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Buyer’s Briefing Spring/Summer 2023 Makeup


The makeup world has seen many different looks over the past ten years. One minute, contouring is the big trend. Then, everyone is suddenly obsessed with eyebrows. 

The beauty world always looks different, and it’s not slowing down. This is especially important now that businesses prepare for spring and summer trends. These seasons welcome rich colors, so it’s important to sell the right products.

It can be difficult for businesses to know makeup trends in advance, so read this S/S 2023 beauty guide.

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The 2023 makeup market
Makeup trends for spring/summer 2023

The 2023 makeup market

The post-pandemic world is seeing a different side of beauty, and the industry is only growing stronger. More people want to be expressive with their appearance and embrace the future with innovative beauty techniques. At the same time, more people prefer lockdown beauty regimens, focusing on minimalism with more emphasis on skincare.

Inflation has also been striking the world. In the U.S., for example, the cost of consumer goods rose by 0.4%. Beauty enthusiasts are trading luxury fragrances and expensive hair products for affordable items.

Beauty consumers are also witnessing a transformation among makeup and personal care brands—instead of appealing to a specific look or demographic, more companies are opting for being inclusive.  This means that beauty brands must offer products that fit all ages, genders, skin types, and skin tones in order to meet consumer demands. 

Buyers also want to see inclusivity in advertising, highlighting different lifestyle, regional, and cultural aspects in these campaigns.

Sustainability is no longer an option, but a must. Popular brands, both affordable and luxury brands, are becoming eco-friendly, reducing waste in production and offering recyclable packaging.

Makeup trends for spring/summer 2023

S/S 2023 will see some key beauty trends, such as affordable beauty and innovative meta makeup. Some trends are conflicting; for example, expressionism and minimalism are big makeup looks for next year. Other trends are expected to stay for the long term, such as inclusivity and eco-friendliness.


Young woman posing and not wearing a lot of makeup

The pandemic had a major impact on beauty routines—or lack thereof. Because of widespread lockdowns, fewer people left their homes and they started working remotely. Few beauty enthusiasts wore makeup; if they did, it wasn’t a lot. The pandemic also gave more people the opportunity to care for their skin and develop healthier beauty habits.

Even though we’re no longer in the midst of lockdowns, minimalist beauty is still popular. Self-care and self-love are massive movements, causing individuals to appreciate their natural beauty.

There are still ways that beauty businesses can capitalize on minimalist beauty trends. Instead of offering vibrant lipsticks, lip glosses will give buyers a dose of color on their lips with the benefits of skin-loving ingredients. Multi-purpose products such as cheek and lip stains add natural color to the complexion and are quick enough to apply before a Zoom meeting.

Some buyers will want to apply a full face of makeup but keep their look toned down. In this case, offer an eyeshadow palette filled with neutral colors.


Woman wearing red and gold eyeshadow

Even though minimalism is a massive trend, more people are also becoming fearless and expressing artistry with their makeup looks. Since more people are embracing normal life again, beauty enthusiasts missed the artistry in cosmetics and want to take their makeup game to the next level.

Beauty enthusiasts can expect to see unique colors and different techniques taking over the beauty world. The biggest color trends include peach, pastel shades, and berry colors. You can find eyeshadow palettes, eyeliners, and lipsticks embracing these colors.

Some makeup lovers want to take their look to the next level, adding gems and other art. This is why beauty retailers should offer products such as face crystals.


Woman posing and wearing a hijab with dramatic eye makeup

Inclusivity is more than just a beauty trend; it’s becoming the norm in the makeup world. The rise of woman- and BIPOC-owned businesses is shifting the beauty world to an empowering industry. More products accommodate all skin colors, genders, and differently-abled individuals.

Even in the world of cosmetic surgery and Instagram models, fewer women want to conform to body standards. Modern beauty brands don’t push unrealistic beauty standards either; rather, they aim to accept everyone and cater to different traits.

Meta makeup

Friends with beads, gems, and glitter on their faces

Meta makeup is a beauty trend focusing on the metaverse. However, customers can also embrace this look in real life. Meta makeup is all about innovation and creativity. While some looks are more sophisticated, others are eye-popping with prosthetics and glow-in-the-dark colors.

For a more sophisticated look, businesses can sell holographic highlighters that give buyers an ethereal glow. Duochrome eyeshadow will also provide that otherworldly look that your buyers may desire.


Eco-friendly skincare packaging and products

Eco-friendly beauty products are made with renewable and natural ingredients. More brands are foregoing ingredients such as chemicals and microbeads that pollute the environment. Companies can meet this demand by sourcing ingredients responsibly and offering transparency.

There are many eco-friendly cosmetic products that you can offer. For example, these makeup brushes are made with bamboo handles. Bamboo offers many environmental benefits, such as controlling pollution.

Affordable yet luxurious

Shopping cart filled with makeup products

Every year, beauty product prices increase by 10%. Colored cosmetics, facial skincare, nail, and hair care products are taking the lead. Consumers still demand beauty products but want their hard-earned dollars to go a long way. This is why the modern beauty business has to offer makeup at an affordable price.

Beauty businesses can save money by opting for simplistic packaging and spending less on advertising. More brands also rely on sudden product burst sales, such as celebrity collaborations and limited edition items. These heart-shaped tins will win over consumers and cost one cent per tin in a pack of 10,000.


The biggest makeup trends for spring/summer 2023 include minimalism, expression, and meta makeup. Because of inflation, more consumers demand high-quality products at affordable prices. And some trends are here to stay, such as inclusivity and sustainability.

Beauty manufacturers and retailers should always know the latest trends to choose the right products to sell. For more industry news and advice, continue reading the Baba Beauty Blog.

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