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5 Gorgeous Women’s Knitwear & Jersey Styles to Stock for Autumn/Winter 2022-23


Women and their knitwear have been the talk of fashion for quite a while, but these new sets see invigorating styling across the board with several other pieces of clothing that are going to spice up winter and autumn wardrobes. 

Cardigans and ponchos, which can surprisingly be worn together, are the main feature as they are knitted apparel that virtually all women love to have and wear.

Fashion retailers should take advantage of these trends as they are bound to move up in the industry.

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Overview of the global knitwear market
5 amazing women’s knitwear and jersey styles to stock
Summing it up

Overview of the global knitwear market

The global knitwear market was estimated to be worth US $644.29 billion in 2021, and is expected to grow to US $1606.67 billion by 2029 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.1% from 2022 to 2029. 

The distribution channel’s online category will experience the highest CAGR growth during the forecast period as younger generations show a growing interest in online shopping.

Because of the prevalence of significant producers, particularly in diverse economies like India, Asia-Pacific dominates the knitwear market. South Korea and China are also key markets in this region. 

North America is expected to experience considerable growth from 2022 to 2029 as a result of rising societal awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, shifting fashion industry trends, and rising regional demand for season-appropriate clothing, such as sweaters and hoodies.

5 amazing women’s knitwear and jersey styles to stock

Floral roll-neck

Two women wearing cream-colored knit sweaters

Undoubtedly one of women’s favorite pieces of clothing is the roll-neck sweater, also known as the turtleneck. They are not only very in style for the current season, but also quite adaptable and cozy. They come in a range of fits, materials, and finishes, and ladies can dress them up or down.

Because roll necks keep people so toasty, women can afford to be daring with their clothing selections when incorporating them into an ensemble. They can incorporate a sleeveless longline blazer with the floral roll-neck sweater. For the ultimate fashion-forward look, ladies should pair them with slim-fitting jeans. This outfit is ideal for business meetings or a night out with the girls for dinner.

Lady in a green floral roll-neck top

It would be ludicrous to not combine denim jackets and roll necks, as the two are major fashion trends in and of themselves. Women can pair their favorite denim jacket with a vibrant roll-neck sweater. The contrast of the fabrics, textures, and colors gives the outfit a truly unique and modern appearance. Additionally, this outfit will be quite warm and can be worn often.

The midi skirt is another style that has taken over the industry. Midi skirts are incredibly stylish, absolutely stunning, and most importantly, they go great with roll necks. Ladies can pick their preferred statement midi and pair it with a roll-neck sweater, while tucking it into the skirt for a more elegant style that will have everyone swooning.

Women can also embrace the fact that mini skirts go with roll necks just like midi skirts! They can put on a lovely miniskirt and tuck in a great roll-neck sweater for a fancy look. Ladies can wear these styles in the winter with bare legs or with opaque tights.

Striped crew

Lady wearing a striped crew neck

Women can consider rocking a printed crew- neck sweatshirt for the perfect outdoorsy style. Black ballet flats and slim jeans with white and black polka dots go well with this outfit. A black knit cap would also be a beautiful addition to the look.

Wearers can pick an oversized hoodie if the idea is to pair it with leggings. To make the contour of the legs appear long and slim, for instance, women can wear bulky navy blue and white crew-neck sweatshirts with black leggings. This gives the ensemble a little more elegance.

Combining two long-sleeve tops is also a creative way of styling this look. Ladies can put on a white long-sleeve tee underneath a gray oversized crew-neck sweater. For a chic, layered effect, consumers can roll their sleeves to reveal some white areas. To finish the look, they can pair them with a pair of black skinny jeans.

Lady rocking a black and white stripe crew-neck sweater

Another honorable mention is a stylish, cozy ensemble made entirely of black. Ladies can wear a black crew-neck sweater at the top. To create a stunning simple style, they can wear it with a pair of black skinny joggers.

The sweatshirt can be worn not only with pants but also with tiny shirts to give the appearance of long, slender legs. A gray oversized crew-neck sweater and a pair of tiny denim shorts are two examples of such an outfit.

Jacquard dress

Women wearing a colorful jacquard dress

Even though attending special events is usually fun, choosing what to wear can be difficult, especially if there are dress codes. With all its appeal and casual elegance, the knitted jacquard dress has practically taken over the autumn and winter wardrobe. The daily ensemble will be significantly improved when worn with other clothes such as a leather jacket.

Women can pair the jacquard dress with a striking trench coat for dinner dates during colder months. It is a wise sartorial investment due to its year-round wearability and day-to-night adaptability.

Women can simply layer the knit dress over a turtleneck top or long-sleeve shirt for a cold-weather update, then complete the look with a trench coat. This outfit can be both understated and daring.

Woman wearing a designer Autumn:Winter jacquard dress

When it comes to dressing for a cocktail function, a knitted jacquard dress will always be a safe bet. Female consumers can also consider pairing jumpsuits and two-piece sets, as the combo makes for a perfect party fit.

Rustic poncho

Lady in a gray-colored rustic poncho

Undoubtedly, the most popular choice for a top during the autumn or winter seasons is layering a long-sleeved T-shirt or sweater. The poncho is one fashion staple that comfortably fits and adds extra layering to a consumer’s wardrobe, especially during the colder months.

Wearing a tan poncho with a pair of navy skinny jeans is a simple way to show off some keen outfit-matching skills. Women can easily choose a gray poncho with horizontal stripes and blue skinny jeans for a casual look with a twist. A poncho over a collared shirt gives off a more sophisticated, professional appearance, while a poncho worn over a collared shirt also gives an upscale, businesslike vibe.

The simplest way to look stylish and charming while wearing a poncho is to only wear black, white, or gray. Ladies can select a matching or complementary color for the poncho. They can pair a checkered, striped, or other-patterned poncho with an outfit that is plain and devoid of any patterns.

Woman rocking a black poncho

Ladies can also try to wear it with a belt if the intent is to give the poncho some waist definition without overpowering the overall appearance. Women can define the waist with a wide or small belt if the poncho is open or a vest.

They don’t have to choose a poncho that is dark or neutral. If ladies enjoy wearing colorful clothing, then they can select vibrant ponchos in hues like red, orange, purple, and others. It’s a great idea to add color to a winter outfit, whether it is paired with other hues or toned down with neutrals.

Yoke-detail cardigan

Lady weary a jacquard-print cardigan

The cardigan looks best layered over straight-leg jeans and a T-shirt; larger pieces are essential to avoid a twee appearance. Alternatively, wearers can slip it into high-waisted pants for a smaller look. An excellent option for winter workwear is to purchase a fine-knit version and belt it over a midi skirt. A terrific way to tone down an evening appearance is to wear them over dresses.

If ladies want to give an evening outfit a casual edge and create contrast, they can opt for an oversized cardigan rather than a leather jacket. They can then allow it to fall over their shoulders carelessly.

Customers can dress up the waist with a little belt after pairing a fine-knit cardigan with a midi skirt. Tucking a T-shirt into some shorts or a miniskirt for a laid-back winter look and covering the shoulders with a cotton cardigan gives off a great and easy feel.

Pick a cardigan with a shawl collar to give the conventional cardigan a distinctive twist. Women can wear the drape practically everywhere as it is a simple way to dress up a casual ensemble without looking overdressed. If they want to keep it simple, they can wear this outerwear with a simple T-shirt and jeans.

For women who want to turn heads, wearing leather pants and a black yoke-detailed cardigan will be perfect. This is an adaptable piece that suits every age group every time of year.

Young lady wearing a pinkish-red jacquard cardigan

Chunky knits are a step up when the temperature decreases. The coat, which comes in all lengths from long to short to everything in between, is the perfect way to complete an ensemble and remain warm. Ladies can’t go wrong with this stylish layer because of its timeless design and floor-hitting length.

Summing it up

Fashion retailers have everything to gain from taking advantage of these trends because they will sell well once they enter the market and stores. Knitwear for women is turning heads with woven tops, cardigans and ponchos as well as crew-neck and roll-neck sweaters.

All these are great for casual events and formal ones. The knitted jacquard dresses work for more formal occasions than semi-casual, but can be adapted to fit into new territory.

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