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Fishing Clothing: 5 Gorgeous Trends Consumers Want


According to reports, there are 220 million recreational anglers worldwide—five times more than commercial fishers. The above information also shows that many people see fishing as a recreational activity. Thus, as a lifestyle, fishing creates design trends and impulses that enable the fishing clothing market to grow concurrently.

But how do sellers know which fish clothing trend designs consumers are rooting for most in 2022? The good news is this article will reveal five design styles trending in the fish clothing industry.

But before jumping into the five trend styles, here’s why the market is experiencing tremendous growth. 

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Why the fishing clothing market is experiencing massive growth
5 remarkable fishing clothing trends that increase sales
Summing things up

Why the fishing clothing market is experiencing massive growth

The global fishing clothing market is currently undergoing huge growth, and it should hit higher numbers in 2026. According to a report, the increased number of recreational fishers is one of the key drivers influencing the market. Also, many anglers feel the need to equip themselves with the right apparel while fishing.

North America has the most fish clothing consumers globally, followed by Europe, China, and other Asia-pacific countries. Hence, sellers can exploit the growth in the market and jump on the five trends discussed below.

5 remarkable fishing clothing trends that increase sales 

Fishing hoodies

Man fishing while wearing a fishing hoodie

The fishing hoodie is a functional, lightweight piece protecting users from insect bites and harsh winds. Aside from that, the fishing hoodie has built-in ventilation to ensure that consumers remain comfortable while fishing and pockets that are useful for storing vital fishing gear. 

The face mask is another excellent feature of this hoodie as it helps protect the face from the wind and sun. This gear also works perfectly for other activities like surfing, boating, hiking, etc. 

The fishing hoodie has a UVA and UVB protective layer between the skin and sun that offers UPF 50+ protection. In addition, the hoodies feature highly breathable, quick-dry, and moisture-wicking fabrics that are perfect for long hot days on the water. 

Senior citizen fishing wearing a grey fishing hoodie

Also, the fabrics are stretchy and comfortable to allow a wide range of movement during fishing activities. Some variants feature a drawstring closure around the neck for tightening the hoodie easily in windy conditions. 

The built-in stain resistance is another remarkable feature that ensures the hoodie is stain free and easy to wash. Fishing hoodies come in lighter hues that keep anglers cooler in the summer season. In contrast, the darker colors are ideal for colder seasons.

Man rocking a brown fishing hoodie with a fishing rod

Anglers can pair the fishing hoodie with fishing pants to boost functionality and protection while fishing.

Fishing shirt

Man posing with a short sleeve shirt near the sea

Fishing shirts are the perfect go-to for anglers who want a lighter alternative than fishing hoodies. Typically, fishing shirts offer SPF and UV protection from the sun while providing comfort. 

The types of fishing shirts available are short and long-sleeved. Anglers who are keen on sun protection opt for long-sleeve shirts. But customers who prioritize staying cool in hot weather may prefer short-sleeve shirts.

Some of these lightweight shirts feature collars, which cuts across to consumers who want more protection. Other shirts lack collars and are easy to slip on. Also, these lightweight fishing shirts come with functional features like breast pockets for storing essential fishing gear. 

Man wearing a long-sleeved shirt while fishing

Anglers who always have their hands full while fishing love to get fishing shirts with rod holders. Interestingly, customers can choose from various designs and colors that suit their personalities. 

They also come with extra flexibility at the arms, shoulders, and midsection that allows anglers to cast accurately and prevent rips. Fishing shirts come in various fabrics like the spandex mix, poly-tech, etc., to keep consumers dry and comfortable.

Also, some variants have antimicrobial features that prevent fungus growth and bad smells. Anglers can pair these shirts with fishing shorts or pants to look stylish.

Fishing vests

Woman in a light green fishing vest jumping

Chest packs, backpacks, hip packs, and even sling packs built for fishing have become trendy, yet nothing keeps fishing gears handy like the classic fishing vest. The current designs have also helped make this stylish wear withstand harsh conditions.

Other benefits like protection, camouflage, and comfort make fishing vests one of the ideal fishing apparel. This piece of clothing offers a variety of options for different fishing situations.

A majority of fishing vests combine mesh and fabric or just fabric. However, nylon is the most common fabric of fishing vests as they enhance durability and have weatherproof abilities. 

Cotton fishing vests are usually heavy, unlike nylon or nylon/polyester blends that help maintain balance while angling or posing. Most consumers prefer fishing vests with attachment points and dedicated storage for gears.

Anglers can rock the anchored fishing vest over tank tops and fitted pants.

Man in a fishing vest over a fitted base layer top

Alternatively, consumers can go for the classical fishing vest with many pockets over a cotton shirt on khaki pants. 

Fishing pants

Young man in duratex fishing pants relaxing on a boat

Fishing pants help to provide maximum comfort for anglers as they fish. In addition, the fishing pants cater to consumers who want protection from stray fish hooks and UV rays. But consumers who prefer increased breathability and reduced clothing wetness during activities lean towards fishing shorts.

Most fishing pants have burly construction that can withstand rigorous activity. Freedom of movement is another crucial feature of fishing pants as anglers have different fishing positions. Waders usually prefer fishing pants or shorts made from neoprene—a durable material that doesn’t snag on underwater obstructions. 

Fishers prefer to go for pants made of nylon or poly blends for protection against hooks, scrapes, or bugs. These apparels have pockets that allow consumers to store fish gears effectively and drawstrings, zippers, or buttons for proper fitting. In addition, these pants feature a layer that offers UV protection of about SPF 50. 

Angler in grey fishing shorts and a base layer T-shirt

Consumers can pair the fishing pants with long-sleeve fishing shirts or hoodies. Also, they can play around with the fishing shorts, loose base layer T-shirts, and the classic vest for a simpler look.

Base layer T-shirts

Young man posing with a black base layer T-shirt

The base layer T-shirts are what most consumers need to enable them to achieve their daily pursuits without sweating profusely or being too cold. This undergarment is the basis of the clothing system, and it comes in different fabrics. 

Nylon is ideal for consumers who want a lightweight T-shirt with moisture-wicking features and comfort. Poly blends are also excellent fabrics that keep consumers comfortable without chafing. The base layer T-shirts come in long and short-sleeve variants. Some of the long-sleeve shirts feature thumb loops or slits in the cuffs to protect the arms further. 

Merino wool is another sweet alternative for anglers who want a bit of warmth and supreme comfortability. Consumers who prefer their clothes having less contact with water go for the short-sleeve base layer T-shirts. The stretchy material also has UV protection that consumers need as they spend long hours fishing.

Young man posing in a dark green base layer T-shirt

Consumers can pair the base layer T-shirts with fishing vests on straight fishing pants for a casual look. Also, they can pair the base layer shirts with fishing shorts for a more carefree and laidback look.

Summing things up

The fish clothing market will experience continuous growth because consumers have taken fishing activity as a lifestyle. As a seller, the most important thing is to satisfy consumers by offering them the top five design trend styles listed in this article.

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