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5 Makeup Packaging Trends To Follow This Year


Not many industries have the potential to generate loyal and die-hard customers. However, the beauty industry enjoys this luxury, and the brands wish to stay on edge to retain their market positions.

Packaging is the first thing a prospect looks at when scanning the cosmetic isles. If it steals their gaze and speaks to what they are looking for, they will likely invest in that product. This is the reason behind growing concerns about packaging for makeup. The wholesalers in the industry must evaluate the current trends and source the right products to increase their revenue.

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The market for makeup packaging
Top 5 makeup packaging trends
The future of the makeup packaging industry

The market for makeup packaging

One thing apparent from the current trends is that consumers are increasingly looking for light, sweet, personalized packages with a bit of nostalgia in their cosmetic products. This is an ideal time to scan the current trends and stock the dominating makeup packages for interested brands.

According to Fortune Business Insights, the global cosmetic packaging market size was USD 29.81 billion in 2020. It is forecasted to grow from $30.98 billion in 2021 to $40.96 billion in 2028. Unlike earlier, more people are looking to invest in custom packaging for makeup products. Adhering to the trends like these will help retailers and wholesalers to maintain a firm ground in the market.

Top 5 makeup packaging trends

Paper boxes with lids

White paper box with a white lid

Paper, a wood product, is an attractive solution from a sustainability standpoint. Its recyclable property makes it an instant choice for companies following the green code. The latest innovative technologies have given rise to alternative paper-based solutions for packaging makeup.

Ecology has become a central subject in all sectors, including beauty. It is high time for the packaging sector to provide less polluting solutions for the prospects. Providing options like custom logo printing on cosmetic boxes enhances their appeal. Typically, brands want to create unique brand awareness in the market. They know that they have split seconds to get their message across.

Hence, they look for custom packaging for makeup products, preferably paper boxes with lids, to convey their message while following an environmentally-friendly policy.

Customized lip gloss tubes

Red lip gloss tube with brush tip applicator

Brands must choose the relevant packaging for makeup products according to their shape or consistency. Packaging that works for body butter will inevitably make little or no sense for packing a lip gloss. Beauty companies are looking for visually appealing and convenient options to accommodate lip colors or glosses.

Providing customized lip gloss tubes helps cosmetic companies when they send makeup PR packages for sales growth. The logo and distinguished tube design trigger the viewers, who become more interested in purchasing from the company. In fact, the rule behind custom packaging for makeup products is pretty simple—to entice the prospects.

Wholesalers who stock a range of colors, shapes, and standards of lip gloss tubes may notice a steady growth in their revenue.

Clear cases

Makeup brushes lying around a cushion

Allowing customers to sneak a peek into cosmetics is the new trend. Some brands are interested in finding packaging for makeup that displays their products and keeps them organized. A clear, compact vanity case allows the prospects to view makeup and helps avoid leakage from the product.

Further, suppliers occasionally try to understand how to package makeup for shipping. Some prefer to purchase transparent makeup pouches to allow a seamless cosmetics display. It is worth noting that these cases could be limited in color choices or decoration capabilities. However, wholesalers dealing in transparent packaging for makeup have seen steady growth in demand. The key is to select materials that are thick and free of impurities.

Soft tubes with lids

A beautiful, bright red lip gloss

Tube packaging is an efficient way of delivering specialty cosmetics to consumers. Recent tech advancements have made this packaging more pocket-friendly. Soft tubes with lids are preferred by cosmetic companies who are looking for custom packaging for makeup products. They allow labeling items and hold even small quantities.

Given their convenience, wholesalers and retailers must include soft tubes in their product range. Ensure that the packaging is versatile so the brands can include options like a metal tip applicator or a brush tip applicator according to the tube contents.

Tubes used in packaging for makeup should be stable and increase the shelf life of the products. They are less bulky and cost less to transport. Thus, it is a win-win for the wholesalers and the cosmetic companies.

PVC brush box

Sign of recycling plastic

PVC makeup boxes are perfect for clients dealing in makeup brushes, toiletries, and jewelry. Wholesalers must invest in a line of PVC products that allows customization. Brands may be looking for ways to modify the shape, closure, and piping according to their requirements.

In addition, providing options like embossing, varnishing, or UV handling, the transparent packaging for makeup is highly appealing for companies looking for makeup PR packages for sale. Their customers can use the reusable boxes for personal needs, and the brand name is remembered for years to come.

A high-quality PVC box has an anti-scratch layer and offers fine flexibility. The wholesalers must ensure they invest in a product range that brings utter satisfaction to those in search of reliable and custom packaging for makeup. 

The future of the makeup packaging industry

Makeup packaging is a rapidly changing landscape. Brands must fulfill consumer expectations to maintain their relevance in the market.

The primary factor is that aesthetics and appearances majorly drive this industry. Packaging is the first interaction between prospects and makeup companies. Wholesalers must watch the trends to know what is demanded and what is not.

Let’s look at three current trends when dealing with packaging for makeup. Perhaps you will discover how your new product line might capitalize on them.

– Minimalism: Minimalistic outlook is the best makeup packaging for beginners. It takes only a little investment but projects a zen-like calmness and purity.
– Recycled and refillable containers: More people are now concerned about the environment and their role in polluting it. Brands that adopt eco-friendly options are praised for their efforts.
– Luxury labels: Digital printing advancements are opening new ways of packaging for makeup. Consumers are drawn to pleasant textures and unique designs.

An ideal packaging for makeup should provide a sense of pampering while conveying environmental responsibility. This kind of packaging may result in impulsive buying, which is quite helpful for the company’s profits. Providing multiple packaging options to their clients is imperative for wholesalers to maintain their grounds.


The cosmetic industry is growing exponentially across developed and developing countries. Besides promoting their products smartly, the makeup brands also invest in innovative packaging to gain more profits. It is now vital for wholesalers to stock the relevant packaging for makeup. Following the current norms and staying in the learning loop is the basic rule to ensure relevance. Keeping an eye on the most-demanded makeup packaging products on Alibaba.com will be a good starting point.

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