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4 Top Trending False Eyelashes Packaging in 2022


False eyelashes packaging has upped its game in recent years, with companies looking to use more eye-catching packaging to enhance the consumer shopping experience. Fake eyelashes come in many different forms, from classic lashes to eyelash extension kits to magnetic eyelashes, so it’s important that the packaging matches the product in the best way possible. Fake eyelashes with more appealing packaging are almost certain to catch the attention of consumers than with standard packaging.

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False eyelashes packaging on the global stage
Top 4 false eyelashes packaging trends
The future of packaging for false eyelashes

False eyelashes packaging on the global stage

In recent years there has been a growing trend of women looking to enhance their facial features with both makeup and new versions of either lash extensions or false lashes. This trend has marked not only an increase in demand for these products but also a larger demand for higher quality packaging that appeals more to the consumer.

The false eyelashes market is set to reach USD 1.96 billion by the year 2028, which is largely down to the DIY strip lashes growing in popularity. With this increase in demand, packaging for false eyelashes is set to play a significant role in the global cosmetic and beauty packaging market. It’s expected to increase to USD 74.8 billion in 2030 from just USD 37.76 billion in 2021, representing a CAGR of over 7%.

False eyelashes are a very popular beauty trend that doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. To attract the most attention to these eyelashes, packaging is beginning to add to the consumer buying experience, providing a more luxurious feel to the product. Lash boxes, eye-catching boxes with glitter, round boxes that are more eco-friendly, and the more unique diamond-shaped boxes are all current packaging trends to be aware of when it comes to fake eyelashes.

Lash box

There are a lot of cosmetic boxes on the market today that are suitable for false eyelashes. The lash box is a popular choice, as it can be fully customized and come in different sizes to suit the number of lashes inside. These can be changed to appeal to a younger or older audience, which is what makes these boxes so popular with businesses.

Lash boxes are often themed to coincide with the release of a new movie to attract teens. These boxes are the perfect way to gain the attention of the consumer and in many cases, they can be reused for other purposes. Unlike other types of packaging, the lash box can easily hold the eyelashes in a secure place while they’re not being used.

Striped boxes with fake eyelashes and a mirror inside

Biodegradable round box

This round box packaging fits in perfectly with companies who are looking to take a more eco-friendly approach to their packaging since it’s made of biodegradable materials. Rather than simply having a standard cardboard appearance, these round boxes can be customized with any pattern or design to make them as eye-catching as possible to the consumer.

This also means there’s an option of having a logo printed on it. The top part of this box is transparent too, which allows for the 3D lashes and different styles to be shown to customers as easily as possible.

A round storage box for fake eyelashes with clear top

Glitter box

This plastic box with glitter and jewels is the perfect accompaniment to luxury false eyelashes. What makes it popular with consumers is the fact that it looks completely different from other more common types of packaging, and the box can easily be reused and really stands out.

The boxes are capable of fitting different sizes and styles of fake lashes, which makes them one type of packaging that’s constantly in high demand. For consumers looking at purchasing high-end false eyelashes, the packaging needs to be equally as appealing and this type of box does just that.

Small plastic boxes for eyelashes with glitter around edges

Diamond-shaped box

Many forms of packaging are shaped either as a square or rectangle, and while that’s a great option for a large majority of products, it’s the more unique shapes that are really catching the attention of consumers. Diamond-shaped boxes are a big trend right now when it comes to packaging for false eyelashes.

The shape as well as the design of the interior and exterior all work together to create a unique purchasing experience and elevate the product to new levels. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that bring the “wow” factor with them, and these diamond-shaped boxes instantly catch their attention and are memorable too.

Various diamond-shaped boxes to fit false eyelashes inside

The future of packaging for false eyelashes

The world of packaging is constantly changing, with new materials and styles coming to the forefront on a regular basis. There are a lot of packaging options out there to choose from, but diamond boxes, round biodegradable boxes, glitter boxes, and customizable lash boxes are all popular choices in today’s market and really appeal to the consumer.

False eyelashes draw on a particular market, and the packaging is the first thing a consumer notices, so it’s vital that it grabs their attention and is something that will stay in their memory the next time they’re shopping for fake lashes. Today’s beauty trends are leaning heavily in favor of false eyelashes, so it’s expected that more upscale packaging will be needed in the coming years to meet consumer expectations.

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