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5 Fun Fishing Lures Trends To Follow


Like many fishing accessories and fishing clothing, fishing lures have changed over the past decade, and there are now more types than ever on the market. When it comes to the top fishing lures trends to follow, some consumers will already be familiar with a few of them as they’ve only grown in popularity in recent years.

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Global market value of fishing lures
Top fishing lures trends
The future of fishing lures

Global market value of fishing lures

Fishing has long been a popular laidback recreational activity for people of all ages, with many choosing to fish more competitively in fishing competitions and tournaments. Many consumers are now looking to spend more time outdoors and live a healthier lifestyle, and this has caused an upsurge in the sales of fishing equipment, with fishing lures being one of the top-selling pieces of equipment.

Although fishing lures may seem like a simple accessory to have, they’ve undergone some modern upgrades in recent years that include features such as flashing lights and multi-colors to help lure the fish to the hook. The size of the fishing lures market reached USD 2,87 billion in 2021, and that number is expected to increase significantly by 2028 to USD 4.14 billion. That’s a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.3% in just a few years. These numbers include all types of fishing lures, for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. 

Father and son at sunrise sitting on rock fishing

There are many options for consumers to consider when it comes to fishing lures, with both traditional and modern styles catching the eyes of fishermen and fisherwomen. Lures such as the minnow with 3D eyes, soft bait saltwater crab, fishing lures with LED lights, big fishing lures, and the popper are the most popular fishing lures with today’s consumers.

Minnow with 3D eyes

Minnow lures are one of the most popular types of fishing lures on the market and have been used for a long time by different fishermen. These artificial lures are most likely to be used at the start of the spring and early summer. They’re perfect for using near the surface of the water or in shallow waters thanks to the long and slender shape of the lure with small lips. 

Like many modern fishing lures, the minnow can come in a variety of different colors and patterns that help to make it more noticeable to fish. What’s special about this specific type of lure are the 3D eyes that make it appear more realistic. This feature helps to draw the fish in and makes it easier for the fisherman to catch something on the end of their fishing rod. Minnow lures are popularly purchased as part of a tackle box with various types of lures included.

A colorful minnow fishing lure with 3D eyes and hooks

Soft bait saltwater crab

Unlike hard artificial fishing lures, the soft bait saltwater crab is a fantastic way to catch fish such as cod and sea bass. The silica gel material of the body makes it seem significantly more realistic than most types of fishing lures, especially with the moveable claws. Most of the materials that the crabs are made of are also resistant to fish bites, so they are completely reusable too.

Although the soft bait crab can come in a variety of colors, it’s the more realistic ones that are the most sought after by consumers. The sharp anti-corrosion hook is also a big draw for consumers because it doesn’t need to be replaced constantly. This is the perfect example of fishing lure trends that are suitable for a variety of fishing locations, from boats to beaches to sea rocks.

A soft bait saltwater crab fishing lure with hook

Fishing lures with LED light

The addition of an LED light to fishing lures is proving to be a big hit with consumers. It works well in various fishing circumstances and is completely rechargeable using a protected USB port on the side of the lure. The realistic shape of the fishing lure paired with the long sloping tongue, very sharp treble hooks, and colorful body all work together with the LED light to help attract fish to the bait.

When the lure is being trolled in slowly, the LED light can look like a blood trail of a wounded fish, making nearby predators think that it’s easy prey. When the fishing lure isn’t in motion, it provides more visibility for the fish as well. This type of LED fishing lure works best in water that may not be very clear or during overcast days when visibility isn’t at an optimum level. 

Small fishing lure with LED light inside and outer hooks

Big fishing lures

When it comes to the size of a fishing lure, the most commonly used ones imitate smaller fish that will attract a larger number of predators. However, in recent years the market is seeing an increase in sales of big fishing lures among consumers. The idea behind this trend is that to catch a big fish there needs to be a big prey at the end of the hook, and this is proving to work out very well for fishermen who are trying to catch larger fish on their trips.

This type of fishing lure can be hard or soft bait, but they are made very realistic compared to the fish they’re trying to imitate, sometimes aided by a wobble feature. Everything from artificial fly fishing lures to artificial cod with jointed fishing lures can be used in different types of water.

Large soft fish used as a fishing lure with hook

The popper

The popper lure is a unique type of lure that’s been used successfully for several decades, and its popularity is only growing among consumers. The flat-shaped nose of this fishing lure is a unique feature that other types of lures don’t have. The nose of the popper helps to mimic the signs of a distressed creature at the top of the water, such as a fly or frog. This will alert and attract the fish to the surface.

The fishing popper is used with spin and fly fishing, so it isn’t suitable for everyone. However, the cupped face is perfect for calmer waters or flat seas to create an obvious ripple effect. There is a variety of different colors and designs with a realistic paint job to choose from as well.

Small popper fishing lure with flat face and hooks

The future of fishing lures

There are almost endless numbers of fishing lures available in today’s market, but some are more popular than others with consumers. The minnow with 3D eyes, the soft bait crab, lures with LED lights, big fishing lures, and the popper lure are five of the top fishing lure trends right now to keep an eye on. 

With more and more people looking to lead a healthier lifestyle and spend time doing outdoor sports and activities, fishing is starting to become more popular. With this popularity comes a demand for more modern fishing gear, and that includes fishing lures, whose market is starting to see the addition of LED lights and sounds. The future looks bright for fishing lures, but consumers should expect even more modern pieces of technology to be incorporated into them in the coming years.

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