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5 Essential Men’s Apparel Trends for Spring/Summer 2023


Men’s fashion continues to take wild turns as the industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down soon. From reinventing past trends to creating more gender-neutral styles, men won’t be caught lacking in the spring/summer seasons of 2023.

With these updates, men can expose more skin and rock the most appealing outfits. So, get rid of the boring monochrome catalogs and explore five eye-catching men’s apparel trends for next year’s warmer season!

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What is the market forecast for men’s apparel?
Five unique men’s apparel trends for 2023
The bottom line

What is the market forecast for men’s apparel?

The men’s apparel industry continues to show potential. According to Statista, the market currently has US $499.80 billion in revenue. However, this is expected to expand by a 5.6% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) over the forecast period of 2022 to 2026.

The sudden shift to more fashion-conscious lifestyles and the increasing need to feel stylish among men are crucial factors that drive this market. With more exotic and daring designs entering the industry, men are now willing to invest more in their outfits.

The year 2022 was a blast for men’s fashion. But, businesses can expect even more sales potential over the spring and summer season of 2023.

Five unique men’s apparel trends for 2023

The drop-shoulder tee

Man holding an iPad with white drop-shoulder tee

The oversized silhouette continues to permeate fashion trends as it moves toward the humble t-shirt. This piece highlights a relaxed and fashionable aesthetic with its boxy cut and drop shoulder-seem feature.

Consumers can continue with the oversized trend while looking dashing. The drop-shoulder tee is not just a baggy shirt. They come with the right proportions to make the dropped shoulders and overall volume look even more appealing.

They also don’t hang down to the knees like other oversized variants. These tees rest below the belt line, adding a smart aesthetic to the ensemble.

Man wearing a grey drop-shoulder tee

The drop-shoulder tee is an updated version of the basic tee that certainly appeals to many consumers. Men who fancy a sophisticated and relaxed look can opt for drop-shoulder tees with neutral solid colors. They can rock the piece with dark denim or chinos.

Younger men can also hop on this trend by gravitating towards pieces with skater strips and statement graphics. They can pair it with equally oversized sweatpants or denim.

The drop-shoulder tee also makes a fantastic layering piece for colder summer evenings. Men who want a classic look can dress the piece in a nice jacket. Consumers can swap the jacket with a long-sleeve sweater they can tie around their necks. It would add a nerdy aesthetic to the ensemble.

Knitted polo

Man standing near leaves with red polo shirt

Polos are timeless staples for courtside activewear. But the knitted polo introduces a retro vibe to the classic, making it worthy of streetwear collections. This piece also appeals to more mature and savvy consumers.

The knitted polo has short and long-sleeve variants that make the piece incredibly versatile and functional. In addition to their timeless appeal, knitted polos are trans-seasonal. Consumers can easily swap different versions for summer and spring.

That’s not all. Knitted polos also offer popover and placket designs. The apparel offers the maximum comfort of a humble tee or lightweight sweater while exuding an appealing level of polish to any outfit.

Because of this, Knitted polos are not only stylish but are also an outstanding choice for summer. Consumers can rock them from the poolside to cocktail parties and everything in between.

Man posing with black knitted polo shirt

Shorts offer a heavenly match with knitted polos. Savvy consumers can dress the piece in a placket knitted polo for beach trips or casual outings.

Sporty males can flex a striped long sleeve knitted polo. This piece pairs well with blue sweatpants or joggers to complete the athletic aesthetic.

Alternatively, consumers who prioritize casual looks will love a check or wavy-patterned knitted polo. These go well with regular jeans or chinos for a more relaxed look.

The resort shirt

Man flexing a floral-patterned resort shirt

Once written off as too bold and unusual, the resort shirt has become a staple in men’s wardrobes. Although there are no updates for the resort shirt this season, it continues to grab a spot in summer/spring collections. Resort shirts specialize in making consumers feel comfortable while looking stylish.

It’s easy to make a statement with resort shirts because of how popular they are. These pieces lean into eye-catching prints and bright colors that add different styles to various ensembles.

Consumers can opt for resort shirts with tech fabric. These offer moisture-wicking properties that’ll keep consumers comfortable on a hot summer day. Some variants have zippers, while others offer snaps, which strays away from traditional buttons.

Man posing with a black resort shirt

Resort shirts are also versatile. Consumers looking to relax by the pool can match a resort with swim shorts. They can wear the shirt unbuttoned for an easy style.

Bring comfort to casual day or evening styles by dressing the resort shirt up with some chinos or jeans. It’s an outfit consumers can rock to dinner parties. They’ll pull off a trendy look while staying comfortable.

Resort shirts can also make fancier outfits. Consider pairing the piece with a suit jacket and pants. The shirt would add a Mediterranean aesthetic to the ensemble.

Printed silk shirt

Man holding a drink while rocking printed silk shirt

Dive into 1970s-inspired trends with the printed silk shirt. Consumers that love the retro vibes of resort shirts will favor this piece. Printed silk shirts offer the same colors and prints, but with a touch of a retro 70s swagger.

With men embracing more ways to express masculinity, the printed silk shirt brings back the disco-era sexiness associated with wide collars and exposed sternums. The piece also nods to the #SoftMasculinity trend and the increasing need to express oneself.

Hot man looking good in printed silk shirt

Men can relish the perfect blend of humor, luxury, and style with the printed silk shirt. Consumers can effortlessly blur the boundaries between casual and formal attires. Wearing silk shirts unbuttoned with seams tucked into jeans offers a stylish yet comfortable look.

A dressed-down printed silk shirt would offers a refined touch. Men that appreciate such outfits can rock the piece buttoned with a pair of suit pants.

The textured cardigan

Man posing with a black wooly cardigan

Looking for transitional styles? Then look no further than the textured cardigan. This classic piece keeps popping up as a key summer/spring item in men’s fashion. It offers nostalgia mixed with comfort for men with taste.

The textured cardigan has evolved from grandpa’s closet to psychedelic hipsters. The piece seems to fit perfectly in various stylish wardrobes. This piece updates the beauty of its chunky winter counterpart, offering the same comfort but with less weight.

Try a grown-up grunge look by dressing up a long-line cardigan over a cotton shirt or plain tee. Men can throw in a pair of cropped trousers or wide-legged denim to complete the look.

Man smiling and folding arms in a cream textured cardigan

Advertise creativity with a simple merino textured cardigan. Consider opting for muted colors and going wild with proportions. Leave the cardigan open and hanging below the belt and tuck a shirt into cropped tailored pants.

Cardigans can spice up outfits as an interesting mid-layer. Consumers can dress down the piece under a jacket paired with some dress pants. This combo makes a sprezzatura look for various formal and casual events.

The bottom line

Every item presented above can be used to stylishly boost one’s wardrobe. Whether it’s a beach trip or formal dinner party, these trend styles can appeal to various male consumers. This means that businesses offering drop-shoulder tees, knitted polos, resort shirts, printed silk shirts, and textured cardigans can stay ahead of the latest trends for the 2023’s spring and summer season, and boost their appeal to this expanding market.

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