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4 Top Scandinavian Lighting Ideas


Scandinavian decor takes on a minimalist approach to home decor, using neutral tones to bring out the natural light and color of a room. It has an airy and clean feel to it while being functional, playing with geometric and sleek designs that are also versatile. The top Scandinavian lighting ideas today are ones that everyone is going to want to have in their home or workspace. 

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Global market value of Scandinavian lighting
Scandinavian lighting ideas everyone will love
What comes next for Scandinavian decor?

Global market value of Scandinavian lighting

The big trend of having Nordic furniture and lighting in the household has continued to grow in recent years, as consumers look to have a more stress-free space to live and work from. This versatile and functional home decor style works to harmonize a space while still being subdued. The top Scandinavian lighting ideas today are some of the most sought after in the market among consumers, and there’s a reason for that.

Looking at the lighting market in general, the global market value reached USD 118 billion in 2019. With a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.3%, that number is expected to reach beyond USD 163 billion by 2027. Scandinavian lighting is highly anticipated to play a big role in the coming years as the market value continues its steady increase in line with consumer demands.

Interior space with desk and thin wooden floor lamp

Scandinavian lighting ideas everyone will love

Despite its minimalist appeal, there are many unique forms of Scandinavian lighting for consumers to choose between. And as this style of decor grows in popularity, more are set to hit the market in the future. The latest Scandinavian lighting ideas to watch out for include the chandelier light, the hanging pendant, floor lamps with natural finishings, and desk lamps that take up minimal space.

Chandelier light

Scandinavian decor is very modern compared to other popular styles of home decor. Its minimalist approach is seen in all aspects of the space, from the furniture down to the lighting. One of the biggest Scandinavian lighting ideas to emerge recently is the use of chandelier lights. The most common place for this light to appear is in the dining or living room, over a table, as it brings more character to the otherwise clean and neutral room.

The chandelier is often designed with multiple layers to give the light more depth despite its simplistic appearance. A big trend to follow right now in terms of chandelier lighting is the use of copper, which gives an industrial look to the space and looks perfect against a white backdrop. All types of metallic pendant lighting are growing in popularity, so this is one to watch.

Open space living room with four modern chandelier ceiling fixtures

Pendant light

Not all consumers want a statement piece incorporated into their decor, which is why the hanging pendant has begun to grow in popularity. This style of lighting is very versatile and can suit a number of different spaces. It works best with higher ceilings and is predominantly found either in kitchens or in living rooms where the light can hang down beside a couch or near a table without taking up any extra space or being in the way.

Like all good Scandinavian designs, the hanging pendant light comes with a few unique features that set it apart from other Scandinavian lighting ideas. These features include the adjustable cable length, anti-glare and flicker-free bulb, holes to allow heat to escape in order to help preserve the life of the light, and the overall simple design of it. That is why it appeals to the modern consumer in a way that larger pieces of lighting don’t. In addition, these features are often incorporated into many versions of the light.

Other styles of pendant lighting include the unique metal cage light, which features slim bars and takes on a retro but minimalist design, and the dome light, which is the perfect type of indoor lighting when paired with sleek and modern decor.

Living and dining room with large white pendant ceiling light

Floor lamp

Scandinavian floor lamps can take on two different design styles: very minimalistic or conforming with nature. The modern and minimalist floor lamps are often made of a thin metal in a dark color, and almost blend into their surroundings. They are noticeable but don’t take away from the rest of the decor of the room. One of the most popular styles is the curved metal floor lamp which will have a larger shade hanging from the top.

A second popular version of the Nordic floor lamp comes with a thin wooden base which makes it look like it’s been taken right from nature. This is a common theme with Scandinavian interior design, as consumers who use this style in their homes want to feel more connected to nature. 

Living room in the evening with corner floor lamp

Desk lamp

Modern versions of desk lamps are incorporating new pieces of technology into them, such as charging ports and wireless usage. Nordic designs are taking a step further though, with many of the minimalist Nordic desk lamps having multiple functions and supporting both indoor and outdoor use. Some are even designed to be hung up if necessary like a lantern.

There are almost endless possibilities when it comes to the designs of Nordic desk lamps, which is why they’re such a big trend among today’s consumers. Functionality is also something to look at with these styles of lamps. For example, some are designed to change shape and can help to hold books and cables when repositioned. There’s something about these innovative Scandinavian lighting ideas that consumers want more and more of.

Modern white desk and chair with metal desk lamp

What comes next for Scandinavian decor?

Scandinavian decor isn’t for everyone, but as more consumers look to live a simpler lifestyle and jump on modern trends, it’s one style that’s only been growing in recent years. Scandinavian lighting ideas such as the chandelier light, hanging pendant light, floor lamp, and minimalistic Nordic desk lamp have all surged in terms of demand and are expected to maintain their popularity. 

In terms of lighting, the Scandinavian designs are some of the most innovative in today’s market as the Nordic countries are often at the forefront of new technologies. Despite their simplicity, new techniques that are emerging will continue to allow designers to take on new adaptations of popular styles of lighting that will appeal to even more potential buyers. The market can expect Scandinavian lighting ideas to continue to be at the top of their game for years to come. 

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