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Gift Shops Need These 5 Essential Packaging Supplies


Every gift shop needs a wide selection of gift packaging for its customers to choose from. There are different gift shop packaging supplies that can be used to bring a smile to the receiver’s face. This is a guide to the packaging for gift shop items all gift shops should have.

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Factors shaping the gift industry
Must-have packaging for gift shops
Respond to changing consumer behavior

Factors shaping the gift industry

The global gift market is currently estimated at $62 billion, and is anticipated to grow at an annual rate of 2% to reach $68.45 billion by the end of 2024. A growing gifting culture and rise in demand for personalized gifts is driving the market. 85% of gift buyers say that personalization is one of the biggest factors that determine the perfect gift. As a result, many retailers are exploring new ways of offering gift personalization, including through customized packaging.

Additionally, a rise in e-commerce over the past few years has made durable and high-quality gift boxes that can withstand rigorous shipping conditions more common.

Must-have packaging for gift shops

Gift boxes

Lid and base gift boxes in different colors

Gift boxes are important when it comes to packaging gifts. Boxes can protect the gift from damage and allow for easier gift wrapping. They are suitable for both small and delicate items or items that are oddly shaped and difficult to wrap on their own. 

Gift boxes can be made from gray board paper, corrugated cardboard, or white paper. To create a custom gift box, the surface of the box can be finished with a variety of materials, including pearl paper, art paper, virgin paper, flannel, binding cloth, or PU leather. The inside may be filled with satin cloth or die cut foam in the shape of the item.

Cardboard boxes for gift can be designed as a mailer box or a rigid box with lid and base. Details like magnetic closures or silk ribbon will also make the hard cardboard gift box more elegant.

Tissue paper

Pile of multi-colored tissue paper

Tissue paper can be used as filler with other types of packaging or on its own to wrap around a delicate gift. It can be used for packaging items such as coffee mugs, porcelain figurines, clothing, or handbags. Tissue wrapping paper is a good option for gift shop packaging because it is prettier and more breathable than bubble wrap or air cushions.

Tissue paper can come in a variety of colors and prints but a minimalist combination of two colors will generally offer a more refined look. Shredded tissue paper can also be used as filler in gift boxes, bags, or baskets. Businesses should look specifically for acid free tissue paper, which is designed to last longer and be more eco-friendly compared to regular paper.

Gift ribbons

Person holding Merry Christmas gift ribbon

Gift ribbons are used as a finishing touch on presents, generally in combination with another type of gift packaging, such as gift boxes, gift bags, or wrapping paper.

Many types of ribbons can be used for gift-wrapping, and each will come with its own unique look and feel. Raffia and paper ribbons are suitable for food-related presents, while lace, satin, velvet, organza, grosgrain, or braided cords are often used for elegant gifts. 

Gift ribbon also comes in a variety of textures, such as matte, glittery, sheer, feathered, or frayed. Wired ribbon is great for creating high-end bow toppers, while ribbons that come as pre-made adhesive bows or pull bows are ideal as a quick and simple solution. 

Wrapping paper

Pink, blue and white gift wrap leaning on wrapped box

Wrapping paper is decorative paper used for wrapping gifts. Gift wrap is often designed for specific occasions, like Christmas, birthdays, or weddings, and is frequently used together with gift boxes. 

Gift wrapping paper is commonly made from paper printed with ink in saturated colors, patterns, and designs. Kraft wrapping paper is also becoming popular for food items due to its homemade, rustic appeal and its environmentally friendly properties, while cellophane wrap is frequently used for wrapping gift baskets and small treats. 

Gift wrap paper may even be reversible for additional styles or come with grid lines along the back for convenience when wrapping boxes. Gift paper with metallic, glitter, holographic, or foil finishes are also other options that can give gifts extra flair. 

Gift bags

Assorted paper gift bags with handles

Gift bags are decorative bags that can be used to easily hide and transport gifts. These bags are often designed as stand-up shopping bags that can be folded flat for storage purposes. 

Gift shopping bags are commonly made from paper or cardstock and may come with high gloss, matte, or soft touch finishes. Paper shopping bags can be finished with different types of handles made from die cutting, cotton ropes, satin bands, or twisted paper. 

For a unique look, the paper gift bag can be customized with graphics applied through flex printing, screen printing, or hot foil stamping. It may even come with a matching paper card or gift tag hanging from the handle for customers to write personalized messages to the recipient of their gift.

Respond to changing consumer behavior

There are several key packaging supplies a gift shop should stock. Gift boxes and gift bags are fundamental to packaging for gift shops, while tissue paper, gift ribbon, and wrapping paper are decorative details that help make any present feel special and festive.

The growing trend of personalized gifts requires gift shops to attract customers with customizable packaging options. According to Vistaprint, 58% of people say they are more likely to tell others about a personalized gift they received. As a result, gift shops that offer the ability to customize the perfect gift can build customer loyalty and improve word of mouth marketing.

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