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Women’s Active Snow Apparel: 5 Trends To Adopt in Autumn/Winter 2023/24


The rise in winter sports draws consumers toward recreational enjoyment and surreal experiences. Interestingly, A/W 23/24 reflects this renewed interest in personal style with multifunctional winter sportswear.

These trends explore awe-inspiring looks with styles that exude commerciality, allowing them to blend in with social settings or in cities. This article highlights five women’s active snow apparel with high potential this season. 

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Overview of the global snow apparel market
5 women’s active snow apparel trending this season
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Overview of the global snow apparel market

Woman posing in the snow with a knit scarf

The rising acceptance of outdoor activities, including snow sports, among urban consumers, is a key driver for increased snow apparel purchases. As a result, experts predict the global snow apparel market will reach US $3.5 billion by 2025 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.4%.

Although the men’s segment accounted for the highest generated revenue of US $1.5 billion in 2018, marketing experts expect the women’s category to register the fastest growth rate of 5.9% from 2019 to 2025. They attribute this potential to the rising number of women consumers from developing countries like South Africa, China, and Mexico.

In addition, the offline distribution channel dominated with a 76.5% share in 2018. Consumers preferred to shop from physical retail stores for verification, helping to propel this segment’s growth. Also, the offline category attracts customers with high discounts.

On the other hand, experts anticipate online channels will expand at a speedy 6.1% CAGR from 2019 to 2025. They make this prediction due to the rising popularity of e-commerce platforms as retail mediums for consumers.

Regionally, North America led the global market, accounting for a share of 37.8% in 2018. However, Asia Pacific will expand at the highest 6.3% CAGR over the forecast period.

5 women’s active snow apparel trending this season

1. Printed base-layers

Fun and bold prints are refreshing essential base layers this season, directing their appeal toward a broader market. Printed base layers can also make a scene in various sports markets, allowing women to rock them for winter sports, camping, and running.

Consumers can flex a layering ensemble without comfortable base layers, and one way they can add these undergarments to their wardrobes is through base layer tops. Offer long-sleeved base layer tops in eye-catching prints, preferably variants with heavier-weight fabric. Also, consider opting for tops with zipper details to provide a more technical aesthetic.

Alternatively, women may opt for short-sleeved options for activities like hiking. In that case, retailers can gravitate toward lightweight and breathable variants, such as the base-layer vest top. Ladies can wear them alone or as part of a comfy layered outfit.

Printed base-layer leggings are the perfect stylish option for warmth when snowboarding or skiing. Women can opt for full-length thermal variants or rock slightly shorter lengths. Interestingly, onesies also make for an excellent base layer. Finally, add some bold prints to the technical ninja suit to increase its appeal for various occasions.

2. Après-ski robe

Woman wearing a white Après-ski robe in a bathroom

This transitional comfort-led robe is the go-to for women looking for the perfect garment to rock between mountain activities. The item’s thermal textiles ensure the wearer stays warm during rejuvenation sessions, like spa recovery.

However, like every other robe, consumers can wear après-ski robes in various styles. For starters, ladies can style them as classic robes. Though it feels lazy, it’s a surprisingly fabulous way women can rock this robe for lounging around before the next activity.

Consumers can take the après-ski robe beyond the slopes and wear them as a duster. Think of throwing them over a T-shirt and jeans ensemble for an easy yet chic outfit. In addition, ladies can reverse this style by making the robe the outfit’s focus.

They can rock an après-ski robe over their clothes and don a snazzy jacket over it to add a touch of edginess. But that’s not all. Wearers can also experiment with other layering options to see what look they can create with this stylish (and comfortable) robe.

3. Hybrid snowsuit

Snowsuits are classic fashion items that have smoothly transitioned from the slopes to streetwear. Interestingly, A/W 23/24 revives the piece while updating it with functional textiles and innovative technologies.

Designs with hybrid quilting will emerge this season with styles that blend durability and style. In addition, sleek minimalist designs will meet storage detailing, allowing women to carry necessary items for extended adventures.

What’s more? This season’s hybrid snowsuit comes equipped with waterproof storage spaces, protecting the wearer’s valuables from unpredictable weather conditions. Furthermore, retailers can create interest by opting for variants with monochromatic prints and tactile structures.

Consider leveraging adjustable features like flexible snap closures and waist belts to offer designs with inclusive fits. Snowsuits are not only warm and comfortable, but they also make loud fashion statements.

Interestingly, hybrid snowsuits have a genderless appeal. As a result, women can style them in various ways for off-the-slope activities.

4. Meta jacket

Lady rocking a brown meta jacket while walking her dog

Metaverse trends don’t seem to be fading away soon, and they keep increasing their fashionable presence. But what happens when you blend the metaverse with puffer jackets? The birth of the meta jacket trend–this insulated outerwear is the warmest and coolest style consumers will crave this winter.

However, this snow apparel trend focuses on oversized puffer jackets, imbuing them with a meta streetwear aesthetic and high fill power. High sheen finishes and bold contrasting trims help transform the plain garment into a statement piece. From basic monochrome designs to colorful digital prints, there’s an option for everyone with numerous styling options.

Ladies who prefer bold styles over basic ones will love pop color meta jackets. Once ladies find their preferred bright puffer, they only need to pair it with subdued items to keep the outfit balanced. Since the meta jacket will be the ensemble’s focus, a pair of skinny black jeans and fitted T-shirts would keep the outfit chic, not unbearable.

A muted color meta jacket with  snow pants would be the go-to combo for the minimalistic consumer. However, it’s a stylish option for consumers looking for casual outfits with a slight edge. In addition, ladies can pair the piece with their favorite jeans or fashionable denim skirts.

5. Modular mountain shell

Lady in a black shell jacket making a snow angel

Inclusive sizing and designs signal the shift toward refreshing technical outerwear this season. In this regard, the Modular mountain shell creates reliable, quality snow wear and adds subtle exciting detailing, like removable storage, powder skirt, expressive design panels, and interior strips. Interestingly, these features combine to imbue this piece with an incredible multi-seasonal relevance.

The beauty of a modular mountain shell is that it’s simple to style. Consumers can find them in every material, from sherpa to teddy cloth and different designs. In addition, this piece is compatible with various styles, ranging from activewear to a preppy New England aesthetic.

Throwing a modular mountain shell over activewear is the easiest way women can rock this piece. They can wear it over their favorite leggings and T-shirt ensemble to look effortlessly chic. However, most modular mountain shells fit similarly to long-sleeve jumpers, so ladies will want opaque leggings to rock this outfit without overexposure.

Women can add a layer of warmth to their jeans and T-shirt ensemble with a modular mountain shell. It’s the perfect outfit for ladies looking for insulation without throwing on a heavy coat. Alternatively, consumers can rock this outerwear over dresses, whether maxi or skater. They can try taking the jacket and dress for a monochromatic or tonal spin for an elevated look.

Concluding words

A/W 23/24 is heading into a new era of women’s snow apparel as streetwear and urban influences exercise free reign over statement pieces. Meta jackets merge online with offline, while Après-ski robes have designs for multifunctional use.

Printed base layers update conventional designs with circular solutions, and hybrid snowsuits embrace a digitally inspired color palette. Lastly, modular mountain shells build out a more inclusive size range.

These are the women’s active snow apparel trends to leverage before A/W 23/24 sales kick off.

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