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5 Profitable Autumn/Winter Women’s Active Apparel Trends to Stock Up


Women’s activewear apparel did not start being the talk on everyone’s lips, but they have maintained momentum for dishing out significant trends that women find comfortable, practical, and fashionable.

These trends are ready for the outdoors with activewear that can easily blend in with work, workouts, and everyday activities. These thermoregulation and sweat-wicking materials will be essential to the success of these clothes.

Businesses can take advantage and ensure they jump on these trends to make sales.

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What is the women’s active apparel market size?
Five fashionable women’s active apparel in A/W 22/23
Wrapping up

What is the women’s active apparel market size?

Natural and synthetic textiles, including spandex, cotton, and polyester, are typically used to make activewear. The market for women’s activewear was valued at USD 177 billion in 2021 and is anticipated to reach USD 269 billion by 2029, growing at a CAGR of 5.33 percent from 2022 to 2029.

Due to the region’s acceptance of activewear as casual and sporting, North America now monopolizes the women’s activewear market. 

Due to the rise in disposable income and lifestyle alterations in the region, Asia-Pacific is anticipated to have considerable growth from 2022 to 2029.

Five fashionable women’s active apparel in A/W 22/23

Supportive crop

Woman in a black and white stripe crop top

The supportive crop is here to tackle two things: comfortable bras and more outdoorsy styling that can work in more versatile environments. 

Crop tops reveal the belly or midsection. They come in different sizes and shapes. Supportive crops usually come as long-sleeved but could also be short. They are effective with bras and can also work as bras. Antibacterial and sweat-wicking properties have been injected into the material to improve functionality.

For women who would love to take these out on a casual spin, a white crop top would look lovely when paired with anything, and some light blue denim jeans are a great way to ease into the idea of wearing crop tops gently. Denim shorts are great for women who want to look more fashionable.

Woman wearing a jacket over a supportive crop top

Maxi skirts are long and flared as they flow outward, contrasting with how short crop tops are. They also allow the wearer to play with colors, shapes, and intricate patterns. For example, a black crop top would be great with colored or patterned skirts.

Though these supportive crop tops are more tailored for outdoor use like workouts and trips to the gym, slapping a blazer on one of these was never a sin. As a part of semi-formal attire, blazers make for a smart casual outfit when paired with a crop top with short sleeves.

Off-piste leggings

Woman wearing a crop top and off-piste leggings

These leggings resemble half cousins of overalls and leotards. Of course, variations of this piece of material can come attached to the top resembling a leotard or overall, and can also come as a matching top and bottom set.

Leggings will benefit more from intentional, directional styling and will be great as activewear for women. They are comfortable and can virtually be paired with anything if done right. However, they cannot be too tight or loose, or they will lose allure.

Woman wearing a white top and black off-piste leggings

The most common fabrics used to make these leggings are cotton and lycra. The ski-style fashion includes bibs, stirrups, and fabulous designs, especially for statement wear and workout purposes.

Adventure dress

Woman wearing a gray sleeveless hoodie and pair of shorts

As vague and ambiguous as this may sound, this adventure dress trend represents the ideal outdoor wear for women.

Also, it is comfortable and versatile enough to work as casual wear. One of the essential items here is the drawstring hoodie. The drawstring is a string or cord that gathers or shortens the fabric to close up space on the hoodie and retain warmth.

Hoodies are naturally known for their insane levels of protection from the cold and provision of comfort. This could be why they are usually associated with sporty and athleisure trends and other relaxed wear.

Chinos or other trousers with bright colors and patterns are a good fit. Denim is excellent and would work well in colors like bright blue and white. A rule of thumb here is to pair the hoodies with a relatively slim fit or tight trousers, as pairing with baggy trousers can make the look lose its form and allure.

Woman in a black hooded dress

Women who love playing around with all-black looks can try a cool black drawstring hoodie with black denim trousers or leggings. A little dank and inconspicuous, but it gets the job done either way and adds a sliver of mystery to the ensemble.

Craft fleece

Woman wearing a cream-colored fleece jacket

Unarguably, the best way to style fleece jackets is to slap them on top of some activewear, like leggings or a tee. However, as many jackets made of fleece have a similar fit to a long-sleeved jacket, having the leggings be slightly see-through is a good idea.

Fleece jackets are ideal for keeping the body warm throughout the day. They are versatile piece that works in any season, especially in autumn and winter. They are pretty warm and yet breathable.

When the fleece jacket is worn over other layers, it should have enough room underneath so as not to restrict movement. Women could use them as a sort of mid-layer garment and should be fitted to maximize the breathability and heat retention of the fabric.

Women can add another layer to the warmth of jeans and a T-shirt with the introduction of a fleece jacket. They are great for days when women want to layer up clothes without wearing a heavy jacket or coat, which may eventually be too much for the ensemble. This styling is great for picnics or a simple walk in the park.

Woman wearing a fleece jacket over crop top and jeans

Fleeces are versatile as they work in any environment, especially formal ones. They are perfect for layering over dresses, whether maxi skirts or other types of skirts and dresses like chiffons.

Neutral tones would probably work best with a zip-up fleece jacket instead of one that is a pullover. Layering is easy with this style; women can show off their lovely fancy dresses with the jacket unzipped down.

Modular quilted jacket

Woman wearing a white modular puffer jacket

Women are well within their rights to dress down fancy quilted jackets and wear them as everyday outerwear items. They are a staple that should be found in every wardrobe, especially during the winter and autumn seasons.

This outerwear is unique and one of the easiest jackets to wear. The vast array of attires includes dresses and skirts. The quilted patchwork jackets are built to be an essential lightweight piece to wear when one desires to make a statement. In addition, the heavier sets of quilted jackets are great for making winter clothes fashionable.

Quilted puffer jackets are a fashion statement that will show up again and again. They are trendy and maybe the most fashionable among other variations of quilted jackets. Women can pair these with a white camisole crop top and white biker shirts with a high waist for some casual, classy feel.

Lady rocking a blue modular puffer jacket

Some intricate patterns add to the look of a dress, as in the example of a diamond stitching on quilted jackets. The diamond pattern pairs well with accessories or lean and slim-fit trousers such as denim pants. An undershirt, either knitted or a turtleneck, would also go great.

Wrapping up

These trends are here to steal the market away and promise comfort, breathability of wear, proper heat retention to protect against the cold, and great fashion staples that will live in every woman’s wardrobe.

The jackets are great to layer over any type of top or clothing, such as the quilted and fleece jackets. The adventure set wears are great for hiking and taking casual walks with friends on slightly warmer days, and even crop tops are not out of the discussion with nifty clothes designed for workouts and yoga.

Fashion retailers should follow these trends closely to avoid missing out on potential sales this season.

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