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5 Personal Care Packaging Trends to Watch Out for


Typically, the phrase “personal care products” refers to an assortment of items found in the health or beauty isles of departmental stores. The demand for these products has risen exponentially over the years, and categories that were only considered for women are now catering to men too.

As more customers demand personal care products and need them delivered to their doorsteps, businesses must refine their packaging to ensure a satisfactory retail experience. This article highlights the latest packaging trends for personal care products that customers will love.

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The market for personal care packaging
5 of the latest personal care packaging trends
How to choose the right packaging for personal care products?
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The market for personal care packaging

Packaging for personal care products is designed to keep the contents safe and enhance their appeal. This guide will focus on packaging for beauty and skincare products. According to Mordor Intelligence, the Global Personal Care Packaging Market was valued at USD 27.31 billion in 2020. It is expected to hit USD 35.47 billion in 2026, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.66% from 2021 to 2026.

Personal care packaging is integral in product marketing as it adds to the visual appeal and contains relevant information about the contents. With growing concerns of customers regarding the safety and aesthetics of these products, wholesalers should to stock suitable packages to improve the overall shopping experience for customers.

5 of the latest personal care packaging trends

Aluminum cans with lids

a rectangular tin box with lid

The personal care packaging industry is gradually moving towards tinplate and aluminum containers. Part of their appeal is that these metals are customizable and adhere to market needs.

Recently, the Aluminum Association has kept track of recycling rates of aluminum cans. This report discovered that people appreciate aluminum for its portable, lightweight, and sustainable qualities. Since travelers usually bring self-care products with them on trips, this information is valuable for personal care packaging suppliers willing to capitalize on eco-friendly solutions for portable beauty solutions.

Another part of the charm of these containers is their preservation. Even when the cosmetic product is completely consumed, the tin containers can be saved as a reminder, especially if the product is received as a gift. So instead of disposing of them, one can hang on to the containers to store small items or simply evoke beautiful memories.

Customized dropper bottles

a transparent dropper bottle

Dropper bottles have held a steadfast position in the personal care packaging industry. Their distinctive characteristics make it likely that they will remain in high demand. Thus, there are no risks when wholesalers stock customized dropper bottles for their clients.

The “drop by drop” feature of these bottles ensures there is little or no product wasted. This level of care of packaging demonstrated by the personal product brands projects a positive image to their customers. Another perk of using dropper bottles is their safety. Tight closure prevents air and water from entering the bottles.

Considering how people are always looking for ways to maximize their products’ life, using custom dropper bottles is one of the best strategies to grab their attention. Wholesalers who offer customizable dropper bottles experience more sales than those who don’t.

Airproof acrylic bottles

an acrylic container with lid

A wide variety of personal care product packaging is made of acrylic. Its convenience and hygienic qualities make it one of the most sought-after products in the personal care packaging industry. 

Acrylic is made of plastic that looks like glass. It can be colored or tinted and comes in various shapes and sizes. Retailers and wholesalers should keep a well-rounded collection to cater to the varying market demands.

One of its biggest selling points is its low cost compared to other materials. In addition, some retailers are also offering options like airproof and custom acrylic bottles. This helps the contents to stay fresh, and personal care product companies can easily highlight their products’ details.

Eco-friendly wheat straw jars

an eco friendly wooden container

The increasing waste in landfills due to personal care packaging has caused concern. As a result, manufacturers and consumers are now appreciating reusable and recyclable packaging.

For instance, newly-introduced wheat straw jars are popular nowadays. The lid design protects the product. And, people can reuse cans to refill more personal care products, reducing waste.

Wholesalers should not undermine the importance of customization. It has been noted that clients prefer tailoring wheat straw cosmetic jars to reflect their brands. This enhances their market reputation while keeping the contents secure.

Customized paper packaging tubes

paper rolls to make personal care packaging tubes

Paper packaging reinforces the message of sustainability. Personal care product buyers have shown a distinct attraction toward paper-based packaging.

Visual appeal is still an essential factor in e-commerce, where people desire to get complete information about products. The design and messaging on customized paper tubes must be clear. It should provide information that the product is lightweight and doesn’t use hazardous packaging materials.

Personalized care packages made with paper are a high priority in the health sector. Most care packages for old persons and sick patients are curated with recyclable paper. This fact makes it vital for the dealers of packaging for personal care to accept custom orders. Instead of targeting cosmetic companies for paper packaging tubes, they should also market products to healthcare companies.

How to choose the right packaging for personal care products?

More people are expected to embrace healthy lifestyles and hygienic habits over time. This should translate into rising volumes of personal care packaging options available in wholesale stores. When considering what personal care packaging products should be prioritized in one’s inventory, it is important to focus on the following factors:


Brands from all sectors are actively participating in redesigning their packaging. They wish to reduce their carbon footprint and enhance their corporate social responsibility.

When choosing the best packaging for personal care, retailers should prioritize the following measures:

  • Use environmentally friendly materials, like paper and natural fibers
  • Reduce waste
  • Reuse the packaging multiple times before disposing of it


Companies are aiming for packaging that helps consumers make informed decisions. Every brand has a story and a unique personality. They wish to convey those ideas to their prospective buyers.

Packaging for personal care products isn’t an exception either. Wholesalers with a vast range of customized packaging witness higher demand from the beauty and personal care industry.


An attractive design complements usability and enhances functionality. The aesthetics of a product can make or break a sale. Buyers are attracted to products that please their eyes, incorporate bright colors, and have unique elements. This is why wholesalers and retailers in the packaging industry receive significant orders of fancy packaging for personal care.

As of now, clean packaging labels with on-point information are drawing more attention than ever. Packaging retailers who keep an eye on the trends will understand how to pile their shelves strategically.

The bottom line

It is important to note that the shift towards e-commerce requires more packaging designed for shipping. This field is full of innovative options; some feature minimalism while others are a work of art. Interested wholesalers and retailers can scan the popular sustainable and flexible personal care packaging products at Alibaba.com to get better insights.

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