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5 Beautiful Brass Instrument Trends to Watch


The popularity of musical instruments has exploded in recent years, with the addition of more music classes in schools and the ability to stream live musical performances through social media. 

There are many types of musical instruments for the consumer to choose from, and the latest brass instruments trends are causing a positive stir in the market.

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Global market value of brass instruments
What are brass instruments?
Top 5 brass instruments trends
The future of brass instruments

Global market value of brass instruments

The rise of brass instruments within the musical instruments market comes as a result of more consumers being involved in orchestras and other group performances such as marching bands. 

Social media has also helped to elevate brass instruments in the eyes of consumers. Playing an instrument is now a very popular extracurricular activity that’s become more accessible to a wider range of consumers from across the globe.

In 2021 the global musical instruments market reached US $12.95 billion, and with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 2.4% it’s expected to reach at least US $14.54 billion by 2026. In 2020 brass instruments alone accounted for US $214 million, with the USA and Germany being the two biggest importers. 

What are brass instruments?

Brass instruments are predominantly used in orchestras, and can be defined as any type of wind instrument that uses the player’s lip to create the vibration against a funnel-shaped mouthpiece. 

This initial vibration is what causes the next vibration in the air column to produce the noise. This includes instruments such as the trumpet, French horn, and the trombone. 

Top 5 brass instruments trends

Brass instruments make a distinct noise that helps to bring together an orchestra or large musical production group. Although these instruments are traditionally made of brass, today’s versions are often given a more physically appealing upgrade. 

The latest brass instruments trends to follow include gold lacquer trombones, copper horn cones, gold lacquer saxhorns, silver plated flutes, and silver plated euphonium nozzles.

1. Gold lacquer trombone

A gold lacquer trombone on a white background

The trombone is one of the best and most popular of the brass instruments. Its very simple design means that it’s easier to learn than other instruments, and it’s also perfect for coordination as well as general fitness due to the large lung capacity needed to play it. 

What makes them great for people starting out on their musical instrument journey is the fact that they can be relatively inexpensive compared to other brass instruments.

One of the biggest brass instruments trends right now is the gold lacquer trombone. Lacquer is often applied to brass instruments to help with their maintenance, as it protects the brass from rust and dirt. The addition of the gold lacquer also adds a touch of class to the instrument and makes it look like a high-end trombone.  

2. Copper horn cone

A gold lacquer copper horn cone on white background

The cone is one of the most fragile parts of a trumpet, and over time it’s often necessary to change it. The main reason for it becoming damaged is corrosion which can be as a result of overuse or poor storage and blockage. 

Having a horn cone that’s been poorly maintained can seriously affect the overall sound of the instrument, so the copper horn cone is a popular replacement piece to have on hand. 

3. Gold lacquer sax horn

A gold lacquer sax horn laid on its side

The sax horn is a unique member of the brass instruments family that became popular in the US, UK, and France due to its deep pitch. It’s designed for band use and there are a few different styles of the sax horn for consumers to choose from based on the sound they want to produce. 

Just like with the trombone, gold lacquer has become a popular addition to the sax horn for maintenance purposes. This dazzling brass instruments trend includes a durable valve, a clean sound, and quick rebound strings that are a big hit with consumers. 

The sax horn is an instrument that’s easy to play and comfortable to hold, so the market is expecting demand for it to increase in the coming years.  

4. Silver plated flute

A silver plated flute lying down with white background

The flute is one of the smallest brass instruments available on the market, but it’s still a popular option among consumers. It has a long rooted history, but as the flute has evolved over the years the complexity of it has increased as well, so it’s not the best option for an introduction into brass instruments. However, for the experienced player this is the best instrument to learn how to play as it differs quite a bit from instruments. 

Silver plating is a growing brass instruments trend that’s now involving the flute. It’s a very common finish for this type of musical instrument as it doesn’t affect the original sound too much, yet it gives off a nice polished finish that many flute players really like. 

Silver is known to tarnish easily though, so it’s important to wipe down the silver plated flute after use and keep it in a case to reduce the amount of times it’s polished. 

5. Silver plated euphonium mouthpiece

A silver plated mouthpiece meant for a euphonium

Brass instruments come in all shapes and sizes, and the euphonium fits somewhere in between as a medium sized instrument. This is another type of band instrument that’s popular in both the UK and the US, and isn’t too difficult to learn so it’s a big hit within schools as well. As with all instruments, it’s important to keep the mouthpiece clean or replace it when necessary.

The silver plated euphonium mouthpiece is a big brass instruments trend to follow right now. Some mouthpieces are gold plated, but these are often avoided by consumers in the event that they get an allergic reaction when playing with it. 

Silver also feels more secure when using it and will help to create a darker tone than other materials. Silver plating is showing up in many different pieces of musical equipment and is only growing in demand.

The future of brass instruments

The rise in popularity of musical instruments has created a greater demand for brass instruments in particular. These types of instruments are more often used in bands or orchestras, so they are a good investment for schools and music clubs to make. 

The latest brass instruments trends include the gold lacquer trombone, the copper horn cone, the gold lacquer sax horn, the silver plated flute, and silver plated mouthpieces for euphoniums. 

As traditional musical instruments start to collide with modern pieces of equipment, the market is expecting a big demand for electronic devices that can assist the consumer while playing their instrument. 

It’s also anticipated that electric brass instruments will be introduced into the market, much the same as electric guitars were. Musical instruments are once again starting to rival sports as a popular activity among children.

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