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5 Fantastic Skincare Products for Traveling in Summer 2024

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Summer is coming, and not everyone will spend the sunny season locked up at home. Many consumers plan weekend or far-away travel to make the most of the summer holidays. But no travel experience is complete without a travel skin care kit!

Ladies don’t have to stop skincare because of a “trip.” They can keep their skin looking and feeling great even on the go. But that’s only possible when they’ve secured the right products.

This article will explore five travel-friendly skincare products women want to take on their adventures in the summer of 2024.

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The state of the skincare market in 2024
5 travel-friendly skincare products for summer trips
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The state of the skincare market in 2024

Skincare is one of the biggest markets globally. Experts report that the global skincare industry rounded up 2023 with a US $142.14 billion value. Now, they forecast revenue for the market will hit US $196.20 billion by the end of 2030, expecting a 4.7% increase over the estimated period.

The skincare product market has witnessed impressive growth due to the influence of popular content creators and the emergence of organic skincare. Here are some skincare market highlights:

  • The female segment remains dominant, accounting for over 61% of the revenue share in 2022. While the male segment will grow at a speedy 5.0% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), experts predict females will lead over the forecast period.
  • Face creams and moisturizers led the product market in 2022, generating 42.11% of the total revenue.
  • Asia-Pacific generated the largest revenue in 2022, accounting for 39.65%. North America comes in second, as experts predict it will experience a 4.4% CAGR from 2024 to 2030.

5 travel-friendly skincare products for summer trips

1. Facial cleansers

Smiling woman applying a facial cleanser

Since facial cleansers are already a necessary part of skincare routines, it makes sense that they’ll be on a woman’s beauty travel list. These products are multifunctional, making them the perfect item to take on trips.

Facial cleansers are a quick way to remove excess oil and dirt from the face when on the go. And if ladies are on makeup, they can double as makeup removers. Some facial cleansers (like micellar water) don’t require sinks—they can make beauty routines on camping trips hassle-free.

Nevertheless, finding the best facial cleanser to sell may be tricky because of the vast options available. But here are a few pointers to know which ones may be best for target consumers.

  • Gel cleansers (60,500 monthly searches): These products offer a clear, gel-like consistency with cleaning and exfoliating properties. They’re the best options for women with oily, acne-prone skin.
  • Cream cleansers (49,500 monthly searches): These are often thicker, but they have moisturizing properties. Cream cleansers take care of the skin without removing its natural oils, making them perfect for dry or sensitive skin.
  • Foam cleansers (201,000 monthly searches): These solutions are lighter than the others and will create a foamy lather when consumers use them. Foam cleansers can eliminate excess oil, like gel cleansers, and leave the skin fresh. They’re ideal for consumers with combination skin.

2. Hydrating moisturizers

Woman using a hydrating moisturizer

When it comes to looking healthy, the skin doesn’t take a break! Consumers will need a splash of moisture (no, not water!) to keep their skin hydrated and healthy on trips. That’s why businesses must offer them hydrating moisturizers.

Moisturizers are ointments, cream emulsions, or balms packed with emollients that keep the skin hydrated. These products hydrate the skin’s surface layers by sealing and locking in moisture and nutrients.

But that’s not all. Hydrating moisturizers also protect the skin from environmental irritants—a helpful feature for consumers with sensitive skin who are adventurous. And if these handy products are not trapping moisture, they will restore it to the skin’s outer layer, especially when the user feels parched.

While the most basic use for moisturizers is preventing and hydrating dry skin, they can do way more than that. With continued use, these products can also improve the skin barrier, so consumers may need them for more than just their trips.

Some hydrating moisturizers have anti-aging ingredients that keep the skin looking firm and wrinkle-free while improving skin tone and texture. Ladies can use moisturizers to lock in serums’ active ingredients and nutrients.

Based on Google Ads data, moisturizers are one of the most popular skincare products, drawing in 673,000 searches monthly in 2023.

3. Self-tanners

Multiple self-tanners on a table

Who doesn’t like a tan when relaxing at a tropical destination? But such trips are not the only way to enjoy the vacation glow. Self-tanners are here as healthy alternatives to baking in the sun on beaches.

What makes self-tanners so safe? These products don’t require exposure to UV light. That means not bathing in harmful radiation and increasing the chances of skin cancer. And they work in an interesting way.

Most self-tanning products come with DHA (dihydroxyacetone), an active ingredient for creating the famous “healthy glow.” It makes a non-toxic reaction with the amino acids on the skin’s dead layer to produce the tan effect. The results are also not permanent!

Self-tanners performed excellently at the peak of summer 2023. They averaged 366,000 searches monthly from June to September, showing interest spikes around this period. They still held some interest in winter, raking in 165,000 searches monthly in November and December.

4. SPF

Woman applying sunscreen lotion outside

Summer trips mean going outdoors to face the harsh sun. While it’s a thrilling experience, too much sun exposure is not great for the skin. But luckily, consumers can pack sunscreen to enjoy the summer days without worries.

However, businesses can’t just offer any kind of sunscreen. It must have an SPF of 30 or higher for maximum effectiveness. But how will a sunscreen lotion protect the skin? These formulas come packed with active ingredients that prevent the skin from absorbing UV rays.

Here’s a table showcasing different SPF levels to target for consumers going on summer trips:

SPF levelUV-ray blocking percentageSun exposure time extensionAdditional notes
SPF 1593%15 times longer than unprotected skinOffers basic protection, suitable for cloudy days or short sun exposure.
SPF 3097%30 times longer than unprotected skinRecommended for everyday use, especially for moderate sun exposure.
SPF 5098%50 times longer than unprotected skinOffers strong protection from intense sun exposure or fair skin.
SPF 50+98%Similar to 50 but offers slightly more protection

Sunscreens gathered impressive search interest throughout 2023 because of how necessary they are. These products averaged 1,000,000 searches in FY 2023, growing from 673,000 at the start of the year.

5. Hydrating lip balms

Lady using a hydrating lip balm

Lips may not be the skin, but they are equally important. They also need the TLC (total love and care) skin received during the summer. It’s easy for lips to get dry, especially when basking in the summer sun or enjoying other activities.

However, consumers can keep their lips hydrated and eye-catching throughout their vacation with hydrating lip balms. Interestingly, these lip products can also provide buildable colors and glossy finishes while nourishing the lips.

Businesses can also opt for variants with SPF. That way, consumers can shield their lips from the sun’s harmful rays while keeping them hydrated. And they’re compact enough to carry around!

Hydrating lip balms also pulled in an impressive performance in 2023. They closed the year with an outstanding 673,000 searches.

Closing words

Summer is a great time to hit the road. Beaches, parks, and campsites are all places consumers flock to enjoy their brief time in warm weather. However, summer is not an excuse to take a break from skincare routines, and many consumers share this sentiment.

So, instead of leaving all skincare products behind, women will search for travel-friendly variants to enhance their summer trip experience. Step into their line of sight by investing in facial cleansers, hydrating moisturizers, self-tanners, SPF, and hydrating lip products.

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