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5 Beauty Salon Equipment Trends Worth Investing in 2024

A beauty salon stocked with various equipment

Starting a new salon is an exciting adventure for beauty enthusiasts, with a never-ending variety of how things could look and feel. Unfortunately, this breadth of choice is also the thing that confounds new owners, frozen amidst the thousands of types of salon equipment available. But things don’t have to be this way – sellers can help whittle down the prospects and make a profit at the same time. 

This article highlights five pieces of beauty salon equipment that new owners and established businesses stand to improve their enterprises with.

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Overview of the beauty salon equipment market
Beauty salon equipment: 5 trends to capitalize on in 2024

Overview of the beauty salon equipment market

Woman tending to a client sitting in front of a mirror

Beauty salon equipment, part of the larger salon service industry, was estimated to be worth US $230.64 billion in 2023 and predicted to grow to US $383.88 billion by 2030 at a 7.55% CAGR.

Salon owners require different pieces of equipment to provide multiple services, including those for skin treatment, hair care, and cosmetic procedures, helping to further boost the market’s growth. Other factors include ongoing innovations in the salon market and the growing availability of personal care services around the world.

Regionally, Europe is currently the leading market for salon treatments with a US $65.04 billion share, with experts predicting it will continue its dominance throughout the forecast period. North America stood  as the second-largest market in 2022.

Beauty salon equipment: 5 trends to capitalize on in 2024

Female beautician doing a routine check in her salon

Salon facial machines

Woman receiving beauty treatment in a beauty salon parlor

Salon facial machines are necessary for offering skilled facial treatments that are almost impossible with basic tools like steamers or magnifying lamps. Below are some of the best types to consider in 2024.

Facial steamers

Beautician doing facial treatment for client

These tools are particularly useful, serving multiple functions for the best facial experience. Usually, salon owners use these tools to simply moisturize and cleanse the skin, but they can do so much more.

For example, facial steamers use steam to open up the user’s pores, promoting improved blood circulation throughout the face and other areas. They received 14,800 searches in November 2023, an increase from 9,900 in October (based on Google Ads data).

Ice rollers

Woman in white using ice rollers on her face

While facial steamers are great, many clients prefer ice rollers for their facial skincare needs. Ice rollers are the go-to for addressing acne, minimizing skin redness, reducing wrinkles/lines, relaxing the skin, and relieving muscle pain.

Ice rollers are more popular than facial steamers online, averaging 74,000 searches monthly, which has remained consistent since August.

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers

Woman having her face groomed with ultrasonic face scrubber

Ultrasonic skin scrubbers are a must-have for estheticians, and they’re especially popular for clients looking for intense facials. These facial tools are also perfect for facelift aftercare, especially for clients wanting deep cleaning and enhanced serum and moisturizer absorption.

According to Google Ads data, ultrasonic skin scrubbers attracted 12,100 searches in November 2023. Search interest for these tools remained consistent from May to November 2023.

Hair steamers

Woman getting her hair steamed in a hair steamer

Everyone who follows the latest beauty trends has heard of hair steamers. These gadgets douse the hair with a burst of steam, which helps open the hair cuticles and softens the hair so that products can enter deeper, giving the strands long-lasting moisture and strength.

Hair steamers are also the go-to for refreshing curls and removing impurities or scalp buildups. Usually, salons will look for handheld or hooded machines to offer the perfect hair care. Alternatively, they may seek hair steamer caps, which provide similar benefits.

The best part is that anyone can use these tools. Whether clients have natural hair or low porosity, a round of steaming can help the user’s retain moisture.

Hair steamers are also enjoying popularity boosts in 2023, getting 27,100 searches from May to October. Meanwhile, searches shot to 33,100 in November.

Beauty salon chairs

Interior of salon with beauty chairs

What’s a beauty salon without furniture? Clients love a comfy place to sit while technicians work on various parts of their bodies, and there is an endless variety of salon chairs out there, each offering something different.

One such option is styling chairs, providing comfort and support for clients and stylists. These chairs often come with high-quality cushioning for clients to provide support and comfort during lengthy appointments.

They also come packed with features like reclining backrests and footrests, allowing for personalized comfort positions. In addition, the chair’s hydraulic pump helps stylists adjust the height for the most comfortable and efficient positions.

And don’t forget the swivel features! These seats can easily rotate, granting access to all areas of the client’s head and hair. Some also offer removable armrests to accommodate different styling techniques.

Other chairs include shampoo, pedicure, and dryer chairs – there’s literally a chair for whatever service a salon wants to offer. It’s one of the reasons why salon chairs are getting a lot of attention (up to 60,500 monthly searches based on Google Ads data).

Electric massage beds

Woman lying flat on her side on an electric massage bed

Salons and spas are where urbanites go for relaxation. So what better way to pamper and rejuvenate than via an electric massage bed?

These beds offer the calming, alluring experience consumers desire when they set foot into such establishments. Their ergonomic designs adjust to different body contours and types for the ultimate massage experience.

Most massage beds also have adjustable controls, allowing them to deliver tailored therapies to each client, pampering while they lie back and relax. 

If that’s not reason enough to consider stocking up on them, just look at the stats: electric massage beds attracted 40,500 searches monthly in 2023.

Hair stylist tools

A set of hair stylist tools

Most ladies don’t consider a spa experience complete without getting their hair done, which means salons must stay on top of demands by having the right tools.

Luckily, salon owners only need a few select items to prepare their establishments for any hair request. Below is a list of the popular hair styling tools (backed by Google Ads data) to complete any salon inventory:


Opening a new salon or upgrading existing equipment can be stressful, but the process can be eased by stocking several essentials that cover a range of client services – in this article, we covered five such products.

Salon facial machines offer the TLC consumers need for facials, while beauty salon chairs keep them comfortable while receiving various services, and hair steamers provide an impressive hair care experience. In addition, electric massage beds are the go-to for perfect massage sessions, while hair stylist tools ensure salon owners are ready to handle any hair styling requests.

Leverage these trends to attract more salon owners and make sales in 2024. For all of your salon sourcing needs, browse the thousands of items on Alibaba.com.

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