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6 Awesome Mini Packaging Trends for Travel

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The convenience of being able to travel with specific products is often hampered by  liquid and gel carry-on allowance restrictions, especially at airports. As a result, travel-sized products have become more popular than ever, allowing consumers not only travel with the product their favorite products but also that their toiletries and beauty products take up less space in their bag. The latest trends in miniature packaging for travel cover everything the consumer could possibly need.

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Global market value of mini packaging
6 trending types of mini packaging for travel
What’s next for mini packaging?

Global market value of mini packaging

When people travel, space is very limited, and oftentimes the consumer isn’t able to take full-sized care or beauty products. As such, many consumers turn towards mini-size beauty products or invest in reusable mini containers. There are many different styles of mini-size packaging for travel in today’s market, giving consumers a fantastic selection of choice.

With more and more people traveling, either for leisure or for work, following a loosening of COVID-19 restrictions, the mini toiletries market is set to witness its largest growth. By 2023, the market is expected to reach US $3.2 billion, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.5% between 2022 and 2030. This is partly thanks to an increase in disposable income among consumers as well as a higher percentage of people traveling internationally on a more regular basis and higher demand for personal care products overall.

6 trending types of mini packaging for travel

Mini packaging for travel comes in all shapes and sizes, and not every type is suitable for all products. While some packaging is ideal for holding liquids, others are more suitable for solids, such as soaps. The top trending types of packaging today include the travel soap box, the leather jewelry organizer, the perfume atomizer, mini shampoo bottles, collapsible lotion containers, and mini jars. Below, we take a closer look at each.

Boxed travel soaps

Not everyone uses liquid soap or enjoys using soap and shampoo from a hotel, so soaps that come in a travel-size box are increasingly popular among this type of discerning consumer. Of course, it’s not uncommon to find the travel soap box inside a hotel, as they’re the perfect way to present a small amount of soap to the guest in an elegant way, but today’s market is seeing an increase in individual consumers also looking to purchase such soaps for personal use.

These soap boxes are ideal for containing a bar of soap while traveling, and can be easily disposed of when no longer in use as they’re made of recyclable materials. For the very eco-conscious consumer though, new, completely reusable travel soap boxes with clasp closures for added protection are gaining traction. 

Leather jewelry organizers

One of the most important things to keep safe while traveling is jewelry, which is why leather jewelry organizers are a big hit among today’s consumers. There are a variety of different styles and sizes when it comes to jewelry organizers, so which one consumers choose will depend on how many pieces they need to store and how much room the consumer can afford to lose in their luggage. 

For the most part, leather jewelry organizers will have multiple compartments that are suitable for different types of jewelry. The bottom portion often contains areas to put loose jewelry, such as rings or bracelets, whereas the lid’s interior incorporates areas to hang necklaces and other jewelry that can become easily tangled. This type of organizer is also available for watches and larger pieces of jewelry.

Perfume atomizers

Quite a lot of fragrance companies now sell miniature perfume bottles in an effort to appeal to consumers who might want to take their fragrances on the go. However, these bottles are often susceptible to spillage and can easily break. This is why perfume atomizers are one of the go-to mini-sized packagings for travel, allowing consumers to easily refill these small containers using their regular-sized perfume bottles.

Perfume atomizers are also made of a sturdier material than most glass perfume bottles, making them much less likely to break when thrown into a bag.

Mini shampoo bottles

When looking at the top mini packaging for travel, the mini shampoo bottle is one of the most popular and instantly recognizable. These bottles can be found everywhere, from online shops to pharmacies, they’re that high in demand. It’s not just their miniature size that draws consumers to them, it’s also their reusability, making them a great long-term investment.

The most common type of mini shampoo bottle is the transparent hard plastic bottle, but in an effort to stand out, some companies have started to use silicone portable bottles, which are equally as effective. These types of mini travel bottles are predominantly used for shampoos or conditioners, but with the addition of a pump lid, they can also be used to carry lotions.

Collapsible lotion containers

For consumers who have very limited space at home, or that tend to use all of their personal care products while they’re away, the collapsible lotion container is growing in popularity as an alternative to mini plastic bottles. These silicone containers can lengthen or shorten in size, depending on how much product is inside. 

These collapsible lotion containers are also perfect for budget reasons, as consumer can reuse the container and don’t need to purchase different sizes. There are a few different styles  on the market to choose from, but the most common varieties come in a cylindrical shape, making them easier to pack and use, and often come in in different colors to appeal more to the consumer.

Mini jars

Mini bottles and containers are perfect for shampoos and lotions, but consumers also love using mini jars to travel. These jars are often made of plastic or bamboo and come with a screw top to ensure that their contents don’t spill out. Travel-sized mini jars are perfect for thicker creams or liquid makeups as well as powders.

There are different sizes to choose from, but for travel purposes, it’s the smallest mini jars that are the most popular as many consumers only have limited space in their carry-on luggage for toiletries and makeup

What’s next for mini packaging?

The popularity of mini-size packaging for travel is on the rise as more consumers head to international destinations and have a larger disposable income to spend on extra travel accessories. The top trending styles of mini-size packaging today include travel soap boxes, leather jewelry organizers, perfume atomizers, mini shampoo bottles, collapsible lotion containers, and mini jars made of plastic or bamboo. 

Collapsible containers have also become a big hit with consumers, and we can expect the market to provide even more innovative styles of travel-size packaging to be introduced as time goes on. It’s also expected that more sustainable materials will be used for this type of packaging, something that’s already being seen with bamboo packaging and is proving to be a popular switch among today’s modern consumers.

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