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5 Awesome Hair Masks With Huge Potentials in 2023


Hair masks are gaining attention in 2023 as consumers continue to seek salon-perfect hairstyles at home. Interestingly, these products are becoming widespread due to their convenient, results-driven, and deeply nourishing benefits.

Recent years provided opportunities for consumers to prioritize hair health and integrity over flashy styles, making hair masks an essential part of daily routines. This rising potential also creates more chances for retailers to ride the market and make sustainable sales and profits.

This article will explore the top innovators in the hair mask industry and discuss why businesses should follow the trend. Before that, keep reading to find the hair mask market analysis.

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Is the hair mask market profitable in 2023?
5 hair mask trends female consumers love
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Is the hair mask market profitable in 2023?

Although the global hair mask market grew to $597.7 million in 2018, reports suggest it will reach $886.4 million by 2026. Experts foresee the industry registering a CAGR of 5.1% from 2019 to 2026. The rising concern for maintaining hair quality is one primary factor driving this market’s growth.

Millennial consumers are often conscious of their looks. They take various measures and employ the help of different products to improve their overall appearance. Hair masks are one of the many products witnessing a demand surge from millennials in recent years. For this reason, the increasing purchasing power of the millennial population will pave opportunities for the global market’s growth.

Hair products made from synthetic materials were popular because of their affordability and availability. However, the rising awareness about the side effect of synthetic cosmetics encourages a shift toward products with natural ingredients. Interestingly, this change further drives the hair mask market’s profitability.

5 hair mask trends female consumers love

Bread Beauty Supply

Woman with hair mask applied facing sideways

Bread Beauty Supply is a vegan brand focusing on products for natural and textured hair. It creates haircare products with natural ingredients sourced from native Australia. In addition, the U.S.-based brand eliminates the curl bias by prioritizing all curly types, including ones with natural characteristics.

This brand offers haircare product collections streamlined to the needs of consumers with naturally curly hair. Bread Beauty Supply’s offerings include the Hair Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner with designs capable of replacing classic conditioners.

Bread Beauty Supply’s hair masks have formulas created from Australian Kakadu plum and starflower oil. This product hydrates and leaves curls smooth and feather-weight.

Sellers can glean this brand’s ideals by providing simple ways to perform haircare routines. The ideal way to achieve this is by stocking up on multi-functional products that hydrate, treat, and cleanse at once. Enhance the idea of two-in-one hair products with ranges for various hair types.


Woman looking at hair products for a beauty routine

Kocostar draws inspiration from the skincare industry to produce a range of home hair packs similar to sheet masks. This K-beauty brand strays away from the traditional wet hair mask style by offering products modeled after facial masks.

These innovative products have designs taking the shape of a formula-enriched cap. Consumers can wrap them around their hair and let the magic happen. Interestingly, it nourishes, moisturizes, and soothes the hair for twenty minutes. Kocostar’s hair sheet mask comprises natural ingredients like amino acids, keratin, and herbal extracts.

In addition, the brand focuses on ingredients with properties that can strengthen weak strands. Kocostar’s hair masks leverage the rising beauty snacking trend by offering ultimate convenience. Their designs allow consumers to use them while working or resting. Also, the ingredients stay securely inside the mask and won’t stain clothes or surfaces when working on the user’s hair.

Retailers can action this K-beauty brand’s approach to hair care by upgrading single-use items into reusable variants. This move will appeal to environmentally conscious consumers while offering maximum convenience. Invest in cotton-based or towel wraps users can infuse with treatments when necessary. 


Woman applying hair mask in the shower

INNOluxe takes a different approach to haircare by utilizing protein technology to develop color-protecting hair masks. These products have designs delivering streamlined benefits from cortex to cuticle. The British brand developed an AminoBond Complex that uses multi-weight proteins to enrich the hair in all regions.

INNOluxe adds this complex to all its hair masks, allowing smaller proteins to permeate & strengthen the hair’s inner structure and higher weights to style and provide protective films. Maintaining and protecting hair color is this brand’s primary motive. 

For instance, INNOluxe’s #SAVED mask nourishes and hydrates the hair by combining the AminoBond Complex with olive oil, grapeseed & corn extracts, and baobab protein. This mixture also enhances and retains hair color.

Following the footsteps of INNOluxe means businesses investing in hair masks with sophisticated formulas and multi-use. Stray away from hair masks marketed as relaxing treats and focus on variants providing semi-permanent hair color with or without saloon visits.


Woman applying hair mask on her brown hair

Prioritizing pure botanicals in products for textured hair is VanaNaturals’ specialty. The brand provides all-around treatments for the user’s scalp and hair follicles. Tapping into the thriving scalp care category makes the Cape Town-based brand different. Its product offerings include a range of natural hair masks for textured hair.

One perfect example is VanaNaturals’ “Make Me Strong Deep Conditioning Hibiscus Mask.” this product combines grapeseed, aloe vera, avocado oils, and argan. The hair mask’s formula is designed to revive damaged & dry hair while revealing soft, bouncy, and moisturized curls after use.

In addition, the above product example contains black cumin oil, which helps to soothe the scalp and remove irritations—because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal capabilities. Interestingly, the ingredient can also boost hair growth due to a naturally occurring reaction called thymoquinone. VanaNaturals also ensures the use of ethically-sourced, organic, and natural ingredients in all its product ranges.

Sellers can look toward haircare items drawing inspiration from the skincare industry. Capitalize on product ranges like masks, scrubs, and serums, focusing on scalp treatment.


Woman combing her hair after applying hair mask

Braes is not the typical “all-natural” hair care brand. It focuses primarily on the local Egypt market, appealing to domestic consumers with natural formulas. The Cairo-based brand frequently engages on social media and even started a 30-day Ramadan Challenge to promote its hair mask offerings.

A strong Instagram presence and a local appeal rest under this brand’s belt. Braes deep conditioning hair mask has a design suitable for all hair types but tailored to benefit curly hair. But that’s not all. This brand attracts domestic consumers by leveraging regional celebrations and holidays. 

Sellers may consider stocking up on products catering to a specific local market. However, they must avoid appropriating traditions, holidays, and iconography for profits only. Invest in items with the right message and product offerings.

Bottom line

Investing in products with scalp-friendly ingredients is one way to leverage the hair mask market. Before stocking up, ensure the hair masks have lightweight textures that won’t weigh down the scalp.

Embrace natural curls by opting for formulas that nourish all curl types, including 4C coils. Also, capitalize on products facilitating simple haircare routines. They should be able to replace conditioners and help reduce a complicated, multi-step process. 

Drawing inspiration from Bread Beauty Supply, Kocostar, INNOluxe, VanaNaturals, and Braes will help retailers maintain sustainable sales and profits in 2023.

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