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5 Winter Hat Designs Perfect for Gifts This Holiday Season


The holiday seasons are fast-approaching, and consumers are searching for the perfect gifts. It’s up to businesses to make the best offers to satisfy consumer cravings. No doubt, winter hats make one of the best holiday gifts.

The best winter hat styles on the market today range from beanies to trapper hats, but all are great options for gifting this holiday. This article will provide five stylish winter hat trends to attract consumers’ attention.

Before that, keep reading to discover the market size and potential of the winter hat market.

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What’s the current global market size of winter hats?
Five unique winter hat styles of 2023
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What’s the current global market size of winter hats?

The global winter hats market boasted a $25.7 billion size in 2021. Marketing experts foresee the industry’s expansion at a CAGR of 4% over the forecast period (2022 to 2023). Temperatures in most environments drop to unbearable levels during the holidays, and consumers enjoy increased purchasing power. These factors fuel the demand for winter hats as gifts.

In addition, many fashion innovations and trends on social media increase the adoption of winter hats globally. These accessories offer a series of protective features, including dust, dirt, and cold protection. Moreover, the wool material segment held a significant revenue share (over 54%) in 2021, while the polyester category promises a speedy expansion at a CAGR of 4.4%.

The men segment also dominates the gender-based portion. It accounted for over 40% of the winter hats market in 2021. However, experts predict the women category will challenge the men’s dominance at a CAGR of 4.3%. Globally, Asia Pacific shows the potential to record the fastest CAGR (4.6%) from 2022 to 2030.

Five unique winter hat styles of 2023

Pom-pom beanie

Woman holding her phone while wearing a pom-pom beanie

Beanies are lifesavers during chilly weather conditions and dominate the winter hats market as the most sought-after hair accessory. These brimless hats are soft & flexible, and they provide enough warmth to see wearers through freezing temperatures. Although there are many styles, one particularly eye-catching variant is the pom-pom beanie.

Usually, this style has a knitted design that prioritizes comfort and style. Pom-pom beanies also have fluffy balls at the top, making them stand out from their cousins. These beanies can double down as functional and stylish additions to winter outfits.

The pom-pom beanie’s extraordinary and everyday look reflects a relaxed edginess other hats cannot. The hat is perfect for pulling off various outfits and may range from short and fitted to long and loose.

Woman rocking a pom-pom beanie talking to another woman

These accessories also feature different sizes and materials, each with individual benefits. Length of hair also affects the way pom-pom beanies look on consumers. Wearers with short hair will love thin and tight beanies, while those with long or curly hair will grab slouchy and loose variants.


Rocking a hat is a stylish way to complete an ensemble. While some hat styles release casual and athletic vibes, others feel more sophisticated. Consumers looking for a sleek and fashionable appearance can’t go past fedoras. These hats effortlessly infuse outfits with a dapper edge and classical touch.

Fedoras feature a signature pinch near the front and a slightly indented crown. These hat styles also have wide round brims, making them different from trilbys. Fedora hats made their debut in 1891 and have evolved to become beloved headwear among all genders. In addition, durable felt is a popular material used for winter fedoras.

These hats are incredibly fashionable and easy to rock with different outfits. Moreover, Fedoras shine more when matched with sleek and smart attire. They are ideal hat options for formal or semi-formal occasions. Sophisticated suits or dress trousers make a great team with this accessory. Adding fitted shirts, blazers, vests, or coats would make the fedora stand out.

While fedoras usually have wide brims, businesses can offer small-brimmed variants. These styles are similar to classic fedoras, except the bill is slightly shorter. But their incredible feature makes them one of the most favored fedora types on the market.

Trapper hat

Woman sitting on the snow in a black trapper hat

Trapper hats feature a universal appeal that looks great with anything. These eye-catching hats can easily add “features” to any outfit. In addition, these fur lovelies have rugged looks making them stand out with bold statements.

One prominent trapper hat feature is the signature ear flaps. This detail keeps the wearer’s ears and neck warm—even in the worst weather. Interestingly, trapper hats offer the best practical elegance and versatility, which boosts the accessory to a gift-worthy level. Other prominent characteristics include soft linings and formidable outer layers.

Consumers don’t have to be lumberjacks or mountain men to enjoy this winter hat. The trapper hat’s comfort is readily available in various types. The most recognized variant is the fur trapper hat, but they can come in plaid, bomber, and Eskimo versions.

Modern trapper hats also have various inside materials. Although fur was once the standard, businesses can offer cotton, faux fur, and other comfy synthetic materials. The trapper hat’s outer layers may feature cotton, polyester blends, and wool fabric.


Berets are elegant hats that can easily switch from round to flat styles. Typically, these hats are knitted or woven, and their beauty becomes apparent only when consumers style them correctly. These gentle beauties are uniform staples, especially for the armed forces and other global organizations.

Although berets are more work-inclined, they don’t seem to go out of trend. More stylish ways to rock this accessory keep pushing the beret toward more casual and street styles. Interestingly, there is no “right” way to rock a beret. It all depends on how the wearers carry it.

Woman wearing a blue beret and matching outfit

Sometimes, wearers may need the help of other items to keep berets secure. Bobby pins and bands can help keep the accessory in place on a windy day. In addition, berets don’t offer the best cold protection, but consumers can throw in a scarf that matches or complements the accessory.

Bucket hat

Bucket hats have been an accessory staple for decades after their humble beginnings in the 40s. They permeated mainstream fashion during the 90s with the help of hip-hop and skate subcultures. 

These accessories are iconic for their distinctive shape and wide, slanting brim. Bucket hats also have flat tops and flexible fabric construction, giving them shorter sides. Since these hats have more unrestricted structures, consumers can flip the visor to avoid obstructed view.

While bucket hats are mostly summer essentials, they can make statements in colder seasons. Winter bucket hats are usually products of felt and other warm materials.

Blonde woman wearing a black bucket hat

Bottom line

When it comes to winter hats, the wide variety available on the market means that this fashion accessory will never go out of trend. The global winter hats market promises continuous growth in the foreseeable future. The gifting season is another booming period for the industry as consumers will demand these accessories as suitable presents for their loved ones.

The top trends businesses can’t afford to miss include pom-pom beanies, fedoras, trapper hats, berets, and bucket hats.

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