smartphone cases

The global mobile phone case market in 2018 was valued at USD 21.4 billion, registering a CAGR of 7.5% between 2018 and 2025. Buyers are generally willing to spend on quality cases that protect their phones. This is due, in part, to the fact that repairing a cracked or damaged phone screen can be expensive, which is a crucial factor propelling the need for protective mobile phone covers.

The market for smartphone accessories is influenced not only by consumer requirements but also by evolving lifestyle trends. A smartphone case is often used to make a statement and reflect a person’s personality. Factors such as social media trends, quotes, movies, books, television series, social causes, and music preferences play a crucial role when choosing a case for one’s phone. Manufacturers consider such factors to keep their products relevant and to attract a larger customer base.

Types of smartphone wallet cases

The types of smartphone wallet cases mainly range in terms of capacity; some can hold just a few cards while others are fully-functioning wallets.

Brown case with yellow card holder attached

Card holder attached to phone or case

A cardholder can be attached to a smartphone case to make it easier to carry a small number of cards. These types of cases are popular among students and commuters who need regular access to student identification and transit cards. 

These cardholders do not provide the phone with any protection unless attached to an existing phone case. Often, these card holders are attached to the phone with a strong adhesive; however, with newer wireless charging technology, these card holders can now be attached magnetically

While these can be cheap, they may add too much bulk, or consumers may be concerned that the cards need to be more secure.

Two wallet cases with built-in card holders

Cardholder built into the phone case

There are cardholder cases that provide the same functionality as the above-mentioned variant but are built into the smartphone case rather than a separate attachment. This style of wallet case tends to fit more easily into the consumer’s pocket. 

Within this category of wallet cases, a few different styles can provide different levels of functionality. They may offer a built-in card holder on the back or a fold to protect the screen and the cards inside the case (Android, iPhone). The most significant difference between these two options is how the phone and the wallet are accessed. 

Regarding the functionality of wallet phone cases, there are always new options in development to provide more functionality to the consumer. Some more recent options include;

– A wallet case that adds the cards to the back of the phone in an accordion style with a snap keeps them more secure than the slide-in style and adds the functionality of a ring to prevent dropping;

– A hard wallet case that uses a sliding door to access cards;

– A strap to make carrying more manageable and help replace a bag or a purse. 

Leather wallet case with folio for multiple cards

Case with a full wallet

Consumers who need more functionality from the wallet are likely seeking a more comprehensive wallet case. These smartphone wallet cases typically have at least one fold and can have various features that allow consumers to store multiple cards, IDs, cash, coins, etc. Of course, as a result, these will be the bulkiest option; however, they have the potential to replace a wallet or purse completely. 

Pros and cons of wallet cases

Pros of a wallet phone case

A wallet phone case consolidates the things a person is carrying and provides easier access to regularly used cards. Having fewer individual items to carry also reduces the risk of forgetting something. 

Depending on the style of the wallet phone case, the added bulk can actually add protection. On the back of the phone, it can add shock protection, and cases with a front flap can protect the screen in the case of a drop. 

Cons of a wallet phone case

While a wallet phone case helps consolidate essential items, an issue arises if it does get lost. If the phone is lost, all those items go missing simultaneously, which can be particularly distressing. If the phone is stolen, the thief can access more information about the person with a wallet case and possibly even their credit card information. 

While the added bulk of the wallet may protect the phone in case of a drop, it can also be tedious for the user. It may make it more challenging to carry the phone in a pocket or fit it into a small purse, it may make it more uncomfortable to use the phone, and it may prevent the use of phone NFC functions like Apple Pay or Google Wallet. 

Light-blue leather wallet case with a carrying strap

Wallet cases to add to your inventory

Like many products, there are pros and cons to using a wallet phone case. A wallet case may be an excellent choice for some to increase convenience. At the same time, others may feel like it’s putting too many eggs in one basket, but that’s why there is variety and customizability in products like this one. 

To meet consumer needs, ensure to stock a variety of wallet cases in many different styles and stay on top of the changing smartphone trends.

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